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  2. I think I made it clear, I am not considering this for financial reasons.
  3. Please do not tell me that she knew nothing about the pot. She's in the house where it was found, of course is she now playing the innocent woman who needs help. How good do you know her after only three months? Please be honest to yourself.
  4. Bad sign that police can not enforce the law themselves. Next up will be 10.000 Baht for information about non TM30 reporting. Just wait ;-(
  5. Thanks for pointing that out. Mine's a 7 years old PCX! Do you guys think that I can get the private shop get the tax done once I get the test cert?
  6. Yep. I know a lot of westerners in CM. Pretty average to give around 10k Baht per month. Some give zero, but they cycle through a lot of girls, and are just cynical. The happiest guys I know are here, are: been here for years, speak Thai, tight with money, not lost in drink, and are either 1) married, have kids, run a business with their "puying tii dii." 2) single older guy, bounces around countries, usually a vet, saw combat and anything less is not something to stress over, retirement visas here in Thailand, and in the Phillipines, maybe a regular gik girl or two, but not serious.
  7. You seem to really have a chip on your shoulder about girls working in bars.would you rather see them slaves in rice fields trying to put food on the table with no help from the fathers of their children or the government.do you think most of these women are trying to better themselves in life.if they got the benefits of the western world most wouldn't be in a bar.
  8. Where does your girlfriend live? In general, you are talking about Thailand where things are different. I can only advise you of the position if your girlfriend was in the UK - which may give you an indication of how to proceed but not 'tablets of stone'. In the UK the police would only prosecute the girl if there was clear evidence that she was involved. If there is little evidence, she may initially be charged but that is simply scare tactics and the charges are usually dropped later. If there is very little or only circumstancial evidence of her involvment, that, in conjunction with the boyfriend's statement that she is not involved would be enough to convince the CPS that there is no interest in proceeding. You may need to do a little detective work - I don't think there is such a thing as 'disclosure' in Thailand, that's where the prosecution has to show their evidence to the defence. You need to establish what exactly the evidence against her is if you are to refute it. You need to do everything you can to prevent your girlfriend from going before a court. If you can't stop that, then you need a good lawyer that is not going to simply roll over. Perhaps the most important advice here is to first of all, make sure you are not being scammed.
  9. You can only do this at 7/11 if the bike isn't 5 years old yet. So if you need to get the bike checked you can't pay the tax in 7/11
  10. Yeah if I want a conversation with a woman Ill talk on WeChat to my Masters Degree soon to be Phd daughter. Then after 5 minutes I give up and go back to Fox news, hockey, football, my photography or weed.
  11. I'll give it a try tomorrow at these private shops as I think I saw the cogwheel logo down a few kms away. Once I have the test certificate, I will try the 7-11 with my partner to get it done. Hopefully, everything will be alright! Cheers guys and thank you very much appreciate your help!
  12. its the remainers that are making people suffer,if they,d have accepted a democratic vote 3 years ago we,d have been well on the way to recovery "we want a deal" the eu are sitting back laughing at the uk,and won,t give us sweet fa until we leave,
  13. Good luck to you. And you are willfully getting involved in this situation. Some people learn the hard way.
  14. This is an old story now repeating again in the forum. Must face trial and clear himself. Just recently Navy guy got away with his war crimes in Iraq under misconduct as he was tried in USA. Same like Simpson got away due to famous gloves cant fit his hands and political reasons. So were they better courts, maybe or maybe not.
  15. Doable but kind of a detour. First go to inspection shop to get cert. and then handle the rest at 7/11. Just let the inspection shop do the work. I haven't visited a DLT office for this purpose since 8 years. (only went there for driving license stuff)
  16. For me, what the strange thing really is, that despite the 1 year stamp expired, 1. being an elite Visa...no Elite service is offered to even as courtesy a reminder email or SMS prior expiration a few days ( my airline just have sent an email note that 2 days from now I have a flight!! And that flight cost lot less than elite Visa!) 2. After expiration, and given the almighty TM-30 and national security at highest risk, no one bothered 40+ days to see where this ppl are, alive or dead...not immigration, not local police...so much about the crucial importance of this TM-30 story, apart from causing inconveniences to expats.
  17. Mybe not BS from the OP, smells more like a scam cooked up by the "ex" and "his" girl with every post. Just a variation on the sick buffalo. I would want cast iron evidence that she has been charged and is genuinely on bail.
  18. Just pay the fine. Don't do it again, don't be a penny focker and don't waste your and others time unless you're really bored.
  19. You can also do it in 7-11. Need a Thai partner or friend for their Thai ID card, plus the Test Cert if over 5 years old, then pay for compulsory insurance, the 'fine' for non-taxed year (only around 100THB) plus tax for the next year. Or do what I do - tell the long haired one my bike needs taxing and testing, turn on TV and get a cold drink. The rest is automatic.
  20. The will of the people in 2016 or the will of the people now? I agree with you about parliament but it is only now that people can see the consequences of what Brexit actually means. A general election appears to be the way forward so people can vote for the MP's who are on the same page as them today.
  21. money before health, at any cost! but thai farmers aren't alone
  22. Currently, it's still planning and saving stage so I feel it will be better to ask people that experienced before for their input. Unfortunately, during my journey of losing weight, i couldn't find a better-paid job and I spent lots of money on healthy foods and somehow is more expensive than unhealthy foods. So now my goal is to get more info on the surgery and work hard to pay for my surgery.
  23. This is not the first story of Italians being injured or killed in Thailand this year. I wonder if the stories are getting back to the press in Italy for publication to warn potential visitors. I think the other recent story was the truck that recklessly flipped over on a Italian couple on a motorcycle and killed them.
  24. Dont cheap out on the ticker, dude, its the only one you got.
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