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  2. One of the richest men in Asia, a civil servant, a servant to the people of the nation and yet he has 20 million plus THB invested in watches, not forgetting rings, homes, land etc... And to think that an the elderly individual, if lucky, may get a pension of possibly 600 THB per month. Paradise...
  3. How’s about they spend time devaluing the Bhat and coax more tourist in ... they are destroying thailand
  4. Let the property first... Power of eterny was done for free my my solicitor. It has to be specific for that property and property named in it.
  5. Canadian too :-). Was denied too at Don Muang but with a SETV. I crossed via Nong Khai/Laos without issue. If you choose Cambodia to come back then avoid Ayutthaya/Poipet at all cost.
  6. Oh I don't know about that. Everything we've seen so far (including sending the Thai Navy out there, dismantling the seastead and towing it to shore) indicates that the Thai authorities are taking this exceedingly seriously. They seem fully determined to apprehend this couple and throw the proverbial book at them.
  7. Yes I did say they were standard bulbs not LED or the new type. They don't get to hot as I have said several times, all my lights run of a dimer. Only used if I want a small amount of background light. Anything else and it's LED ceiling lights.
  8. You mean like people making up fictitious incomes for years when declaring their income on affidavits was also a 'loophole' and an acceptable practice? Or using corrupt agents to generate a fictitious 800k bank balance they haven't got was also an 'acceptable' loophole?????
  9. One thing that I have not seen mentioned is these people need to replenish their supplies and one would assume that would be done through Phuket so they are relying on entering Thailand on a regular basis. what are their expectations if they get sick, a tsunami comes or even a cyclone, are they wanting someone to save them in such occurrences. what about their waste both rubbish and the bodily functions what happens to that??? In the photos shown previously they are using a speed boat that looked about 6 meters in length anyway so I could not imagine they would be popping accross to the Andaman Island for their shopping runs!! and finally who in their right mind would want to live on a 6 meter structure in the middle of the ocean and what are the advantages really. i question this mans intentions, I think someone mentioned selling shares in a company that will not be around for long, a bit like the rise and subsequent fall of the bitcoin market
  10. The OP didn't say, but I would assume the old guy is a farang. Did the OP ever ask the guy who that sign was directed at or the guy's motivation? Maybe he's an American and just communicating to the US President. (joking)
  11. Nothing in the "For the People Act" would have allowed non-citizens to vote in federal elections.
  12. The money has already been made. Corrupt officials have swooped on the cash cows. Why did they lend to most vulnerable and corrupt countries? Ah, but the Chinese have security over their investment. Now China will make money. Blind Freddy saw this one coming.
  13. On a forum rammed full of xenophobes you should be happy !!
  14. He could very easily pay his way over the Thai Laos border with legit stamps for both countries. Small money. Law enforcement in Thailand is irrelevant for people with money. Cops give passports back to cop killers ie . RedBull punk.
  15. Let’s call a spade a spade here .. It’s wrong .. Couple of people wanting to live offshore and they are now persecuted for doing absolutely nothing ... There should be an international outcry if these guys are arrested
  16. 4 million baht? Seriously? You can't even buy a (decent) condo with that...
  17. Given there is 59,000 of them...it's clearly not a University degree. I would say some self-proclaimed crusty voodoo, juju, witchdoctor village man who uses incense, herbs and chanting to cure cancer and guess this weeks lottery.
  18. He would be wise to clear out of Thailand. Hopefully, he doesn't abandon his lady.
  19. warning! do not hire a house boat in LOS. You would think that the government would have better things to worry about than a couple having a laugh on a floating platform. This is Big Joke, not the man, but is a big joke and a disgrace to the mentality of those who control power. If you think of having a laugh or a joke beware and warned, that the consequences may result in you being given life in jail for playing tiddly winks in Thailand.
  20. I have the PSI it worked thank you
  21. I averaged out, many have more than 800,000 in the bank and spent millions buying a condo or wife home
  22. I have to admit that my main news source for Thailand is this forum, and I've found the headlines often to be sensationalized. Once one reads the actual item, then the toned-down truth comes out -- sort of like the National Enquirer I agree that smoking cannabis can deliver good therapeutically beneficial medicine in an ongoing format, and the scientists in the article admit that they don't profess to have found a definite cure for lung cancer, but the execution and promotion of this type of research is important, I think. There have been anecdotal instances of cancer being cured by the use of cannabinoids, with the development and use of RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) being one of the most widely publicized, and there are other cases that very strongly indicate that cannabis is a substance well worthy of investigating for a wide array of effective medicine.
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