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  2. Get Fiber high speed, I've got TOT, 130 down, 50 upload and I'm more than happy.
  3. I'm not sure what you mean about the 1.2 million baht cover... In the past, Pacific Cross used to have two different kinds of limits that both applied -- one was a per episode limit, and the other was a lifetime policy limit. My Maxima policy used to have a 5M baht limit for the former, and 20M baht limit for the later. Then in the last year or two, and I've confirmed this with PC, they dropped the former per episode limit on my policy entirely. So now the only limit that applies is the lifetime amount, which remains at 20M baht. Plus of course, there's a nightly limit amount on hospital rooms charges, which is 8K for mine. So when you talk about a 1.2M limit, I'm not clear what kind of limit you're talking about.... If that used to be your per episode limit, I'm guessing that limit doesn't exist anymore.
  4. are reports his family have tried to get him to visit a mental health facility for a while but he has refused to go voluntarily. they should be happy now he will be forced to go.
  5. Thank you, Killerbees.... I am on a different computer but I turned on the one with the problem so I could try your suggestion and the bluetooth is back and working. I will see how long it keeps working I don't think I disabled bluetooth before I turned that computer off, yet when I turned it on bluetooth was disabled. With it disabled the rollback button was grayed out. When I enabled bluetooth, device manager refreshed on its own a couple times, then everything was back. Thank you for the suggestion. I will keep it in my notes incase bluetooth quits again. It seems I remember similar activity in the past just before I replaced the radio.
  6. I wonder what the number of Partner related death in Thailand is? Surely it is time a full education campaign on Partner Violence and refuges funded by the Government for counselling and support for victims and their children, irrespective of gender, while admitting thehighest number of victims would be female.
  7. It's nonsense,anyway. Historically speaking,those who had compromised immune systems died Prior to Jenner,Lister,Pasteur..et al.. You got to attend a LOT of funerals.
  8. Only one country can do large scale projects like these with Thailand... China The rest of Asia will be screwed into the floor with over inflated prices & back-handers!
  9. Neither I nor my wife paid any bribes, so no hypocrisy on either of our parts. It was simply a matter of additional “fees” being required, above what my wife understood to be required. Perhaps a matter of semantics, but it was either pay, or not get the permit. My Thai wife is/was extremely paranoid about the potential of a jealous neighbor or even a vindictive person not even in our moo ban, anonymously calling the cops in order to blackmail her. (I personally do not feel that way but understand how my wife feels after losing the first round of a court battle for her land.) Oh, and please tell me about the many people who’ve done any jail time for paying bribes in this country, and political opponents and intergovernmental rivals don’t count.
  10. The number one reason women are murdered worldwide is because of spouse or BF. Thailand is no different You cant teach someone to walk away they already know the mechanics of it. The killing of women by a spouse will never end or slow down even.
  11. You say you've ordered stuff in the past outside of Thailand from ebay, correct? Well the ones with the tracking number on package how does it work once it enter Thailand mailing service hub. Are you able to track or, do you get new tracking number and such?
  12. Litte background: I know that address registration of foreigner is a law that has existed for long time in Thailand but only reinforce few years ago only and being more and more strict. I have been in Thailand for quite long time now (since 1991) but been working abroad during most of these years, back to Thailand very often, sometime for only few days, sometime few months. I own a house in Phuket which is my permanent address and registered this address in immigration few years ago when they started to reinforce this law. So I got this paper staple in my passport (notification of alien...something with my address on it). Also, I have been working in Myanmar for the last 7 years and as neighbor country, been in and out from Thailand very often (mostly every week), mostly for weekend only and bit longer when I have holidays. So when coming on a weekend ( coming on Friday evening and leaving on Sunday evening), no way to go immigration to notify the address (the same address anyway). However, each time I had plans to stay longer, the first thing I am doing the next day of my arrival is to go to immigration office to notify my address (good boy!). Forgot to mention that I am on Non O multiple 1 year (based on Thai child) for years now. This time I came back from Yangon on 31 March evening as my contract in Myanmar is finish. So on the Monday 1st April, went to the immigration in Phuket town to notify my stay (same address). As I didn't notice the new "drive in" service, I parked my motorbike and went inside the office. I was then politely explained about the drive in that was just outside. So I walked out of the office and knock at the window of the drive in. The officer open the window and shout at me, saying that I must use my motorbike or car to use this service... fair enough... I jumped on my bike that was parked few meter away and drove to the drive in window (I didn't even need to turn on the engine of the bike as it was so close...). The officer took my passport and returned it to me a minute later with a new stamp "1st April" on the notification paper staple in my passport. Done! Last Friday 19 April, I decided to go few days on holidays in Ranong with my family. We drove to Ranong on the Friday, booked an hotel Ranong. On Saturday, we did a day trip to Koh Payam. As I still have a 1 year multiple entry visa for Myanmar, we decided to visit the Myanmar islands in the south east of Kawthong on day trip. So we did 3 day trips to Myanmar islands on Sunday 21, Monday 22 and Tuesday 23. So every day going through immigration (Thai /Myanmar) in and out. So my last entry to Thailand was on 23 April. Each time I was entering Thailand, I had to fill the standard immigration form on which I was mentioning my hotel in Ranong as where I was staying. On Wednesday 24, we stayed in Ranong only, relaxing and visiting the town. On Thurday 25 (yesterday), check out the hotel and hit the road back to Phuket. Stopped in Khao Lak for a good break, lunch on the beach. Reached home in Phuket around 5pm. This morning, as a good boy, headed to immigration office in Phuket town to notify my address as I left Thailand. Went straight to the drive in this time! The officer checked my passport and noticed that my entry date stamp was 23 April. He then started to shout at me, telling that I have 24 hours only to notify but we are 26 April already! I was subject to a fine! I tried to explain him my trip, that I left Ranong only yesterday, that I was staying in hotel in Ranong, that I arrived in Phuket only yesterday evening, that's why I was coming to notify only this morning! After arguying with my wife who was with me, he finally stamped my notification paper with today date and let us go. He told my wife that I should have gone to Ranong immigration yesterday to notify that I was leaving Ranong for Phuket yesterday! Did I do something wrong?? PS: during my check-in in Ranong Hotel, they requested my passport and did a copy for immigration registration Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  13. What ever the rules are today they probably will change again in 90 days. Don't think we are welcome.
  14. STOP researching and delaying. You risk permanent blindness. Get the surgery AT once. Yes, there are limitations on movement afterwards. There is no easy out for this. Stop delaying. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. Nevermind the girlfriend...I myself am staggered by this news...how outrageous...what is the world coming to...for God's sake. I'll have to give serious consideration to cutting back on the roughly 2 times (out and back) every 4 years I use this service.
  16. I don't think that anybody here could come up with an offer you would consider okay, looking at all the work that has to be done. How much is just an engine swap of your choice back home, only to compare what's really expensive... Why don't you check at certain websites and buy a second hand one? I know that a friend's wife has got a Suzuki cheep they wanted to sell, but it's not a Caribbean. Interested to see photos?
  17. Probably the truth will never be allowed to be printed. This is Thailand - the land where the beautiful bird of truth never, ever, lands (or is shot dead in the act of attempting to do so!).
  18. The one a TV member buys. Jokes apart my experience, our a/c are all old so any newer types that are out now I would replace with quieter compressors. That said the 14 year old Samsung 12 btu is still very quiet and would replace the other Singer 9 btu, Mitsubishi 18 btu and last one bought LG 9 btu with another Samsung if the price difference didn't warrant the expense of the newer types. I would confirm what another poster said because it sounds like you have a very big room to cool, get two air-con 12 btu units instead of one 24 btu unit.
  19. If you're renting a condo for a month or more, you're legal. And, you can make a legal return on your investment. The first year we owned at The Base, we were getting 25,000 baht a month rent on a 1 year rent contract on a condo that cost 3MB total. The first year's condo fees and closing costs had been paid by the developer since we closed early on buying the condo so the 25,000 was all profit. In some cases you might do better renting long-term if you have only 1 or 2 condos--unless you want to personally do the daily cleaning, bed and bath linen washing, bed-making, scheduling and checking in and out the illegal renters, and so on. Not for me.
  20. From what I can gather, palliative care for ordinary Thais routinely means a terminal cancer sufferer being sent home from hospital with a bottle of paracetamol. You sometimes wonder whether these academics ever leave their ivory towers long enough to discover how the rest of actually live - and die.
  21. Thanks K. In this instance it was just one tool. A branch lopper. Although I could probably source one in the Kingdom this way it cuts out wasting valuable time on the ground shopping around. Also, up country (Thabo) many of the hardware stores seem to stock extremely cheap (quality) Chinese examples, or very limited quality tools on the pricey side. Apart from the tool it would be nice to know the customs rules and be able comply with the law of the land. I just receive a reply to my e-mail from Thai Customs who suggest I lookat this website: http://www.customs.go.th/list_strc_simple_neted.php?lang=en&ini_content=individual_160503_03_160905_01&&left_menu=menu_individual_submenu_01_160421_01 It seems I'm still in the dark. In summary, they suggest, "declare and open your bags for inspection. Anything they deem as dutiable (under 200,000b) they then render you a bill". Nothing which indicates tariffs applicable and what is dutiable and what isn't. A lottery.
  22. Don't forget as a retiree, you will also need 20,000 baht in your pocket at all times, plus 10,000 - 50,000 rent for your wife/girlfriend per month and your own spoon for yogurt from the 7-11.
  23. Google customs and border patrol prescription medications. You will need to have a doctors note and the meds in original container labelled with your name. 90 day supply seems to be the usual amount consideted coneistent with personal use. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  24. So that means another row of desks outside the arrivals exit to allow /permit entry of wifes/GF or Landlords etc who were not also on any flight? Amazing concept ! Yeah....riiiight!
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