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  2. Santisuk, Thanks for that. Yes, I have a 6 week old Angiogram and failed angioplasty from the states where the doc said "lets try meds" (Translation "you don't have insurance or cash, so no bypass for you") And all the tests, workups, etc I can pass along to the docs in Thailand The 800K to 1.3M figure is a LOT scarier than I had been hearing though, Looks like ill have to crank the begging even higher amongst family & friends..
  3. Or just let an inspection shop near you do it for a small fee. Bring the book and pick it up next day or so.
  4. Some images from the Motor show at BITEC today. Interesting to see that only 4 stands were busy; Nissan, MG, Honda Motorcycles, Kawasaki Motorcycles. All others were comparatively quiet. Tried using fill flash to reduce the dark shadows from the overhead spotlights. Fuji XF 18-135
  5. No, it is the other Grandview. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. You wil have to pay for the year you missed,just bring your book and that should be it. Do you need to get it safety checked first?Depends of the age of the bike. Dont forget,wear nice clothes and smile a lot. No worries.
  7. This was one of the article i read about removal of excess skin in Thailand Lesley Molony lost 64kg and had $12K worth of surgery to remove her excess skin Cosmeditour Arm Lift 105,000THB Thigh Lift 130,000THB Mummy Makeover – Breast Lift & Augmentation + Tummy Tuck 310,000THB Total: 545000THB Excluding accommodation, consultation, medications, flight, and other costs.
  8. Colinneil was not a tourist, was he? Thai wife. Tourists have no responsibility for TM30 reports and there has never been a report of immigration bothering them about such a report (unless perhaps they are residents using tourist visas), has there?
  9. Now that’s a fast u-turn from “I’m not gonna talk to anyone unless the backstop is being dropped”
  10. What they stated - as per above was actually incorrect and they gave a different account later in the video. Again, probably because of their lack of understanding of English. What is actually required (from a foreigner) is a copy of the registration page (house details) of the housemaster's tabien baan and a copy of the page showing the housemaster's name. You can actually fit both of those on to one scan. Then you need to include a scan of the main page of your passport and I've heard of some offices requiring a copy of the visa/extension for long stayers. Again, it should be possible to combine those all onto one scan - so two pages in total. One thing to be wary of in doing those scans is the 1mb total upload limit. One thing I'm unsure of - Korat Immigration did mine for me, is if, in refering to the Tabien Baan (house registration), they mean the Tabien Baan for where you are staying or the Tabien Baan for where the housemaster lives. I had copies of both with me and I'm not sure which one they used.
  11. Far too much political correctness in UK. Too many bleeding hearts who are more concerned about immigrants than their own people. I'll stop there.
  12. Your computer definitely can handle the content. 25 Mbps is plenty IF that speed is measured to the location where the servers are, and there are no servers in Thailand. If you use the speed test from the provider or ookla you are testing to Thailand servers. This link test to Europe. Make sure you see London GB at the top of the page, otherwise click on it and change it to London. https://testmy.net/mirror?testServer=uk That said, there are plenty of threads about Hdprime, which will explain why you content buffers, and no they are NOT legal. There is no way that you can watch Sky sports legally in Thailand
  13. Say you can.t access money for 24 months.
  14. @lonelysolonely - 1 - Are you aware of Yan Hee hospital in Bangkok? Famous for all kinds of cosmetic surgery. Others on this forum may have personal experience. There are other hospitals offering cosmetic surgery, but Yan Hee is well-known. 2 - Asking for a place to stay suggests you may not be in Thailand. If so, most private hospitals here have an "international" desk with English-speaking staff who can advise you about accommodation nearby.
  15. https://www.cdg.co.th/website/en/about-cdg/affiliates-of-cdg/cdg-systems-ltd/ Perhaps you should contact the CEO of CDG. https://www.cdg.co.th/website/en/about-2/ Handsome man eh? His company designed this mess. https://www.cdg.co.th/website/en/solutions/application-services/administration-database-management-analytics-solutions/ Maybe if everyone contacted CDG to let them know what a wonderful app they created, you might see some movement.
  16. Sit it out. Bail has been paid. The ex boyfriend trumped up the bail initialy, the child is his. He,s declaring she had nothing to do with it. She has a father. You have been around for 3 months. Let them all deal with it. Stay out of it. If she cares she,ll still be there at the end if it. If not you were being used .
  17. He has to pay before doing the application and it could still be denied and there would be no redund
  18. And what did that have to do with my post, that just explained that all that has been done against the rules just made them harder?
  19. Totally agree, the more people involved and the higher up the totem pole it goes the more expensive it becomes, no doubt.
  20. You seem to be correct, I have speed test master pro, I should be getting 100/30, just checked it and it recorded a speed of 250/150. Checked it with check my net, it recorded 95/53, probably more like it, thanks for the advice.
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