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  2. You are going to run into problems if each and every month does not have 65k... You should use the combo method (if allowed by your local IO)... If your SS is 52k x 12 = 624k... You will need a bank balance of ~200k 3 months before you go in for extension and then that balance must be maintained permanently... Also watch out for exchange rate fluctuations- The total of your Thai monthly deposits plus the bank balance must never fall below 800k...
  3. Actually, there is enough there to impeach him and a charge of violating the emoluments section of the US Constitution which states a President cannot enrich himself while President can also be added. Impeachment is political and a waste of time. The House can vote on Impeachment by a simple majority but conviction comes in the senate ans conviction would need a vote of 2/3 plus 1. Never going to happen= the numbers are not there. I completely disagree with almost everything Trump does but Impeachment is not the way to get rid of Trump. Let the elction process go forward- let Trump stand against the Democratic candidate and let the American people decide. No outside forces involved; no Russian interference in the election process; no dirty tricks. Whoever wins in 2020 is President and if Donald Trump loses he has to accept that the people decided since that has been his stand on his victory in 2016.
  4. From video it looks anchored - no movement. No warning lights. If it's run over at night by a vessel? another PIA American in trouble. But a hotel.
  5. First meeting! I can recall that the taxi drivers didn't listen at the numerous previous meetings, so why bother with another time-wasting exercise!
  6. 75% fat? That is insane.
  7. These types of questions seem to be asking for the assistance of fortune tellers, soothsayers, and TVF mystics. Much like asking how long you will live.
  8. I'm more likely to follow the dog than the so called social media stars
  9. The only evidence we have of Trump being a billionaire is his own statements or statements made by others that are traceable back to Trump's own statements. As we know Trump is a habitual liar, but don't fret, his tax returns will settle the matter.
  10. The requirement is owners name in home registration book. Exemption is 50 million for home/land or 10 million for home only (rented land). This starts in year 2020 as there has not been any such tax previously. So tax will not effect most people at all for actual home.
  11. My wife says that the quality of clothes and shoes are better and some times cheaper in the U.K. (Primark is her favourite shop) even though most of the stuff is made in India or Cambodia. The other thing she can’t believe is you can change stuff if you keep the receipt.
  12. Everything I read on it, even the literature packet for it, calls it a transformer, so I was just using that terminology. Its chinese, so whatever the cheapest option is, im sure thats whats in there.
  13. And Haftar laughed at him directly over the phone like everyone else who deals with him.
  14. I have never understood the "quality of life" argument, where the quality is defined as being able to continue to consume things that are bad for your health. If you become ill due to your lifestyle, both the quality and quantity of life will degrade. Example: I have an acquaintance who was told fifteen years ago that his overindulgence in beer and crap food was making him obese and would be bad for his health long term. "But I want to enjoy my life". Fifteen years on he has been diabetic for years, almost had to have a foot amputated as a result and has osteoporosis. Can't move much so is getting bigger and less healthy whilst throwing down daily pills and waiting for whatever diabetes, or some other chronic disease, hits him next. Quality of life.... For me, the "little pleasures of life" include waking every morning feeling fresh and healthy, being able to do all the things I want to do. That's my quality of life, which I enjoy because I decided to change my lifestyle and give up some things I previously enjoyed. I would suggest that abandoning some of your little pleasures to avoid diabetes might be a good trade off. The impact of the disease can be horrific and it opens you up to other delights such as Alzheimer's.
  15. Anything anyone says at this point is pure speculation. Only time will tell.
  16. Perhaps doing some research or asking those involved would satisfy your curiosity. It seems you are asking a question, followed by an assumption.
  17. If the constitution reflected real representative democracy it wouldn't have Article 270 at all.
  18. Why don't they just put a flashing light on top and call it a lightstead!
  19. It's not that they were unable to provide the letters, actually just notarize them. But they were unwilling to verify that the statements being made were truthful.
  20. Not a transformer but probably a Rogowski coil and depending on the setup of your CU and that some of the Rogowski coils are hinged it may be easier to add into your CU.
  21. Are you sure that was in Thailand ? Gesendet von meinem SM-N950F mit Tapatalk
  22. Funny how Thai people accept all of this
  23. More reason for needing to buy Submarines...... Then the Royal Thai Navy can actually sneak up on a 'Seastead' such as this..... LOL.....
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