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  2. They need to find these builders and start using them on some of the infrastructure projects. This is quality construction not usually seen on Phuket.
  3. Two locations. The Non-O and marriage-based extension in the same office - Jomtien. The Non-O provided an "unofficial" list of requirements where no amount of income qualified. The marriage-based was fine with the income-letter (did not ask to see the backup-evidence) but continually added more and more landlord-docs, being more angry, rude and outright cruel to my wife each time. 25K Baht for marriage-based. About 15K for retirement-based. Over 40K baht income - letter + proof. None wanted to see evidence of deposits. The second location said only a state-pension income qualified as income. Yes, it was - while those were still available. I now use a Visa to avoid the corruption. Yes, but in all 3 cases, actually proving the income wasn't the issue. They didn't care that I "qualified" or not. They wanted extra money or would not do their job.
  4. Yes, I can think of some recent ones. Such as when Big Joke went the recent onerous changes would magically get reversed. Like all corrupt visa agents can deal with the new changes, same as before. My current info says -- NOPE. Like legal gay marriage is coming soon and that would help some gay expats -- NOPE
  5. I don't have to drive to Bangkok and pay the embassy for an income letter. Now I can get it for a pittance at my local bank.
  6. Are reentry permits issued on the 3rd floor now?
  7. We should be far more concerned about climate change and preserving our own species, rather than about who created the world (spoiler alert: it’s NOT the invisible man in the sky...) and whose god has the biggest dick. Mother Nature couldn’t care less about our idiotic obsession with religion and is already pushing countless species toward extinction. Hopefully we will follow within one or two generations.
  8. You can't list one positive rumor can you? I could answer your question I was discussing rumors in response to another poster. I said no tells positive lies about Thailand. Name a couple if I'm wrong.
  9. But that's not the reason that tigerbalm seems to have been given? Rather, he indicates that he needs to prove his monthly qualifying transfers come from a "pension".
  10. Same here - flew in yesterday....About 9AM today pulled into the lot just as a space opened up in front of me..... Up to the 3rd floor = 2nd in queue.... Was out & driving away within 15 minutes.... Smiling staff everywhere - has to be much better for them too....
  11. You assume an awful lot as the OP did not specify any such thing.
  12. Many positive rumors on tvf but all where false.. Can u even come up with one single thing clearly improved for us here in recent years?
  13. So "hopefully" you've made up your mind that Thailand doesn't deserve the likes of you. Is that correct?? Do you expect to be missed or do you expect to influence others to follow suit - like sheep. I personally think all of SE Asia is very affordable and with plenty of eye candy.
  14. Here I'm still alive after 15 years of driving car and motorbike because I do one thing slow down and take it with caution.
  15. Why would you even consider it? Unforeseen is a negative as you must think they don't care. Better to borrow from a friend against the bank deposit rather than dip down.
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