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  2. Hmm,...At this point they have to move carefully,...the owner might be connected !!!!
  3. The fact that something like two-thirds of the tested drinking water vendors were found to be non-hygienic SHOULD have been the headline and news of the article. But this being Thailand, it instead was the claim that they found no bacteria contamination (which, considering the number of sources they claim to have sampled, I'd consider more than a bit dubious to have found NONE). I'd think the general public concern ought to be, and most likely is, whether the water they buy from these sources is clean and suitable for drinking, which the authorities found it often was not. The reality here is, the real news often isn't what's in the headline or the main claim of articles, but more in the details buried far below or even the things that are missing from the reports.
  4. Different IOs have different interpretation of "rules" even in the same office.
  5. Why would you check if carms has been on here ? and haven't you got anything better to do ? anyway always had you down as a stalker amongst other things
  6. Everything you say totally logical and makes sense, however my hotel is surrounded by another 3,we are all in different categories, One caters to Russian and Indian groups, empty Another one caters to middle eastern and upscale indian market, also empty. A cheap guesthouse, empty I am 3 star, cater to all, no contracts with any particular group, empty By empty, i mean very quite, not even 50% occupancy We are all on good terms and all in agreement, past 12 months has been least busy in a decade
  7. Yes. Yes. Inasmuch as accepted as ID for a vehicle purchase... but so was the yellow book, Thai DL and passport. Used it at domestic flight check-in and boarding once just to see if it worked. Denied once at an out of province bank (where I did have an account!), never tried it anywhere else. I am happy to pay farang price at parks, etc.. Since the OP hasn't suggested giving the almost essential information about which Amphur it was obtained including his own, then the when, where and how I got mine is largely irrelevant. But it was in Meuang Udon Thani. ...and YMMV.
  8. I apologize. I was only speaking hypothetically. I wasn't trolling you, I was giving hypothetical advice if some westerner found themselves running short or out of money in Thailand. I should have used different words. Most of my money is also kept at a brokerage in another country. I only keep about 50 grand in Thailand at any one time. Of course my Thai bank account is electronically linked to my non-Thai bank accounts and in 3 days I can transfer funds should i have an unforeseen complication.
  9. Chinese buy luxury goods overseas mainly to fly under the radar of their authorities. They don’t want their names to be flagged out in the purchases.
  10. Please read the translation (which I just now added) above below the image of the reverse clauses. legitimate foreigners are not restricted.
  11. The problem with Sturgeon and her loony fringe was there before Brexit. They hoped to use Brexit to persuade more people to their way of thinking. First their leader pretended she could veto Brexit; then she nipped over to the EU, where President Tusk refused to meet her and President Juncker told her politely and firmly that Scotland will leave the EU when the UK does and that any future independent Scotland could apply to join like any EU country can. But would have to meet all criteria; no back door, no exceptions to the rules. Despite this she came back pretending she'd had the "nods and winks" and it would be easy- peasy. The SNP grew voters because Scotland doesn't vote Conservative or Liberal in big numbers and became brassed off with the ineffectual numpties in the Labor party. Also has Corbyn is now trying to do, Sturgeon makes many many promises to younger less cynical, less experentially knowledge voters. She even proposed trying to lower the voting age in Scotland to 16! Anything to win - and lord help Scotland if she ever did.
  12. They need some innovative ideas regarding money-laundering!
  13. according to your link "Until the full text of the Mueller report is released — and possibly not even then, depending on what it includes — we won’t know which of the three elements of obstruction, if any, would have been provable". March 25 The report's conclusion, No collution,no obstruction
  14. I would comply with the national rules. Season at 800K for three months after and then 400K until the beginning of the next pre seasoning period. I would add one month to those pre seasoning rules as well as some offices are already incorrectly applying it (so three months before instead of two). Yes, be defensive in this perilous environment.
  15. Depreciation in Thailand ? they still sell 30 year old M-B bangers for over 400,000 baht. Its a face thing. Similar to stupid.
  16. I'd like to know if there are any Phuket forum fellow members who purchased 'VIP Kata' condo, so that we can get together for chit-chat and share info about finalizing the deal and other common themes (upcoming units registration with Land Dep. , etc...) I know this is a long shot (considering that most of buyers are Chinese and Russians), I visited Facebook page and PM'd people who liked and commented (assumed some of them are buyers), but no reply yet... I guess most of the buyers don't speak English. I purchased freehold condo in 2016 when construction started (got earlybird deal 8% return and 40 days usage a year, instead of 7% and 30 days), then construction delayed (and I delayed my payments even more), finally they finished last autumn, but still didn't register the units with LD, last month they said "end of April" - which is why I came from HK now... but now they say "mid-May" (meaning I'm screwed as my extension ends May/1 and my passport is full, so I'll not be able to do it myself... damn). I already used 20 days free high-season stay in February, all looks good (condo is re-branded as 'Grand Kata VIP' hotel now), just hope to know more about final purchase stages, registration process, rental program agreement, blue house book, yellow house book, and all others dos and dont's... I live in HK (visiting Phuket few months a year), so I'm not familiar with these things at all... Maybe I'll need to start separated thread in search for some reliable local expert (or lawyer) who would guide me through all this. Thanks in advance for all helpful inputs! Cheers, Alex
  17. Renewed my ext today. When I asked about the new only 400k withdrawal requirement at my local immigration, the Im officer told me they haven’t been issued any orders to change the 800k requirement, so she said I can take all my money out of the account until next years renewal. I’m already itching to take it all out and put it back into my 4% interest account, but nervous about shooting myself in the foot. They can easily deny telling me I can take it all out at later 90 day report date etc! What would you do?
  18. Really...i don't understand what we still doing in this country..?! Been here 20 years got a daughter brought in this land millions and millions bath...and still be treated less then dogs. Wake up guys...have some pride...
  19. I would have thought that the construction company just follows the design specs. If it was not designed/engineered properly don't blame the construction company. On the other hand, if the size of the sewer drains were downsized to skim money, that would be their fault. Not really sure. Just send down an inspector.
  20. What Law, can you find it, copy it, post it, quote it ?????? There is no law !!!!! Its not my opinion, its what the boss of Pattaya City hall told me when the card was issued. The same pink ID is issued to Permanent Residents, western long-stay expats and stateless people. I didnt say stateless people can get PR. Here is a direct quote "a 'Pink ID Card' restricts non Thai nationals from traveling out of the province to where the Pink Card was issued. That is the law."
  21. Would he get a single entry non O visa, without showing any financials, anywhere else? He is based in Phuket. Perhaps Penang would be simpler to get to.
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