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  2. Would he get a single entry non O visa, without showing any financials, anywhere else? He is based in Phuket. Perhaps Penang would be simpler to get to.
  3. The article was written by a westerner. It was his perspective, not the Thais. Which is why I don't understand why some of you are taking this so personal. The guy is just pointing out the demographics. It doesn't mean Thailand wants more Chinese, but it does suggest that Thailand will get more Chinese. In no way does it remotely say Thailand doesn't want westerners. But hey, spend your money elsewhere if you please. Just don't blame the Thais for your misinterpretation of the facts.
  4. RELOCATING TO VIETNAM FROM THAILAND: BEST OPTION FOR MOVING PERSONAL BELONGINGS (least costly shipping option and customs duty exposure: I am thinking of relocating but wonder what is the best way to move personal belongings. When I relocated to Thailand from USA, everything I brought fit into two military style duffle bags, plus my bicycle in a cardboard bike box. I think each duffle was 20kg Now, a year later, I'm guessing I would need 4 duffles, plus bike, and plus a boxed 32 inch computer monitor. Air Asia has a max baggage limit of 40kg, and I think excess weight charges are outrageous (more than the price of the ticket) So, Im wondering if anybody has experience at just buying a second ticket to get 40kg more of baggage allowance. Is that possible? My other concern is how customs works upon arrival. Should I anticipate getting hit with custom duties on my personal items (especially the computer monitor), and if so, what the rates might be? I'm confused on duties because I read that there was a big change last year that eliminated and/or reduced customs based on a new ASEAN trade agreement between Thailand and Vietnam, but I can't find any two sources that agree on this. Any advice or help on moving my personal belongings from Thailand to Vietnam would sure be appreciated.
  5. The itinerary for a typical Chinese tour is shorter but more packed with activities. The Chinese always try to get the most bang for their bucks. This was told to me by my many tourist guides. Chinese spent their holiday differently from the westerners. While westerners tend to just coop up in one place relaxing by the beach or pool ,taking leisure massages, hours of dining for the duration of their stay, the Chinese will just try to squeeze all sightseeing and shopping into as little time as possible. Ever saw any Chinese ( from china) lazing about the hotel pool wasting important time doing nothing? That would be a sacrilege to the chinese . remembered once vacationing at Novotel rayong beach resort. Many Europeans there spending their time each day in a standard routine. After morning breakfast, lounge by the beach chair or the pool until time for lunch with a massage or yoga session in between. Dinner also at the resort. I didn’t see them leaving on the bus to venture outside at all . Scandinavian tourists I presumed .i asked one of them how long they spent at the resort. He mentioned to me that they ,as a group, came directly to rayong Novotel ( klaeng area) resort from the airport. Also going back straight to airport from there. Not stopping by Bangkok either. 11 days all in. One hotel resort and all leisure. He asked me how long I was staying and I replied. Two days. And that include going sightseeing to Chanthaburi town more than an hour drive.
  6. Nah, no blacklist, only a few nights in jail then to court, then bail, and then wait if prosecutors will file a case. Saying that, because the arrest immigration does get notified and while getting a visa is not a problem, extending one is, as immigration wants a letter from the courts saying you all cleared, but courts can not provide this letter as prosecutors have not filed a case In the mean time, you stay in limbo and wait for unknown. Love thai legal system
  7. "Paying Bills " Many bills can be paid at a 7/eleven or via a bank teller or even ATM or at the service provider's office in a mall.. . water, electricity, Internet, TV, telephone (prepaid or post paid). If you're staying in a condo, water and electricity would most likely paid through the condo office or directly to the owner if you're renting Cash or plastic would probably be the methods used by most. I don't think I've seen any individual pay for anything by cheque. .
  8. It is an ID Card if used within the province it was issued in. Outside it's not worth..............
  9. As for supply, I have been told that there has been a supply shortage for quite a while, so I buy a pack, whenever I can find it. Usually in the Pharmacy near Thae Pae Gate (inside the gate) or up on Chiang Moi Road, near the Chinese Gate
  10. Says it is not a Thai citizen ID card witch is well established by pink!
  11. Oh! dear. Immigration won't be pleased at that, all the more work for them. Don't forget the 2000 Bt for the IOs "fuel money" when they come to visit you.
  12. Testoviron works. I have been on Testoviron, because my family doctor in Canada told me, that it is better than the stuff we have in Canada. I take it, because it calms me and makes feel about 20-30 years younger. I shoot one of those little ampules, twice a month and it works great. The only side effects that I have from it is, that my cholesterol is very high and my red blood cell count too high, but I can live with that ;-) Before I started testosterone therapy, my quality of life was way lower. I will take it, until the day I day and don't care if that day comes sooner because of it.
  13. He was indeed; but not before they stood around and watched. Which would go back to my original point in my original post of stopping traffic, etc "as soon as they could".
  14. Thanks for ur opinion. Let's see, i am sure some bullshit will come up sooner or later and thats why i don't have a share in that business at all... Just trying to help thai gf where i can to structure it all ok. Wouldn't be surprised if they blacklist people and void their visas for bs reasons like not having a hotel license for a single guesthouse... Too much risk for me. Sent from my LYA-L29 using Tapatalk
  15. You are correct. I recall police in BKK going around fining foreigners that weren't carrying their passports.
  16. Only Scotland isn't a sovereign nation, or member of the EU, or anything like what the nationalists like to pretend with their bluster and propaganda. Sturgeon, an egotistical president wannabee if there was one, likes to pretend she has the authority to do this, that and the other. She once claimed she could veto the UK leaving the EU! She knows very well she can't unilaterally decided to hold another referendum and implement the result as she sees fit without Westminster's approval. Otherwise she's committing treason (shame they abolished capital punishment for treason!). Any referendum that affects the whole UK must include all the people of the UK in it. The UK, a sovereign nation, cannot and will not be dictated to by small group of loudmouth fanatics in one area.
  17. Various reasons: Room nights not increased at the same rate as arrivals due to shorter average stays; Bigger hotels catering to package tours are booked out with Chinese and Russians but smaller hotels/guesthouses/hostels get very little of this market; Airbnb and similar operations are growing quickly.
  18. Looking at the photo, one can only hope this "White Power Supremacist" was denied any sperm bank donations.
  19. This humorous Video report by CNN is hilarious on Kim's train travel pomp and circumstance. I love the James Bond Oddjob comparison. https://edition.cnn.com/videos/politics/2019/04/24/kim-jong-un-polished-train-moos-pkg-ebof-vpx.cnn
  20. Strange that they should show a group of farangs, when they have just finished telling us that we are of no importance whatsoever !
  21. in a country where youth have HITLER or a swastika on their t-shirt ????
  22. Lol, the first one says it is not an ID card. I rest my case, whatever it was.
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