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  2. google it. violence in irelands hospitals is a serious problem
  3. I think you are the one without a clue. I've been investing thru UOB Kay Hian for 8 yrs and never paid any US tax. I file a form W8 BEN and that's it.
  4. I did try the non BG western woman. She was worse than the BG. At least when the BG and I were having sex it was great. I didn't realise just how boring sex with the western woman was till I went to LOS.
  5. You are pretty much wrong in every way I can think of.
  6. Probably not. Aren't there even half decent folks who could become acting president of the USA?
  7. The police were present but did little to contain the situation.
  8. It does no harm to on the roll, you can enter yourself on it via a thing called the internet. The chances of being called for jury service are remote, especially if your address is not in a large City.
  9. @JoePai What is Xero direct? if you mean to contact Xero directly I tried to find contact information on their page regarding general inquiries but I could only find media contact. Can you share how did you contact Xero directly? Kind thanks!
  10. Since every man and his dog has your PP and Phone number anyway the additional risk is slight compared with the inconvenience of buying single ride tickets. By the way, the Business Rules state that single-ride is only usable at the station of issue (so your return ticket won't work) evidently this feature is not currently enabled. I will have to check why not.
  11. Songkran crackdown nets police 240 PVC water guns and 22 loud MCs PATTAYA:--An April 14 police crackdown netted police 240 PVC high-powered water guns and 22 motorcycles modified with loud exhausts. Pol. Lt. Col. Saranpong Maithongkulthorn, Pattaya Police Station Inspector and his intrepid team of highly trained bobbies, confiscated the PVC guns with a directive from higher ups that the high-powered water ejectors could cause harm to revelers. It could also lead to accidents if shot at motorcyclists. They also impounded the motorcycles and announced the “situation was normal.” There was no mention of fines or arrests, or any penance the perpetrators might have suffered due to their inappropriate behavior. -- PATTAYA MAIL 2019-04-19--
  12. After that the dems jumpn in to the room and force people to become Vegan and give up cars. Can we call is "Soylent Green"?
  13. I think if I were a pensioner, I wouldn't get the 20 years, but perhaps 10 years, if possible. The OP has been living on a retirement visa for 15 years, so I calculate must be over 70.
  14. Off topic posts and replies have been removed.
  15. The real road toll is published by various watch groups.Thailand is about 45 deaths per 100000 . which is about 27000-30000 deaths per annum.One of the worst tolls in the world. Officially its half that along with absurd stats on tourist deaths here. Its all about protecting mass tourism income. No tourism? Thailand's finished.
  16. OK, let's say Russia was trying to tilt the election in Trump's favor. Let's say Trump was happy they might do that. Who's job was it to keep that from happening? Who's watch was it? Who was resposible for thesanctity of the US election process in 2019? Was it Vladamir Putin? Was it Trump? Who?
  17. If I understood the setup correctly, the whole point of the Muller investigation was to push all the data and therefore charges to the state courts, which Trump doesn't have power over. Do the initial investigation and make sure that Trump doesn't have powers to overcome those investigations. Trumps is a turnip.
  18. Allegedly the MRT card is not Emoney because it can only be used for transit and not in retail outlets like McDonalds etc. Some operators are arguing that this is incorrect and that BEM should enforce registration of their cards too, the jury is still out on this one.
  19. Much the same as no plastic seal around the neck of a water bottle cap! More talk... No action as usual... Dribble...
  20. We are not islands .... People who are injured when not wearing helmets have impacts on others. Friends and family end up as carers or mourners....family income is lost. The rest of us? ......well, we end up paying ever higher insurance premiums and taxes for the services these victims require. Not wearing a helmet isn't an individual freedom or right, it impinges on others, friends, family and society.
  21. That will drag out for about 9 years with a halfway decent lawyer.
  22. Lets face it, original man feared everything and thought if he worshiped the gods of rain, sun, etc etc etc they would save them from a horrible death. Before they worked out that the "gods" never saved them from anything the men in funny hats had made it obligatory to be a "believer" so they could get rich and eat well. Religion and spirituality are completely different beasts.
  23. Getting the permit will not cause you any doecial scrutiny or problem. Just go through the green channel as usual. If bags checked at that point produce the permit. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  24. Some more off topic posts and replies have been removed. Please stay on topic.
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