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  2. Well, for starters, I had a watch face with a weather widget. Doesn't update unless paired with mobile phone. How useful is that?
  3. Actually Thai policies are NOT less expensive than international ones unless you opt for unrealistically liw levels of cover (i.e. less than a major hodpitaluzation will cost you) which is a rather pointless thing to do IMO. If you compare premiums for say 3 million baht cover Thai plans they are as much or more than many international companies. The health insurance market in Thailand is small since Thais have universal health care. As a result no economies of scale and available products are not very good deals. When quotes are not available beyond a certain age it means the company does not issue new policies beyond that age. It does not mean they will not continue to insure you. Any policy worth considering guarantees lifetime cover. Current oremium rat3s for older age bands can be gotten on request. And then there is the likelihood of having your premiums rsised based on claims history which western based indurers do not do. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. i ordered pension statement from my insurance company not long ago, besides stamp & signature it has all the contact info including phone that my embassy can call to verify before they issue pension certificate
  5. Last entry thro' Swampy I was given a fast track ticket and directed to what is actually quite well posted as the fast track lanes. The only thing that I noted apart from being stamped in in a few mins was that the IO was bit testy because I did not hand over the fast track ticket with my passport and he had to ask for it. In hindsight I guess there is some value attached other than the service.
  6. And this poster child of German education can't tell me he was not aware that his way of handling the case was illegal. Let him pay twice as much now to prevent time in jail, while the Thai beneficiaries of the deal make an offer to buy his property...
  7. How long until he is on his way back to Germany with no money, no houses? People need to smarten up and be careful.
  8. Before Songkran, it was reported here that there was a "TM30" desk set up at CW and they were refusing 30 day extensions to tourists who were staying in accmodations that had not reported their stay to immigration. It was also reported that there was a "TM30/TM28 raid" in the lobby of one of the Bangkok condos. About ten Immigration Officers were demanding to see passports with TM30s or TM28s. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1093609-tourist-visa-extension-denied-at-immigration-office-due-to-missing-tm30-slip/ https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1093484-thai-immigration-check-bangkok/
  9. Yep and the bus drops you at Ekamai a stone's throw from the BTS.
  10. Yes! their steady income is more than welcome, no matter where.
  11. My strategy too. However, at least in CM, they want to see also the passbook of the fixed deposit account - original and copy. Trivial.
  12. I take it you mean the two and three week millionaires.
  13. I had the same procedure in the same eye 10 years ago after waiting only 3 days and I lost 50 percent of my vision. By your prone positioning I assume your tear is in the critical macular area. Time is of the essence unless you want to lose 100 percent of your vision.
  14. My wife , who has decades of experience in the Thai government, has cleared up a mystery for me. I've noticed that, at least as reported on this site, there seem to be more problems with documentation for extension based on retirement with extension based on marriage. She points out that retirement extenson is delegated to provincial level, while marriage extension is handled at central level (that's why marriage documentation has to be sent to Bangkok). When the Thai govt. delegates something to provincial level, they really mean it -- provinical immigration authorities can interpret the rules as they see fit (ostensibly to tailor to local conditions ...). Central authorities will not overrule them. In several other cases of delegation to provincial level, similar problems have come up. When I switched from marriage extension to retirement several years back, The Chiang Mai immigration officer my wife talked to recommended using the 800K method, and said there were likely to be more inconsistencies and hang-ups with the income method. Seems like the IO was right.
  15. Exactly. You wasted a whole week, unbelievable! It is your eye, and if you want to lose it it's your decision. Not smart. You are under care of an eye doctor at Sirikit so follow their advice! In theory you can make an appointment with Dr Chairat in Phayathai 2 Hospital, he works tomorrow 17:00, call 1772. But I don't recommend to do this without first consulting your Dr at Sirikit.
  16. So it seems he's got two different places, a larger and a smaller one.... The larger one offered for $187 per night seems to be the name mentioned in the OP article here.... Best World Vision below on the right... Still, the locals were probably pissed that he was undercutting their prices for comparable offerings. https://www.airbnb.com/users/show/105303953 Hmmm...... have to wonder....
  17. An awful man pampering to a religious zealot base. The self same base who see no hypocrisy in supporting a twice divorced, serial womanizer who openly admits his affairs with porn stars and prostitutes and loves to 'grab 'em by the pussy'. They are all about protecting the child in the womb but couldn't give a rats arse once that same child makes it into the real world. The sooner he and his demented followers exit the scene the better for America.
  18. Right - just one bite of this and you'll never have any diseases, ever again.
  19. Consider the source of who exports it: http://news.agropages.com/News/NewsDetail---29196.htm Thailand's BFF trade partner.
  20. I will be passing the plate around on Sunday, believers please contribute and show your faith!
  21. I did a google search on the Daikin site and it came back with a pdf about the FTKZ (urusara) and that was from 2014/15 so good chance it has been discontinued. Give them a call at 1271 they can tell you.
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