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  2. "I so glad we were not on the Phoenix." "Me too. Where you want to go on vacation next year?" "Syria."
  3. Two documentaries about what he did in Scotland when he wanted to open a golf course made up my mind about Drumph. A poor resident who stood up to him was named Scot of the Year. The POTUS (piece of thoroughly unpleasant excrement) has lived up to the title of unhinged for decades. It's not a new development. Rooster
  4. Hundreds of innocent Palestinian boys are slaughtered by the Israelis military sadistic attack, it's quite easy to image someone who lost family such children, mother will retaliate. May all the victims of this Zionist madness for over 50 years rest in peace careless if they are Palestinians or Israelis, all victims of greeds and stupid wars!
  5. Not an issue well it never use to be but assuming all the thai whisky Official's have consumed since 1979! No guarantee
  6. Yes, similar experience. Kinda like the immigration office here, not many hassles and complaints. The point is that is inconsistent across the country or even between different offices - whereas it shouldn't be. I do feel, however that things were much better say 10 years back or so. Nowadays, it's alright for the regular mail, but if I need special delivery/parcels it's often off to the private competition. Not that these are too great themselves (and again, same thing - depends on location).
  7. I won't pay more than 30bht for a coffee. Coffee shops are an awful waste of money, I always think they are filled with bored people who think spending money is a way to fill their empty life. I guess if you have to live in a condo it's a way of getting out, but I have a nice house and garden, I'd rather have a cup of tea at the table in my front garden.
  8. What a load of cheap Charlie's..never ceazes to amaze me this place.
  9. You just make yourself look foolish by bandying words around like racist, misogynist etc. He's the first uncensored president and it takes a lot of getting used to, Believe me, a lot of what he says is what people are thinking but dare not say in public.
  10. No...no....didnt he say...its was Gods waiting cemetery or something like that ? His Mum used to live in a 2 bedroom old house there near the Railway Station
  11. Mods cannot be everywhere on the Forum and certainly not preview posts as you are suggesting. If you find something posted that contravenes Forum Rule, please use the report function to alert all online mods to the issue. From the Forum Rules: Any user who feels that a posted message is objectionable is encouraged to contact us immediately via the report function. We do have the ability to remove objectionable messages and will make every effort to do so if we determine that removal is necessary. Please use the report button only for posts in blatant violation of the forum rules. Misuse of the report button is not allowed. Removal is a manual process so please realize we may not be able to remove or edit particular messages immediately. Responding to objectionable messages is discouraged.
  12. Don't understand some sarcasm, don't you? I'm not talking on the phone while driving. This was just a suggestion.
  13. Bhumjai Thai has both poorest, richest MPs with Bt5,000 in cash, Bt4.67 billion in assets By The Nation Natee Ratchakitprakan The poorest and the richest MPs both belong to the Bhumjai Thai Party, according to an announcement by the National Anti-Corruption Commission. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1119487-bhumjai-thai-has-both-poorest-richest-mps-with-bt5000-in-cash-bt467-billion-in-assets/
  14. No not a "Scarcity" just so ridiculously expensive! Anywhere from $6,000 to 24,000 USD per year for foreign over 60!
  15. Hilarious comments, when Bolsonaro wanted amazon fires are very very serious and each country shall try to help!
  16. I'll give you some interest. Tell me what happened, I'd like to know.
  17. As far as countries in SE Asia that are easier to get into: when I went to Vietnam twice this year, I got a 3-month visa there in a matter of an hour or so, having made the application online already. The whole group of a couple dozen people, as I remember, were processed together at the airport. What's the big deal.? I could have gone through the process of applying for a TV to Thailand over there in Saigon but the thought of bank statements - not just my bank books from the U.S. - and proof of a reservation made at my favorite guest house in Chiang Mai .... it seemed like too much trouble. No trouble to get the 30-day exempt. in Chiang Mai and one extension and I had thought I could just bop over the border and apply for a new TV in Vientiane until I read these posts. Now I am hoping I can get away with a run to Tachileck and back the same day and slide in once more on a 30-day. Any advice? Should I make a plane reservation to fly out of LOS ahead of time? Have cash in hand ?
  18. Gad! I used to live quite close to Woy Woy... Or as Spike Milligan once said "Woy..sister city of Woy.."
  19. He'll be there for another 4 years. He's still pretty popular in the US
  20. Bhumjai Thai has both poorest, richest MPs with Bt5,000 in cash, Bt4.67 billion in assets By The Nation Natee Ratchakitprakan The poorest and the richest MPs both belong to the Bhumjai Thai Party, according to an announcement by the National Anti-Corruption Commission. The NACC on Thursday posted debt and asset statements of 414 MPs that were reported to the anti-graft body as required by the constitution. According to announcement by the NACC, 10 MPs informed the NACC that they have assets higher than Bt1 billion – nine are coalition MPs and one opposition MP. They are: 1) Natee Ratchakitprakan, Bhumjai Thai party-list MP and wife of Tourism and Sports Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakan. She informed the NACC that she has Bt4.674 billion in assets broken down as Bt71.597 billion of her own assets and Bt4.6 billion in assets belonging to her husband. The two have debts of Bt177 billion. 2) Bhumjai Thai party-list MP Anutin Charnvirakul, deputy prime minister and public health minister. He declared to the NACC that he has Bt4.248 billion of assets and debt of Bt50.255 billion. His assets include two planes worth Bt160 million and two boats worth Bt32.5 million. 3) Phalang Pracharat party-list MP Suriya Juangroongruangkit, industry minister. He announced he has assets worth Bt2.198 billion. 4) Democrat party-list MP Apichai Techa-ubol. He has assets worth Bt2.048 billion. 5) Phalang Pracharat party-list MP Nataphol Teepsuwan, education minister. He has Bt1.984 billion worth of assets. 6) Democrat party-list MP Khunying Kalaya Sophonpanich, deputy education minister. She has assets worth Bt1.784 billion. 7) Bhumjai Thai party-list MP Supamas Issaraphakdee. She has Bt1.6 billion worth of assets. Kittisak Kanasawat, Mahasarakham MP of opposition Pheu Thai Party. He has assets worth Bt1.529 billion. 9) Democrat party-list MP Korn Chatikavanij. He has assets worth Bt1.09 billion worth of assets. 10) Chart Pattana party-list MP Thewan Liptapanlop. He declared he has Bt1.03 billion worth of assets. Phisanu Polthee, Bhumjai Thai MP from Pathum Thani, declared that he has only Bt5,064 in his Kasikorn bank account as his only assets. He declared that he stays with his mother and he is borrowing a car from his friend to use. Another interesting declaration was made by Thammanas Phromphao, deputy agriculture minister and Phalang Prachrat’s MP for Phayao. He declared the assets of two wives and became the first political officer holder to declare assets of more than one wife. The new anti-graft law requires political office holders to declare assets of spouses with whom they have not registered marriage legally as well. Thammanas declared that he and two wives have assets worth Bt859 million and debt of Bt79.26 million. His own assets are Bt644.92 million worth, his first wife, Arisara Phromphao has B189.95 million worth of assets and his second wife, Thanaporn Sriwilart has assets worth Bt63.68 million. Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30375223 -- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2019-08-24 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  21. Didn't happen, just as it didn't come into force on July 1st as previously reported. More scaremonger reporting. We rely on TV for factual reporting on issues such as this. Please, no more scaremongering. If it did come into force, you would be tied into obtaining insurance from a small number of Thai Insurance companies. No prizes for guessing who has a vested interest in them. Would be prohibitively expensive.
  22. Forget what Spike Milligan said about Woy Woy now...but he said something
  23. Agree. Especially if the OP avatar 1948 is d.o.b then good age to return to home country if good medical care and services available.
  24. The USA does not want to build a wall to block tourists if I understood this blonde guy correctly.
  25. Yes, Tylenol just a brand name it seems
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