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  2. Picking up trash...something I have always done...even to this day...has more to do with keeping the places we human visit clean than political correctness... I once was visiting a Thai family out in the boonies when I witnessed two school aged children throwing drink cans and candy wrappers out in the front yard...when asked why the lady of the house tolerated this behavior...she replied that she tried to get members of family to use garbage cans conveniently located and was told to bugger off as this is the way people in this village have lived for generations... Can't argue with Thai logic!...
  3. And what makes this discussion ridiculous is that you apparently believe that it is possible to put a halt or nearly so, to the drugs coming across the border. But on the off chance you don't believe that, why is this drug issue so important.
  4. Not only does it not serve the intended recipients, it doesn't serve TI's raison d'être. In particular the new 800k rule(s) to catch dodgy visa agents and their dodgy clients. Saw a visa agent advert on Facebook the other day. Bank account and Immigration "show money". Not even trying to be discreet, right out in the open. That's how these things go. Crackdowns are dumb bombs. TI doesn't have the brains or the drive to launch a few missiles and take out the bad guys surgically. They are 1/2 the problem to begin with. Meanwhile, the foot soldiers carry on carpet bombing innocent civilians because that's their "job". Just following orders.
  5. How dare a farang muck up, the new hub plans. Thai Navy is on their way, the "lady buoys" are kitted up, and the pink subs are outfitted....
  6. It isn't that they "ALSO come over the border through other means". It's not acase of "also" or "in addition to" it's that the vast majority of them across the border through legal ports of entry .And you are lying when say that it was a . "known drug trafficking cartel hotspot." Flat out lying.
  7. hy·per·bo·le /hīˈpərbəlē/ noun exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally. "he vowed revenge with oaths and hyperboles" synonyms: exaggeration, overstatement, magnification, amplification, embroidery, embellishment, overplaying, excess, overkill;
  8. Oh, sorry I didn't know that some Elite visas gave only 90 days extensions each time, never heard of it. I though you were talking about 90 days report. That is great news though, thank you very much! So, does it mean that this last extension could be made at CW immigration as you said? No need to leave the country then Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  9. Direct Debit setup....talked on the DeeMoney website. https://www.dee.money/support/ And there is no restriction with you having ibanking capability on a joint account....I do with my various Bangkok Bank accounts....joint account with the wife. I'm just on a retirement extension of stay; don't have a work permit or anything like that....just a retired bum.
  10. But nothing like the Thai retirement extension, as far as I know.
  11. As DENIM says in his reply take lots of time on the application. He is right they will be looking for evidence that she will return to Thailand. From memory there is a section about asks about travel history. Hopefully she has some and will demonstrate she always returned to Thailand. The form is pretty intimidating but process is not actually that bad. My wife has had 3 now , one of which was issued whilst we were in Canada. Past travel history also helps. Good luck.
  12. OK, understood. Thanks Mogandave.
  13. Do you get yo choose the color? Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. You do not go Bangkok Bank and tell them to send money to DeeMoney. Your first should have setup Direct Debit to your Bangkok Bank account then DeeMoney would have immediately debited the money to fund the transfer. Or, using the Bangkok Bank mobile app scan the QR code that DeeMoney showed at the end of the transfer (the QR code has all the necessary payment info embedded in it) which would have allowed you to immediately pay for the transfer from your Bangkok Bank account. I use the QR payment method which is immediately and free.....plus I'm not a fan of direct debit in this type of situation. The DeeMoney website shows you how to setup Direct Debit or use QR payment. https://www.dee.money/support/
  15. big deal 500 rushing the border, it's not as if 2 central americans setup a floating house 13 miles off the US coast.
  16. First he is Polonish with americain citizen . 2d he is from the bitcoins Mafia .. 3d he is a spion .and he can built it in ponland if he want
  17. Bought it local as someone in my tread recomended. All good and quiet inside as outside compressor.
  18. I like the quotation marked "LIVE" , wonder if they get the irony of that??
  19. is that to me or someone else? my elite is for 90 days each time, your one is 12 months each time, so when 5 year was about to expiry i was able to get a 90 day past my visa expiry, yours would be 12 months, this happened to me but with 90 days not 12 months
  20. Yeah... money and property seems important, but maybe not if you hit truly desperate?
  21. Well they didn't but that was not what we were talking about. Was it?
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