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  2. And what a bunch of BS this is. Do Elton and his obscenely rich friends really think that donating money to a tree-planting outfit removes all the excessive CO2 generated by them flying around in their private jets. All that does is ease their consciences about all the unnecessary damage they're doing to the planet. Harry and Elton are singing a song of despair about how unfair it is that they're being criticized, but it doesn't seem they're getting much sympathy or understanding. What a pair of <deleted>!
  3. If you have an existing DTAC SIM registered previous to the 1st of March, keep it alive(by adding validity days at the rate of 2 baht per added month) even if you get a new one. Don't discard it.
  4. its psychological hes just showing macron whos the guvnor.
  5. 1) grab isn't cheaper 2) of course they need to pay taxes, like everyone else who earns money. What do you think how much taxes am average taxi driver pays here 2) licenses cost nothing, this isn't new york 3) normal taxis drive too on grab 4) if u have an accident in a red car or tuktuk ur brain gets prolly scattered all over the street, that's what happens. Lol what do u think happens if u hire a tuktuk and it crashes in a car? U win thr lottery? 5) what are you even talking about, people LOVE grab because they don't get ripped off, that's it 6) couldn't be bothered to hire a taxi at night, they don't want to drive one anyway in bangkok
  6. Yes, the OP is looking for a hilly place to live , Mae Hong Son and Khao Ko are a couple of places I’ve visited and found them both to be beautiful. But, obviously visiting and living there are two different things, the OP needs a short list first and then an extended stay in each before making any move.
  7. Its been pretty quiet / same same for me. Haven't notice any change. Regarding carrying the passport with you at all times...I was reading a somewhat official statement here on Thaivisa about 1 or 2 years ago ( maybe even in the lawyer section when that was still around? ) that you do not need to carry an original with you, but have a photocopy of the important pages with you and be able to show the original in a timely manner. I have all my info uploaded to the cloud and can access it whenever needed. Every single entry in my passport(s) ever since I have been in thailand. Haven't needed it for immigration so far, but came in handy when changing something with my bank account and didnt have my passport with me.
  8. Yes, that's right. I did it from the UK with the seasoned 800,000 baht in a UK bank, not a Thai one.
  9. There won't be enough to warrant them soon - maybe already! (Surprised they haven't been installed for Chinese and Indians!) Australians and New Zealanders may soon be able to use Automatic Gates at Suvarnabhumi INN News quoted the Wing Commander as saying that the airport was waiting to see if the new nationalities were "appropriate" for using the gates. I wonder what you have to do to be deemed "inappropriate"? Pee in the queue perhaps?
  10. No. I just scanned the photo as it was. I then had to upload it to the site that I've provided a link for on my very first post on page 1, after which I had to resize the file to 200KB as I think it was originally scanned at 1MB by default. When you come to send the photo with all your other documents, you'll need to supply the photo as a print. That means your standard passport size. Hence why I suggested going to a photo booth and getting a authenticated print. As it only costs £6 it's worth it.
  11. I got one on Wednesday too but as the previous poster said, be prepared and bring everything, including a bank statement, plane flight out booking within the 60 days and a receipt showing accommodation booking with address. If you have no street address you will be rejected. Look at attachment.
  12. A conspiracy troll post has been reported and removed.
  13. This is how the entire world operates so why on earth would Thailand do is this way? Thailand knows better of course.
  14. This is what it says . Financial evidence showing monthly income of not less than 65,000 THB (approx. £1,625) or having the current balance of 800,000 THB (approx. £20,000), e.g. bank statements, proof of earnings, for at least 1 month i went down the 65000 income route you i take it went down the 800,000 seasoned in a Thai bank I am doing this from the UK not from Thailand
  15. So why does it only cost an average of just £200 per year for NHS treatment in the UK but cost a fortune in private hospitals everywhere else??? After all, were always being told the NHS is a first class service.
  16. Based upon the comments of many expat Brexiteers here on TV, and even some Remainers, I can understand how you came to that conclusion. But I can assure you that these people do not represent the views of the majority, both Brexiteers and Remainers, here in the UK.
  17. For your SIM, you are eligible for the 3/6/12 month totally unlimited data allowance @ 1 Mbps. 600/1200/1800 baht respectively. Also totally unlimited 4 Mbps for three months(1284 baht) or 10 Mbps for three months(1926 baht) If you want the new offer, you will need a new SIM. In that case, max out the validity period of your existing SIM in order to keep it alive, whilst you take advantage of the offer on new SIM.
  18. I was referring to the so-called democratic voting of the EU Parliament, not the way in which MEPs are elected. The "Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe" (the European Union Constitution) failed to be passed unanimously in 2005, after France and the Netherlands rejected it. In 2009, the Lisbon Treaty, effectively a slight rehash of the European Constitution, passed after Ireland voted as they have to do (but not twice) but with the French and Dutch not being given another vote. So via the Lisbon Treaty, we already have an EU Constitution, much of which is enforced already. It may improve transparency but democracy? Not really. It will make it easier for the EU to follow its own path towards federalization and centralisation, without all those pesky vetoes getting in the way. Having a constitution also implies that a superstate is indeed the aim of the EU, which means that the UK would become less of a state and more of a province - this has been warned of for years - and this is probably the prime reason that most leavers want to leave. If the VAT rate on beer was 5% instead of 15%, then many of us would be happy and less hurt by stupid beer prices. And no, I am not saying that Boris will do this!
  19. Wrong is wrong and has <deleted> to do w/where anyone here comes from. But hey it's OK, go ahead and ride there. My wife loves taking pix of ya'll and getting the reward after you pay your fine.
  20. Never a dull moment in Thai politics, especially when the highest bidder rules - a bit like bee's around a honey pot.
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