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  2. It makes me laugh when people post that he should come back and face the music, do a few years in jail etc etc. If he came back and was put in jail he would be dead inside 24 hours.
  3. It's Thai logic though, if he hadn't been there, outside Thai waters, then none of this would have happened. I wonder where the sick buffalo will fit in to this story. Brigante7.
  4. In that case............you're stuffed. Move out and find a place where the land-lord is present, or, threaten the present land-lord that you will have to move out if you don't get his ID and Tabien Bahn.
  5. Just call Lazada and tell them you no longer want the item. They will have it returned to the warehouse and process your refund.
  6. Well done Rangsit! Well done Thailand!
  7. Ten pages on I didn't get a yogurt spoon from 7. TV, the hub of valuable info?
  8. He was in international waters,how does that threaten Thailand until they dragged the home into thai waters
  9. Cannot - The landlord promised to give me a copy of his ID card and tabian bahn, but didn't do this before he went back to Bangkok. Despite daily calls to request these, he's failed to provide them to me.
  10. Regarding copies of Tabien Baan; Are signed copies my wife's Tabien Baan sufficient? I live with her in Thailand, but am not listed in her Tabien Baan as a resident, just her. Thanks!
  11. Floating homes looks interesting if they can withstand the waves etc. But on the other hand I shudder to think what would happen to the ocean if this idea caught on with Thai's considering how they treat land trash dumping wise etc
  12. Fill out a TM28 instead. This form is for aliens to self register. Take the paperwork you have. This is the form I use. Apart from the usual passport details, I take along copies of:- Lease agreement. Owner's ID. Tabien Bahn. Hand-drawn map. Photo of me in front of house with address number visible. Never had a problem.
  13. Unfortunately, regardless of location, much of the water humans use is wasted. People brush their teeth with the tap running , take a shower with the water constantly running. Flushing toilets that use too much water per flush ...the list is endless. It's only when its not ' on tap ' and costs a lot of money that people start thinking about using it more carefully. That scenario is going to be a lot more frequent in future.
  14. We all have our moments but my question for him is why does he live here?
  15. If you mean giving people currently ineligible to vote the right to vote you are on to something. For me I prefer the people that vote in my country to be citizens and not in prison.
  16. You should go out and play with the bar girls. Maybe you will notice how much fun they can be.
  17. Nobody's "stroking" anger. They're stroking Trump.
  18. Do they simply forget that it was them that stopped you registering !! Unbelievable... I thought it was the landlords responsibility to register you as staying there ? Having never bothered with a TM.30, I really don't understand the ins and out of it all
  19. Why did you decide to marry her? Why do you want to stay with her? Who wants an easily irritable, always moody wife? Or is she rich and that attracted you? That would be like those guys with the bar girls when the young and pretty girl accepts his behavior because he is (relative) rich. Just in this case you play the role of that money focused girl.
  20. Vietnam will have one year visas for countries other than the USA...
  21. Yes, it is the high standard of tourists that bring these types. Pattaya needs to downplay it's image.
  22. Is the statute of limitations running out on the other warrants? Speaking of statute of limitations, how long ago was this offence? And is there a statute of limitations on this type of offence?
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