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  2. Loratadine (clarytyne and other brands,) Cetirizine (zyrtec and other brands) Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. I mean what's the point of this useless OP can we ask now do you like British,American,Australian,French,German you insert all other nationalities ............................................................................................................
  4. That 20yr package is now 2 million.. Check attachment.. Apparently I can do that 90 day reporting online .. ? Thailand Elite Membership Packages June 2019.pdf
  5. So the IO questioned the validity of your visa, because you haven't learned Thai despite studying it for 7 months. That actually seems legitimate. Interviewed you for 1.5 hours, that seems excessive. But is that him actually sitting across from you talking to you? Or is that the time it took to process you? Including him talking to you, him going to check with his supervisor, him getting tea and having a chuckle with his friends ..... with you just waiting on pins and needles to find out if going to be deported.
  6. I am not aware that Mr. Verhofstadt is foul mouthed. Hard boiled, yes. That we envy and admire the Brits is an astonishing statement. But if that's is your opinion, fair enough. My opinion about the actual Brits is also only that, an opinion. Well to be honest, there was a time(very long ago) I wanted to be Robin Hood, or Ivanhoe (That may count as envious).
  7. Not at all. I have have always wanted a deal. However, if the EU were not prepared to play ball then I would have taken No Deal.
  8. So it appears PM BoJo has obtained a tolerable agreement. A 60 page proposal compared to the blackmail red tape 550 page Brussels WA (Mays only contribution was the DUP sell out termed the backstop). Highly unlikely but not impossible HoC will vote for it considering the backlash from All opposition parties. Saturdays sitting will be very interesting. Lastly, and more vitally importantly the EU President Junker has RULED out any extension, thus making the Benn Act null & void. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. I don't know if this helps. The two bedrooms we use are both 18sm. I have just fitted a new LG NOT inverter 11.Th BTU in one and it works fine. Once cool a few min: it just stays on tick over. The other bedroom has a 11.74th BTU Saijo Denki also non inverter. Used every day for the last 13 years without any problems. We do have our ceilings lined though. You say yours is 20sm so would suggest 12/13th max.
  10. The research is fairly extensive, Google "paedophilia". Yes, there is much discust and anger as there are children involved. In fact they often need to be held in isolation during incarceration for their own safety.
  11. I added my autoKMs.exe to the exeptions list but AVG keeps poping up and sending it to quarantine. However, when i go to quarantine it is not there. Anybody else having issues?
  12. okidoki, Yinn do the ladyboys also have sex with their uncles?
  13. I imagine it was a quite "weighty" experience, especially for the poor horse - having that bouncing around on his back!
  14. @Crossy will know exactly what they are I could be completely wrong and they are just surface mount units like these circuit breakers. that go into a consumer unit. I don't particularly want to open the one I have to check as I'm going to install it soon and I might just let the magic smoke out. Anyway unless someone knows the Lao meter names you probably need a picture of the 3/9 meter as the current rating will be on it together with an estimate of the wire size (it may be printed on the wires) coming from it into your 60A circuit breake. I think I've reached my level of safe knowledge now. I lied, I've just opened one (no magic smoke release) they do function in a similar way to the ones in a regular CU I don't know how much current has to pass through them for the heated metal strip to trigger, certainly more than the rating. So these need to match the size of the cables feeding them. The guidelines are here The thing you seem to be missing (unless that 60A unit is one from the French system) is an RCCB
  15. THAT is indeed the problem, how do they decide / search if it was earned the same year it was sent? from what i read, a tax resident in thailand must pay taxes on income earned ALL OVER THE WORLD, besides capital gains . so the question is, what is defined as capital gains? say i hold a stock for two years, than sell at a profit and transfer to thailand the same year i sold - will it be considered taxable income? AND how will they decide if it was earned the same year? ohhh, thailand, so easy, and yet so blurry.
  16. Ha Ha ..... I know what you're saying. The sad fact is that so many guys get into situations here (and elsewhere) that they just didn't expect. Even two very nice longterm friends of mine are living in relationships that I could not. Guys get stuck and don't know how to get out. The child factor is often a reason.... but sometimes its just lack of fortitude. Other times bad financial "arrangements". I made mistakes, think most of us do. Its what you do after that which will determine if you can progress to a better life. Will OP succeed ? who knows No woman No kwai
  17. Three off topic posts removed. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  18. Well I am not an expert so you have to ask someone else
  19. Sinn Fein has welcomed Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal. In a statement its president, Mary Lou McDonald, said: I welcome the fact that an agreement has been reached between the European Union and the British government. There is no such thing as a good Brexit. Brexit is being foisted on the north of Ireland against the democratic wishes of the people. As a party, Sinn Féin has worked to defend Irish interests from the worst impacts of Brexit. It was Sinn Féin who first made the case for a ‘designated special status for the north within the EU’ and it was Sinn Féin who insisted on the protection of the Good Friday agreement and no hard border on the island of Ireland as bottom lines. We have also insisted that no veto can be given to unionism. No wonder the DUP are saying no ! Eerily I'm getting British Army recruitment ads on my feeds....
  20. Jim, Must be because you were one of the founding members and/or being so "hansum." I just checked my USAA acct to see if I got freebie domestic wire transfers and no....the standard $20 domestic transfer fee is being quoted when I start a domestic transfer. See below snapshot of part of the first screen when beginning a domestic wire transfer....your screen reported a $0 fee where mine is reporting $20. And I use the Multiple Factor/6 digit security logon.
  21. one thing you haven't considered in your calculations is how hot the room gets in the day, or how much residual heat is stored in the walls. I live in a ground floor condo and the walls get almost no direct sunlight, so a 9000 BTU is more than enough for 18 m2.
  22. You need to go to your local office for extensions
  23. Stay where you are we dont need people with the scumbag attitude.
  24. At least ive given you something to sling you handbag at , obviously you have not kept up to date with my latest thoughts on this topic.
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