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  2. When travelling overseas options for loss / theft must also be considered. Thus in Passport Wallet I carry in my travel bag. Debit card & Credits Cards (From UK & Thai accounts) + $1000 emergency cash + Medical insurance card Small wallet carried on my person: + Debit & Credit card in smaller wallet + Cash (local currency of destination) If things go totally wrong and I'm in a remote location I guess it's contacting friends & family for a quick cash Trx via a western union.
  3. Fire rips through luxury Hua Hin resort Picture: Manager Online Fire caused extensive damage to a luxury resort in Hua Hin this weekend. Emergency services were called to the Dhevan Dara Resort at 11.40am on Sunday (Apr 21). Picture: Manager Online Following preliminary investigations, police believe that the fire broke out on wasteland outside the resort before spreading to villas located next to a perimeter fence. Manager Online reported that it took 50 firefighters more than 4 hours to bring the blaze under control. Picture: Manager Online It was reported up to 10 villas were damaged with the cost of damage estimated at 35 million baht. No one was injured as a result of the balze and all staff members and guests were reported safe. Source: Manager Online -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-04-23
  4. Very short sighted policy. Again those in power not seeking to support their citizens by ensuring that they have adequate medical care, decent power infrastructure (that does not repeatedly brownout), decent sewage and waste disposal .
  5. Pattaya must sill have a few redundant butt counters for a professional count up wonder what the penalties in Spain will be 100,000 fine and 2 years jail ?
  6. I would like to see from which bank this letter is from ? Here it is , and from BKK headquarters in Silom, I received it yesterday and stapled to the envelop is a yellow confirmation return ("advice of receipt") postcard to be sent back to the sender via post.
  7. I dont know about working everywhere, I was always told you couldn't use the system (unless a hotel) in Pattaya until someone mentioned you could, in another thread. Put through the registration and got back a logon. It takes 10 mins apply for a registration, see what comes back.
  8. I think the point is, we humans are fundamentally animals driven by our instincts. All animals fight to preserve their territory or expand their territory, or mate with a female. We humans are not much different, except we have more sophisticated tools than just claws and teeth, so we do much more damage when we fight. Gautama Buddha understood this 2500 years ago, and offered a solution. Many religions address this issue, but so often our instincts just prevail, which is why so often in the past, Christian nations have gone to war, killing thousands of people, in order to defend and preserve the fundamental Christian concepts of 'love thine enemy, love thy neighbour as oneself, and do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. Very sad. Let's learn from history.
  9. You are too full of yourself. I don’t hate you, or people like yourself. I lament *some* of your choices, *if* those choices result in vulnerable people, for example, losing healthcare due to pre-existing conditions, or perfectly innocent muslims being banned from coming for medical treatment or visiting their family simply because they are from certain countries, or innocent children locked in cages, or genuine asylum seekers being treated as criminals, etc Ask yourself why you choose to support politicians who do those things and then examine whether it’s really a part of you that hates you.
  10. Just think about how many more there are just like him that have the good sense to keep their mouthes shut.
  11. I was diagnosed with hypogonadism 15 years ago and have had to have 3-weekly injections of testosterone enanthate ever since. Rather than go to a hospital and queue every three weeks I buy 5 ampoules at a time and take one to my local clinic where the excellent lady doctor injects me for 70 baht. Normally, I re-stock when I am down to two amps. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do that this time, and I ran out 3 weeks ago. Since then, I have tried to buy another 5 but everyone has told me that there is none available as the manufacturer ran out a few months ago. I have been to many pharmacies, some local to me in Nonthaburi, I have tried half a dozen in the lower Sukhumvit area and a huge pharmacy next to Siriraj hospital. Does anyone know anywhere at all which still has stock? I don't want to wait hours at a hospital only to be told they don't have any either. Alternatively, is there a different product I can use? as anyone tried the oral supplementation, by taking testosterone undecanoate capsules? Is there an injection of hat available? Or used testosterone cypionate or propionate, either by injection or orally? I have no knowledge of these two and don't want to experiment on myself so if anyone with knowledge can suggest a dosage which would give similar to the enanthate injection, I'd love to hear it. I need this for medical reasons, I am not a body builder and I am getting a little anxious about getting proper treatment. Any information gratefully received.
  12. I'd call that a classic post. Completely bogus but a classic nonetheless.
  13. I also wonder what "...use their baht remittance system..." means. Yeap...hope some one will post the letter they got.
  14. Hi I'm heading to Thailand later in the year for 7 weeks is there any problem with landing on 30day entry visa from Australia then just going to immigration and get extension before 30days lapses.
  15. Umm, MRT Is private own and it cost more to build yet they can offer the fares at much cheaper per km travel. So there you go, the government should cap how much BTS can charge per km.
  16. You will only pay after you've been approved for the Visa so if they were to deny you for your short overstay(s) (which i highly doubt), they won't ask you for payment
  17. Sad indeed, but I did not know we had high speed trains in Thailand till now.
  18. Their is a minivan around 3pm to 3.30pm takes about 4 hours. Also a decent vip air con bus with Phetsapert tours that goes at 3-30pm and about 4hours,also same company vip bus at 5pm into khon kaen circa 9-30pm. The two vip bus options are much more comfortable and relaxing than the mini van. Regular buses go every hour or so but no toilet and stop many times. All from Mukdahan bus station.
  19. Recently I was suspended on Thai Visa for speaking out of turn. I apologize. The reason I got carried away was that I am concerned that the read the posts here and we will all cop a back lash from immigration in particular. It was not my intention to offend. Thank you.
  20. Ive missed out somewhere, what exactly is the Elite program? Ive never heard of it.
  21. We live about 5 kms for Tambon Mai Sai. We were lucky. We got strong wind before the rain started and then about 45 minutes of good rain. No hail than goodness
  22. Great, we're getting somewhere? You agree that very few politicians support leave, they are just desperately trying to find a way to get themselves re-elected despite their opposition to the leave referendum result?
  23. Thanks for the good advice. in fact, that is exactly what my wife wants to do. But the car is only one year old. We will lose a lot of money if we sell it. I would think that Toyota would repair the car properly. Whereas the local repairer would patch it all up with piles of fibreglass cement.
  24. How did they get it on the flotation devise in the first place?
  25. This removed, aquatic domicile may be the revival needed for Thai tourism. Viewing privilege, 50 baht with Thai ID card, 500 baht if no card. To view American/Thai couple inside cooking rice and steak, 5X. To view execution of death penalty, 100X.
  26. Lazada has one beach cruiser "firmstrong" I think it's called but pricey at 14,000bht, then there's a local place in Phuket that sells custom beach cruisers online https://www.siamcruisers.com/seattle-ss-black-stretch-fat-tire-chopper-bicycle
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