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  2. The rail link that you referring was an Asean initiative in 1995, long before the China’s Belt and Road project. It was supposed to build a railway from SIngapore to Kumming; not Laos. The project was never implemented. This China and Thailand “Road and Belt” rail link to Laos was a junta and China initiative with financing and technologies from China.
  3. I read it as officials are against vigilante action, but maybe that’s just me meanwhile, which officials have come out and said that they support illegal immigration? there’s lots of officials involved... name one supporting illegal immigration.
  4. Oh. Thank you. I didn't know that.
  5. Taxi driver - <deleted> are you on about?
  6. Don't do it! You can give the builder clear instructions written in Thai, provide them with drawings - anything you like, they will do what they want. You'll end up a nervous wreck. Either be there of employ a good western project manager - you might not like the cost but you will save money in the long run and you'll get things done how you want. Where do you intend building? I may be able to recommend someone.
  7. Kind of like those British civil servants who actively supported those guys in Rotherham was it, as they forced 13 year olds into prostitution over the course of several years, with authorities knowing about it but doing nothing!! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.....
  8. Well noted thank you. I guess we'll go check at CW and see how it goes there. I'll be able to help and talk to the IO there in Thai to smooth things down if possible Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  9. Not only are you dealing with incompetence, Thai builders will ignore your wishes and built it the "right" way - their way!
  10. Have a conversation with ur Taxi-driver In the Philippines and with ur Taxi driver in Thailand. see which conversation works out more satisfying.
  11. If you were in the center of the universe, you may be looking at a very dark and totally black sky. The Milkyway is about 100,000 light years across, but when you look at the night sky on a clear day, all the starts you can see with the naked eye is within 8,000 light years from Earth.
  12. i just sometimes go to cw as some of the staff have been there many years in n section and can be helpful, the superior who is quite tall can be friendly enough to confirm things before hand, others like the elite io section at the airport and probably have equally good experiences there too
  13. This does not justify heavily armed militias roaming around, that is what law enforcement is supposed to do. Don't like what they're doing, get yourself a new AG and others in charge.
  14. It's the norm to have ibanking whether a single or joint owned account....assuming the owner(s) wants ibanking. Assuming your joint owner is a Thai spouse, take him/her along and demand it. If the branch still says no, then obviously they are not a farang-friendly. And yes, there are such branches....too many really.
  15. I was told quite clearly that I needed an O visa, retirement visa or a b visa with work permit. At the time I held an O visa but still couldn't get the yellow book as the 'housemaster' wasn't available. I have since divorced and have been told that I will not be issued with a yellow book whilst I'm on a tourist visa. Also, in the scenario you write above, if you have a Thai child I believe you can obtain an O visa on that basis.
  16. when i was there the office opens after the first bus leaves,
  17. For what it is worth, here is my take: For the Car type crossovers, the X-Trail is very spacious and comfortable. The CX-5 is smaller and more responsive, a lot nicer handling and no CVT. The CRV is about mid way between. For the truck based SUV's, the Everest has impressive ride and very quiet. Unfortunately it is also very heavy so fuel consumption suffers. The Pajero is a bit of a boat but comfortable. The Fortuner is midway between. The truck based SUV hold their value better but are more cumbersome in town. For city driving, I would avoid the diesels if fitted with particle filters . Not sure if the Thai models are fitted with these yet but Mazda and Toyota have had problems with these elsewhere. None of them are duds so pick what you like. Wish you luck Farang FB, hope you are happy with your choice.
  18. Just my point of view here so no flames please! When I die (not if!) I couldn't give a monkey's about what happens to my body. In UK I have an Advance Decision (aka "living will") that says: In other words I'm dead - so <deleted> it! I have no living family so if I die outside UK, whoever finds me will have to work it out for themselves. If they contact the one person who is named in my passport (an old and trusted friend), she has a copy of my AD so can decide to do nothing.......as she knows. She's also my Executrix but there's no legal obligation on her to deal with my body...just my Estate which is worth the effort!
  19. A solution which needs to be undertaken is to put in prison anyone employing someone illegal and also to cut off all welfare and subsidization for illegals but provide a safety net and access to jobs if legally entering. I can't understand why these simple measures are not undertaken. Must be tremendous pressure from employers who want cheap non union labor.
  20. This is such a true post it should be pinned: "My wife and I have been property developers for 25 years in Thailand. As a result we know the details of building and have seen most every trick in the book. As many posters have said don’t do this. I promise you will regret it. Even when you are present in Thailand the game is played. At a distance you are doomed. The cheating is subtle. Things like changing the grade of cement, using cheap wire for the electric, different grade and size of pipe for the plumbing etc. Then you have the normal Thai reluctance to put any thought into the work being done ... expect your tiles and granite to line up, the colors you chose to be used etc ... forget it. Also even if you have somebody you “trust” (the worst being a relative) does that person know enough about building to even know when you are being cheated? Will that person really be immune to being offered money to look the other way (no they won’t)? Wait until you are resident here and plan to buy all materials yourself, be at the work site every day, have a very clear progress payment plan. Oh, BTW the contractors will lowball to get the job - expecting to make a profit by cheating you. If they are not happy with the cash flow they just walk away from the job. Then you find a contractor to puck up the job but guess what, every problem they encounter was the fault of the work fine by the previous company. It’s endless, don’t do it."
  21. Your words in your post makes you look like an expat laughingstoc@
  22. First our home is in rural Thailand We didn't choose to build a mansion, I had already explained to my wife, big house, big clean up every day! Too much wasted effort and time. Thank fully she agreed we would build a small home. My wife runs our Thai finances so saved any discussion on what we could and could not afford. When my wife decided finances allowed, it was time to build. The build was almost a family/village project, most of the workers were family or friends. I discussed with my wife a few things, kitchen outside, gravity shower, were my two contributions. When things such as windows, doors etc were to purchase I went with the choice of my wife and friends, in short I just confirmed I was happy with whatever they were doing. Took a month or so to complete, met our requirements for a home. For the cost, I was very impressed. The beauty is we are happy making minor additions as we go - the kitchen is now enclosed but an addition to rather than part of the main house so no smells leaking into the living area, still retain the outside BBQ/Thai cooking area. Where there were some Thai style slats originally, we have replaced with windows. An enjoyable on going project My brother in law, my wife and I sealed the concrete and painted the house outside and in, any additional work is done by my brother in law and his wife, (the sister of my wife) and their son 300 baht an hour and we buy the materials Excepting electrics an electrician every time. I guess it all boils down to level of expectation, and that only too rare personality trait displayed in Farang, the ability to go with the flow. I didn't expect a show house, I expected a modest functional home, as it turns out blends into the Thai landscape, does not scream out 'Farang lives here' - happy happy happy Enjoy spending a little to gain a lot of satisfaction
  23. All my research indicates this is a medical emercency. I saw Dr. Patcharaporn Wangvoraht at Sirikit and wants to operate asap in patient. Research indicates there are at least three procedures done as out patient. She wants to keep my head in one position. She did reccomend some other opthomalic surgeons at sri racha and bangok hospital. My head was swimming with the shock of eye surgery, possible side effects, or blindness untreated or even treated. I have many options including going back to the states, suggested treatment at Sirikit or let nature take it's course. If I could take the emotions and fear out of the equation I could make the best descision. Advice on the best Dr in Thailand, most succesful treatment, doing nothing, etc. I have a med. Certificate with diagnosis, partially blocked vision and paralizing fear. Thank you
  24. But you can confirm Spain is not in SEA, right? The PI accent does not upset me, just annoys me, but the moles more so...
  25. Hmmm, might attached my private health cover insurance policy with my next one, ooops, forgot I change to a marriage extension a few years back, probably because of my paranoia, which has paid off
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