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  2. Traffic enforcement is hardly accomplished by stationary, "toll collectors". Mobile, proactive traffic enforcement seems lacking. To catch a speeder, reckless driver, overloaded or mechanically unsafe moving vehicle; it seems reasonable to have motorized police units on patrol. The lack thereof is ironic as well.
  3. I'm lost here, What does the report say he's guilty of? Because it has to be one or the other.
  4. Seriously, this is simply stupid. Another manner in which Thailand is bending over to farang influence. Plastics are not the problem, it is the way that it is disposed. I like to see how the locals start disposing their rubbish and waste without plastic bags and most juristic maids will have a tough time cleaning the common areas. Maybe what I will do, is whenever I see a farang, simply discard my dirt at them! These so called climate friendly hypocrites. I really hate it when Asian countries are subjected to farang rules....if these farangs do not like anything, please do not stay in Asia...go back to where you came from.
  5. Not a witch hunt in any way. Russia a hostile foreign power was massively involved in helping elect 45 and 45 encouraged that help. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. Warning! do not ever hire a house boat in LOS.
  7. Not so long ago 7/11 declared that they would stop the usage of plastic bags. Now I seem to get offered more than ever - sometimes a plastic bag inside a plastic bag. There does not seem to be the will to stop using them as it's the easiest option for the staff.
  8. Ask the BMA not to ruin popular destinations. Allow for longer stay periods. Allow for all night partying . Stop trying to sanitize and dilute the culture.
  9. Official start to rainy season is the 1st May. We still need to see the wind start to swing and lots of electrical storms first, before we see good rain. I think that we are at the start of this now. My best guess is we'll see rain in the middle of May.
  10. I used US$1=32.35, per Treasury report for the last day of the year. Other exchange rates may or may not be acceptable, I don't know. https://www.fiscal.treasury.gov/files/reports-statements/treasury-reporting-rates-exchange/itin-12-31-2018.pdf
  11. I would give Kazakhstan a double thumbs up, having lived and worked there for over 2 years. Not sure how easy it would be to get a residency visa though if not married to a Kazakh. Cost of living was very low, much less than Thailand but winter weather isnt for all. Personally I loved the winter.
  12. It says no such thing. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. Just wondering if the next step is requiring the pp when you pay cash. Then the government will have your info too. That seems to be the idea.
  14. Its ok if you can stilled pick the rest, you get the away team so your 1 already but be warned if you do well in the rest of your pickings they take you first win back....happend to me.....
  15. I seriously think that this is the wrong type of punishment. Use section 44 and all these culprits should be deemed as lower life forms that immediately come under the care of the Government and to be used as specimens for drug trials or whatever new experimental protocols etc. And if these specimens do not make it throught, simply incinerate them and use the ashes for fertilizers. Putting them into jails etc is a waste of tax payers money and seriously, you cannot rehabilitate lower life forms like these.
  16. I will always have a home overseas and can pack my bag in a minute and just go....no problem at all.
  17. To continue your extrapolation, all Catholic priests are pedophiles. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  18. lopburi3


    That must be buying in store - if you use website order/delivery is free at 888 baht normally - and sometimes free for any.
  19. I did not express myself well as what I meant was that we have the same thoughts and opinions on the matter , the fact being that I could also have written your post , relax and no criticism intended
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