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  2. Oh there will be! I could name at least twelve members of the Sunn Specs Club who'll be getting their nickers in a twist right about now over this post.
  3. 400k doesn’t feature in your life now, donated to the cause, country, bank, whatever you want to call it.Scot me why some thinks it’s acceptable
  4. 90% of getting the pink ID is getting the yellow book, its all the same information, your name in Thai, citizen number etc, the ID card is a quick process after you get the yellow book. Some running around to get at Pattaya city hall, 2 visits, witness's etc, the main thing being they want (I think most amphers also want) is an MFA certified translation of your name into Thai, but they accepted marriage documents as they contain mfa translation, saved a trip to BKK. What many dont realise, as above, yellow book and ID card is your name in Thai. So if you get a license using it or open a bank account using it, the name on license or account name will be in Thai script, and your ID citizen number is on your license not your passport number. The same if you book a plane ticket, if you book with name in Thai script then the checkin will want ID with name in Thai, book in English then they want a name in English ID (passport etc). This lead to many people saying the pink ID is useless, they are trying to operate an English name bank account with a Thai name ID, check in to a flight booked in English script then want to checkin with a Thai script ID. Everyone mentions the phrase on the back of the ID that says something like "cannot travel outside of area". This is a lost in translation thing and basically means the card is not transferable. If you move "permanently" to another province you cannot keep using the old card, you get a new card at the new province. the card cannot travel to a new permanent address and remain valid, the card holder can travel and use the card anywhere to show their permanent home address. I have used yellow book for license and to transfer vehicles, saved several trips to immigration to get resident certificates. Recently used YB to register for online TM30 system. I have used Pink ID 8-10 times to get Thai price at places and to buy SIM cards at 7/11, and once to get into a Thai only army beach south of Pattaya. As ID at Public hospital but not sure if that allowed access or changed the price.. If the local ampher isnt wanting impossible things, it worth getting, one more thing you can pull out of the hat at bank, immigration, DLT etc
  5. So she was cheating.... was she... I thought they would just about all try to get a percentage of the resulting income... His actions must all be the result of a big misunderstanding...
  6. Cost almost the same per year for a Thai elite 20 years SE visa !
  7. TIL there is a burning ban. Obviously rarely enforced as the entire country has been on fire for two months.
  8. I can honestly say in all the years I've either been visiting or living here I have never had a Chinese gawp at me ? - Bizarre !
  9. I eat pigs but have also seen what you describe. the farmers lose money for damaged products so this makes no sense, distressed animals give poorer products
  10. You are assuming their algorithms make some sense and actually serve that purpose. My experience is that they are very poorly designed, miss fraud and flag obviously safe transactions. But the flag per se is not my main grievance...if they had a human look at the flagged transactions and the account (e.g. past history and any travel notifications) it would suffice to prevent unnecessary account freezing...and tyhey would quickly find out all that is wrong with their algorithms. As for calling them to straighten it out..several hundred dollars worth of international calling and literally hours spent on hold. :(( People keep asking why the man in the OP did not have any cash. Odds are he spent it trying to call the &^$* bank
  11. Thai immigrations repetitive abuse of the laws they are sworn to uphold is far worse than tiring. So are those making excuses for them, and averting their eyes to the obvious monetary-reward for their actions, when there is no logical reason for the actions. If you read this site, you can meet many. Anyone not following the laws/rules has a way, if they use immigration's agent-partners. I've told my story several times - denied a Non-O stamp in one location, and marriage-based extension in two locations, by corrupt IOs making up unpublished requirements. I qualified in all cases - an embassy-letter with the MFA's seal PLUS Thai bank-book proof of the income. Due to immigration's corruption, I now stay here on a Non-O-ME Visa, to avoid using the agents. At some point, I expect the door to close on legal means of stay, and agent-laundered payoffs or brown-envelopes to be my only option (as it now is for many others). I want as many as possible to know the Lion's Den they are walking into at immigration - many offices and some entry points. You, like many who "haven't had problems yet," will lead many into a shock, if they believe your experience is universal. It isn't.
  12. The Chinese are TAT dream tourists. They come for 1 or 2 weeks, spend more than western tourists, they don't make trouble, and they go home again, all orderly and well dressed. Compare that to the image of western tourists, and you can see why we have become somewhat less desirable. ...and the tourist migration has only just begun. Tourism and hospitality sector can clearly see the writing on the wall. If I was in that sector I'd either cater for Chinese, or I'd cater exclusively for western tourism...but trying to cater to all tourists will fail. Pick a side.
  13. Lol, as if the land/condos/houses/hotel here would be worth sth if no foreigner invests into it. What's wrong about co-owning sth? What's wrong about foreign shareholders in companies? Nothing. Just xenophobic BS. The only thing bad about it is not getting a hotel license, but i doubt all of these buildings even needed a hotel license... 4/20 law in the hotel act...
  14. I would question why the landlord did not take action as soon as he stopped paying or at least after the first month? If you have all your ducks in a row (as a landlord) it can still take months as mentioned by another poster but nowhere near 3 years.
  15. very judgmental saying a lot more about you and your upbringing - private school educated funded all the way through by parents and a large inheritance per chance?
  16. Throughout the world, the middle finger is commonly considered offensive as the thumbs-up is for 'good'. Anyway, we made signs and now refer to him as the Villiage Idiot. :)
  17. 'No she doesn't.. I can translate it for you.. Visa number..7806 6452 7201. exp date 10/2021..
  18. Because Thai Immigration lets them in. Most countries would never let them enter.
  19. You suck it up, and deal with whatever else is going on without touching the "400 Thousand baht". Like take a loan out, whatever you have to do, if you want to stay.
  20. in a country where hitler is revered and nazi symbols are worn as fashion I beleive this is non offensive, its proximity to flags matters not ( unless you are really brainwashed into beleiving in arbitrary lines and sovereignty) this sign does not mention the elephant or its evils or the dictators for that matter what is the problem one of your neighbours is expressing themselves to you, you seem a bit touchy about it so lucky for you its not said to your face
  21. Got a result with: Alternatively click F12 in Chrome. Magic - many thanks. Very grateful.
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