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  2. yes, i did? Did you? No mention of TAT sources in there. According to TAT and Mastercard: Russia, USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, GERMANY account for 29% of spendings in there alone, and that excludes Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, France and co Source: https://www.tatnews.org/2018/11/thailand-leads-asia-in-international-visitors-spending-unwto-report/ and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourism_in_Thailand You can calculate the spending per visitor urself using these 2 sources.
  3. Plus their much loved 'Brexit pound' which as great British patriots as they are they will enjoy holidaying back in their own country at last.
  4. Eh! yes, a bread that sings when you break it, or when you bite it. Sometimes it's at the bakery next to Tesco in Market Village, but you have to take it out of the oven. Otherwise, it is difficult to find.
  5. On the issue of voter fraud: Here are nine investigations on voter fraud that found virtually nothing https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2017/01/25/here-are-nine-major-investigations-on-voter-fraud-that-found-virtually-nothing/?utm_term=.00cf80d5d899 Don’t dismiss it just because it’s the”Bezoz fake Washinton Post” —follow the links to the source materials. One of the investigations was a five year effort by the George W Bush administration that turned up almost no evidence of voter fraud. Words sometimes mean different things to different people. It would help if we had a Republican to English dictionary. I happen to have one. It says that when Republicans say “voter fraud” they mean “brown people voting” Brown people voting is of course a travesty. But only if one is a White Nationalist.
  6. Excellent as fishermen's emergency point for fuel, depot, shelter, toilet etc …
  7. My Pattaya condo landlord lives in Chiang Mai when not in Australia. Bit difficult for him to show up for every TM30. A lot of paperwork later his Thai wife got legal authority to represent him and she flew down to report to Jomtien Immigration. A lot of wasted time and money. I don't know why she couldn't report me up there and have it faxed to Jomtien. I've been able to report in by myself since then.
  8. Sorry to disappoint you - but I disagree with that. It simply isn't true. Maybe it's the attitude of the poster and yourself that actually needs to change...………..
  9. woah woah woah - you eat pork despite seeing them crammed and I mean seriously crammed into two tier lorries in desperate heat on their way to a terrifying death and now want to be taken seriously on animal welfare issues ?? Credibility gone !
  10. Does anyone know if there is a good sports bar that shows all the NBA playoff games? I'd like one that's non smoking and has big screens. Thanks in advance.
  11. Far too many snowflakes using this forum, offended by the slightest thing.
  12. @Formaleins Yes. We have children and in our opinion, we don't find it appropriate.
  13. Yes Leo beer purchases am sure about but deodorant purchases by farangs am not completely sure.
  14. In Thailand's case millions every year north and south.
  15. Where was I mentioning Mueller, Comey or Sessions? As republicans I would say they'd try at least to give Potus the benefit of the doubt. But no, people mentioned above have all butter on their heads. I might assume they used at least good butter.
  16. I entered BKK after holiday abroad using the Thai channel with my wife about 830pm. The Thai side now entirely automated save for one line presumably for old people not up on the tech thing. Wife went first and asked if it was ok to use the Thai line. I've been doing this a number of years and it's never been a problem. I wasn't asked any questions. IO was officious and fast (she). The farang side was crowded, backed up. The Chinese line a bit of bedlam. Non O (marriage), multiple re-entry, employed.
  17. In the day time in this 40C heat??! Sleeping doesn't enter into it, it is a daytime only train. And really, really old carriages with very uncomfortable seats.
  18. @lumply@BritManToo I obviously think it's our business because we live on the same soi. It is offensive to neighbors, children, visitors, and others who come to maintain the pool, etc. If you had small children and lived nearby in eye-shot of this stupid sign, wouldn't you be pissed off? Besides, the old man is a Farang as stated, not a Thai. Read more, troll less!
  19. I was going to do the same thing. They advised me a birth certificate with your name as the father, and a signed copy of mothers ID and Tabien bahn. Im not sure what type of visa it was but you need to exit and re enter every 3 months but the visa itself good for a year. No momey in the bank needed. Is that right UJ?
  20. I wouldn't exactly call it gaming the system. I'm a genuine tourist, albiet my homebase being Bangkok, the reason for that is because I can fly all over Asia for such a low cost. I just happen to stay my full 90 days before I travel again. I've been to Hong kong, Hanoi, Vientiane, phillipines, Bali, and getting tourist visas before coming back to Bangkok and got denied entry because I am "not allowed to leave the country for only a week and come back and I stayed more than 180 days in Thailand in the year" but how can I not be a genuine tourist when i am traveling to new countries I've never been to before... but just staying in Bangkok during the in between periods. I don't plan on living in thailand forever, I'm just trying to be here for 2-3 years at most and go back home. But now that's not looking possible unless I avoid Airports all together which I didn't plan on doing since I am actually flying out of the country and traveling around asia. thats why it doesnt make sense. Shouldnt they scrutinize people using land borders? Those guys can chill out in Thailand for years and just do a quick border hop, and never actually fly out of the country compared to me I'm actually spending money being a real tourist and flying to new places each time just coming back to Thailand and chilling out for 3 months before traveling to a new country.
  21. It is the beach any where in the world the beach always attracts stupid.
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