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  2. The buffalo is stick. Normally this Go Fund Me idea is not published on the internet. And it's not intended to get lots of small donations. Just a few big once from one or a few guys. And it still seems to work just fine.
  3. This so-called report has being doing the rounds for ages. It comes up as a viral ad on TV. It's a load of crap and the Prawit page appears to be a bit of a joke, purely focusing on his (dead friend's) watch collection. It's not exactly Forbes or The Sunday Times. TV should be careful as this link could be deemed fake news!
  4. sharia law has some good bits like hand chopping. Very few walking around with 2 chopped off which clearly shows its effective
  5. Water supply is not a priority for the military junta. High speed trains and other mega projects are.
  6. And many more Thai men think about and do have sexual encounters with ladyboys. It is not only foreigners... For Thai males, apparently, having sex with a ladyboy is a kind of 'right of passage' to becoming, and wait for it, a man! From boy to manhood...
  7. Ok, lets start with the obvious: There are bad kitchens out there. And from most of them there will never be a published video or photo. I don't know how much about the kitchen nightmare is wrong. It's some time ago that I saw it. But an obvious giveaway are always scenes with camera shots from a couple of different angles which are supposed to be random, like they just accidentally happened. BS! And if restaurants expect that a video is made about them, and they obviously agreed to that, would they leave all that crap in the fridges? I think that is hard to believe. And if some parts are staged that means for me it's staged. It's entertainment. But it's like any other entertainment: Some parts resemble real life, but others are just fantasy to make it fun to watch.
  8. Once again, western standards being inappropriately applied to Thailand, indeed to Asia as a whole. Actually, once again intelligence and reason being appropriately applied to an issue Thais largely ignore.
  9. The one I had several years ago looked just like that. It came with a Samsung washer, and I got new ones at the Samsung service center in Pattaya. I just brought in the old one and they knew what it was. Can't remember how much it cost, but it wasn't much. Oh, mine was plastic, not glass.
  10. Your list does not include commonwealth countries, which might prefer to side with the UK over the US... and whilst these may not be big financially , you should factor in strategic locations, as this might be more important come judgement day
  11. it was more interesting to hear on today's News, that another Tesla has frizzled; coincidently, also parked - the first Tesla to turn vulcan. that wasn't actually being driven at the time...
  12. Not really, my stopover is about 23 hours and few minutes so I need to stay in bangkok for about 19-20 hours before I get the next flight.
  13. All this nonsense about dressing smartly, in Jomtien it doesnt matter. As long as you dont wear a sleeveless T Shirt you are ok. I always wear a polo shirt, longish shorts just past the knee and clean trainers. I often laugh at some farang in their dress shirts and long trousers (pants for you Americans) and see them sweating their **se off. You get treated the same whatever you wear.
  14. Stay away from any kind of legal dispute with Big Power, i.e. those with money and/or influence. From personal experience I can tell you that honest lawyers may be threatened with career derailment, police will lose files and evidence or consign them to a bottom drawer and supporters and witnesses quickly lose enthusiasm and metaphorically run for the hills. This in an "open and shut" case of residential building mismanagement with multiple offences recorded by both the police and land office. It's not because foreigners are involved it's simply that the system is broken and you'll end up with nothing but sleepless nights, depleted pockets and a major worry that somehow your next visa extension won't run smoothly.
  15. Yeah, despite having been here many years, I can never really normalize myself with the constant lies I encounter and I'm continually on the look out for it.
  16. 8 movies that ruined real peoples' lives BY MATT CHAPMAN There are some movies that ruin actors' careers. Full Story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1096673-8-movies-that-ruined-real-peoples-lives/
  17. They're going to get him disqualified one way or another! I wonder if we'll see any Phalang Pratcharart candidates investigated for any reason?
  18. "How about reciprocity" You hit the nail on the head. I am amazed how many Thai's live in Florida, USA, own their own homes, restaurants, businesses. etc and in Thailand we get nothing.
  19. SEE IT: Water from rooftop pool falls 600 feet down Manila penthouse during Philippines earthquake Water from a rooftop pool was seen cascading 600 feet down a Manila skyscraper on Monday as a powerful earthquake ripped through the northern Philippines, damaging multiple buildings and causing at least 11 deaths. The dramatic footage captured the moment when water from an 82-foot-long lap pool and a children’s pool poured down the side of the Anchor Skysuites as the building swayed in the 6.1 earthquake. The video was shared online by The Manila Bulletin and credited to Michael Rivo. Read more here: https://www.foxnews.com/world/water-falls-600-feet-down-manila-skyscraper-during-philippines-earthquake-video
  20. Use your cable TV remote...bottom left button is "mute"...button just above mute is language select... Mine has 3 languages...Thai is on top...2nd from top is English (although I don't think it says English)...3rd another language... I'm doing this from memory while staying in a hotel away from home tonight...so I hope it helps!
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