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  2. Currently, it's still planning and saving stage so I feel it will be better to ask people that experienced before for their input. Unfortunately, during my journey of losing weight, i couldn't find a better-paid job and I spent lots of money on healthy foods and somehow is more expensive than unhealthy foods. So now my goal is to get more info on the surgery and work hard to pay for my surgery.
  3. This is not the first story of Italians being injured or killed in Thailand this year. I wonder if the stories are getting back to the press in Italy for publication to warn potential visitors. I think the other recent story was the truck that recklessly flipped over on a Italian couple on a motorcycle and killed them.
  4. Dont cheap out on the ticker, dude, its the only one you got.
  5. "recieving financial support from the eu"? what a fraction of what we,d paid in?
  6. There's songs called 'gawt krang Sutai' = a final embrace (Burn Batumrat) 'gawt joop loop klam' = hug, kiss, grope (L Gohol)
  7. There is no IOS or Android app for TM30 reporting. The only app that exists is for 90 day reporting. Sent from my PH-1 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. Many still seem to be struggling with the difference between a visa and an extension of stay in the Thai context.
  9. are you so sure about that with the chemicals ? reliable extraction in thailand ? you sir win the day.
  10. Come to think of it that's a lot of fat offshore bank accounts.do they all get a gold watch for their service to the nation or do they all have nice watch collections already.
  11. No. The inspection workshops are licensed private shops. They show the "yellow cogwheel". You can be sure that one or more such shops are in the vicinity of the DLT office. To find one close to your home you would need to give addr. details.
  12. I am an Aussie... Aus Embassy in Bangkok told me on 2 visits that it could take 5 years + or more for my kids to get Australian Citizenship and a truck load of money for lawyers. Their Mother is Laos so after 3 years of battling with the Laos Govt I managed to get them Laos Passports so at least we have a bit of flexibility of travelling if we want. I got their Birth Certificates translated and stamped as Official Govt Translations and under the Personal Number box it is translated as "1.3 Nationality: Not acquire Thai Nationality" which I guess is the same as "Non Citizen". The information that I provided in my original comment was what I was told by the Ubon Amphur and Chiang Mai Immigration and confirmed by their School. Again, as with most things in Thailand, ask 10 people and get 10 different answers!?!?!
  13. I have been on tour buses in Italy. Drivers were always highly skilled and safe. People coming from western countries unfortunately think that the bus drivers in countries they visit are equally skilled. Riding a bus in Thailand can be a fatal mistake. Never trust your life to a Thai bus driver. Just not worth the risk.
  14. The immigration act article 38 says: The person who has to report, has to do this report within 24 hrs after the foreigner takes occupancy. That is all. As long as the same foreigner occupies the same place there is no need to report again. If the foreigner moves out and no longer occupies this living place, than he is to report again if he returnes and occupies the living place again. As long the foreigner not moves out of the place and the place is still occupied by this person he or she is not to register again. It does no matter if the foreigner is traveling inside or outside Thailand. There is absolutely nothing in the law that could lead to a point of view the foreigner has to be registered again.
  15. Will private message you again this December and arrange a drink or a meal on me... 555. Thanks mate.
  16. I think Easy Rider was the first movie I saw in 1970 when I came back from Vietnam. I went right out and bought a Harley. I'm not so sure he was a great actor but I sure enjoyed the roles he played in several movies. RIP Peter.
  17. They put me in a private room and the little lady too. Bed for her. Hourly obs. Pancreatitis and it had sent the heart out of whack. The nurse in charge was brilliant. Working 13 years in the UK. Suppose they made sure they were paid. Haha. 5 litres of iv stuff through me for 3 days.. Did the trick.
  18. Thanks. The first piece of advice answering my two simple questions. Now if I can just get a recommendation on a good lawyer with experience.
  19. Thanks for the reply jvs. It's 7 years now. So I guess that I have to bring it to a safety check, would you please be kind telling me where do I have to bring it? Would that be at the transportation department or some district office? Thanks!
  20. Notice the tag line. "I have every confidence we will achieve an agreement with the EU that works for Britain". Should also say "however if we can't and we end up being out with no deal or the EU not playing ball then you just have to suck it up live with a truly crap outcome". Because that is exactly where we are now and heaven forbid we had the opportunity to change our minds.
  21. Thanks ever so much for putting your leftist liberal political views in this thread about a loved actor dying. It's such a comfort to all.
  22. Also, anyone have any experience with Malaysia? I've heard good things, and potentially lower prices?
  23. Personally I think we should use whatsapp, that has the option of sending your location. Instead of imposing on friends, if staying at their place for blue books etc etc, it,s all in the hands of the expat. A single whatsapp to immigration with the location details, maybe even a photo of the room/condo/ house/ number. Soooo easy.
  24. Hi tgeezer . A few examples here .... none of which seem to make any sense! Example ~~~ วันนี้แอดพามาชมร้านขายของเล่นมือ2 ญี่ปุ่น ทางออกไปธวัชดินแดง เลยอ่างธวัชชัยไปหน่อยหนึ่งอยู่ซ้ายมือ รั้วเตี้ยๆสีดำ อาคารจะอยู่หลังที่เข้าไปไกลนิดหนึ่ง แนะนำไปตอนฝนไม่ตกนะครับ แอดไปขี้โคลนเต็มรถเลย555 ปล. คาร์ซีท น่าสนใจ ทุกวันนี้มีแต่อุ้มเด็กวางตัก เกิดอุบัติเหตุมา เด็กกระเด็นตกนอกรถ ถูกแพงก็หามาใช้กันครับ Today, add me to see the selling shop. Hand-Playing 2 Japan. The exit is going to cuddle pm. It's so red. Cuddle,. One is left. The fence is short and black. The building will be behind a little bit. Recommended to the episode. It's not raining. Let's add the mud to the whole car. Haha. PS. Carl is interesting. These days, there is only a I. There is an accident. The kid is falling out of the car. If you are expensive, let's find it. Example ~~~ #สุดช็อกใจ "มาเรียม" พะยูนน้อย จากทุกคนไปอย่างสงบแล้ว วันที่ ๑๗ สิงหาคม ๒๕๖๒ กรมทรัพยากรทางทะเลและชายฝั่ง ขอแจ้งข่าวร้ายว่า น้องมาเรียม ได้จากพวกเราไปแล้ว ทีมแพทย์พบว่าน้องมาเรียม หยุดหายใจ และไม่เจอชีพจร จึงรีบนำขึ้นจากน้ำรอบแรก กระตุ้นหายใจ พบมีการตอบสนอง ตายังตอบสนอง จึงเอาลงบ่อ จากนั้นตรวจชีพจรซ้ำ แต่ไม่เจอชีพจรอีก จึงฉีดยาช่วยชีวิต และเอาขึ้นจากบ่อรอบที่ ๒ จนกระทั่งเวลา ๐๐.๐๙ น. น้องได้จากพวกเราไปอย่างสงบแล้ว #มาเรียม #พะยูน #ใจหาย #สุดเศร้า #RIP #Shocking "come" little pha from everyone in peace. On 1, August 7, 2, the department of marine resources and the coast. I would like to inform the bad news that the sister has been able to get it from us. The Doctor's team found that the sister came to stop breathing and not. Found a pulse so I took it up from the water first round. The breathing was found. There was a response to the death of cuddle confused, so I took it down to the pond, then checked the pulse again, but I didn't find any pulse. So I took a shot and took it up from the pond round 2 UNTIL 0 0. 0 9 PM Brother has gone from us in peace. Example ~~~ ดังพลุแตก "จินตหรา พูลลาภ" ชวน หนูรัตน์และพิม นาคำไฮ แสดงเอ็มวี "สาวนานครพนม" Famous Fireworks. " Jin is " invite the rat cuddle and pim the show " girl na nakhon phanom " TBWG
  25. Apparently you don't believe the US. https://www.treasury.gov/press-center/press-releases/Pages/jl0144.aspx
  26. My ultimate source is the department of the treasury https://www.treasury.gov/press-center/press-releases/Pages/jl0144.aspx Name your source or sources
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