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  2. Morrison just <deleted> up a wet dream. Cretin.
  3. Ivacy is on my pc /phone/ laptop and tablet. You can apply it ANYWHERE.
  4. Murder, In the name of Religion . A World, without any religion , would be a better World .
  5. Just a bit of banter mate I'm sure you realise that otherwise you would have deleted the post / warned me. I am trying to be nice believe me.
  6. Regardless of whether you are married or not, she still needs to apply for a B1/2 visa in her own right
  7. I have no US “admitted” stamps since 2011 and the one in the previous passport. I have had a membership in Global Entry for almost 10 years maybe that is it. Constant International Travel.
  8. Thanks for that... However, quote from first study... so YMMV... "The author is the executive director of the Soy Nutrition Institute, an organization funded by the United Soybean Board and its soy industry members. " I don't have time to follow thru... but there are other problems with soy other than estrogen... which also need to be taken into account... I particularly have noticed that there are more tofu products in the west (after the manufacturers were required by law to include it in the label) stating they use GMO soy... that is concerning... Further, the forms of soy appearing in process foods is also concerning... some foods (aka soy oils) being horrible for you... I have found that Medical studies, and/or food studies need to be taken in the context for which they were done... conclusions done at the behest of those funding it are tainted... so do your own research... They are spending millions of $$ to try to convince you of their agenda (and sell more product).. You are the one eating it... who you going to listen to and who is stuck with the consequences? Now... back to sugar...
  9. Open. Just off catching a flight in a few minutes
  10. Maybe the business man is not rich enough to get out of this one. Billions of baht would help, if you're a Red Bull.
  11. VYPR (Viper) VPN is what I use. Got it on two laptops and my iphone (phone internet connection is private whether using wifi or your carrier's internet plan). They have a great selection of servers all around the world (UK included). I've never had a problem with them yet, happy customer here.
  12. I'm assuming you learned to drive long before ratchets were employed on handbrakes. With an automatic car you would simply stop with a footbrake and throw the gear lever in P.
  13. You wouldn't of course, you'd simply walk away from land you'd almost certainly paid for? You wouldn't try to get some value from your purchase? Your advice to the lady regarding the proposed sale of the property is bang on. Get a copy of the lease/Usufruct (which is it?) and the Chanotte and see a lawyer. To be honest, she's waited 15 years, I'd wait another 15 and get full value. By the way, if it turns out that the 'lease' is actually a Usufruct and its not registered on the Chanotte - the Usufruct is worthless and she can evict him.........don't know why I'm telling you this........555
  14. Teoretically, City might end up winning nothing.
  15. My thoughts exactly. Chinese don't read Thai Visa but they do have their own social media haunts. The initial flood of Chinese have now had time to post their Thailand horror stories online. Numbers of Chinese visitors will now start to decline. Gradually at first and then they will fall off a cliff.
  16. Why change bad habits? After enquiring after the reasoning behind a rather unfortunate routing of traffic around my son's last school (after seeing 2 collisions with motorbikes coming into school from cars exiting a car park at the 'exit' located before the 'entrance' after the style of Thai Watsdu - I was informed 'because that's how we do it, we have done it this way for over 50 years'. This statement coming from a 30 year old woman, clearly age is deceiving if she did this for 50 years already... The simple solution (and method to completely avoid congestion not only at the carpark, but also at the entrance to the soi) would be to reverse the traffic flow. The term 'easily changed' doesn't even come into it. Nothing worthwhile comes easily... especially here.
  17. My wife has probably been to more City matches than you have been to United. And for info. I bought my bike and she wanted one and bought her own. She earns a good salary over here. Tried to be nice now pack it in trying to get personal
  18. Well said, but with EU leaders like that COW Merkel and massive 'permitted' migrations into what were clean safe societies in Scandinavia - this issue is a very real threat.
  19. When you have no knowledge experience or understanding of a subject it is best not to speak about it. So you think that dumping a load of muslims into Londonderry would have them all singing jambalaya round the campfire and would have saved this innocent young woman's life? Well carry on thinking that. In the meantime please tell us who was responsible for the murder.
  20. I dig where you are coming from, dude, but would rathr have them look for me than scream here I am. But no mind, havent had a complaint about entering in years, I zip right through
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