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  2. No Conspiracy, that pecker head there used to be amusing on the Jon Stewart Show....now he's just sad. Not long ago all the radical talking heads talked about all this hard evidence of Conspiracy. Now that's been debunked. With no evidence they found Trump guilty. Now what you got?
  3. well wonder does he have funds to repatriate his body back to USA?? Imagine being asked to be a pall bearer at the funeral
  4. I register everything in my wife's name using her ID card, it's just easier and better that way.
  5. Just a token gesture. Highly likely they only stopped and tested 20 drivers.
  6. The Trump cult will always support this narcissistic mafia bully. Trump supporters love his racism, his prejudices against various ethnic groups, his lack of intelligence and compassion, and his unprofessional Tweets. Their naivety helps them to believe his lies including that he was a “success businessman “( He inherited 413 million dollars from his corrupt father.) Trump cult members ignore that the imposter businessman’s company had filed bankruptcy six times!!! -Failed to pay many of his construction bills., and the following have been his failed business endeavors: Trump Steaks; Trump Bottle Water; CNJ football team; Trump Magazine; Trump Vodka; Trump Airline; Trump University. - But the MAGA cap owners will continue to believe this moron. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  7. eezergood

    Broken TV

    OK so I have a broken TV (LED screen is cracked) and have 2 questions..... Does anyone know of a place where I may get it fixed at a reasonable cost? Does anyone know of a place that may want to buy a very cheap TV with a cracked screen ? Thanks in advance
  8. I am currently doing Andaman with my Thai partner and had a lot of issues at immigration departure - After flicking through my passport for literally 5 minutes he asked what I was doing here, then started speaking to my partner in Thai and declined to speak English to me after I asked if he spoke English (ignored me) by that time I started to get frustrated and annoyed, and so was he. He also shown me a board stating requirements about flight tickets etc but I'm guessing that was only for a visa. He said tourist visa 10 times and stay here long time, finally said I can go this time - all of this wasn't said to me but my partner which ticked me off. My background is I'm on a 30 day extension of stay from a tourist visa started in late January, before that I was in the UK for 6 weeks. Prior to that I have been here for last 1.5 years on tourist visas and 2 yearly runs so he wasn't wrong. Typing on my phone so grammar is bad but thought I would let anyone know if they think about going that they might get some issues although I think this was stated by someone else too. I won't be doing it here again that's for sure. I probably could of handled the situation better, my attitude wasn't the best when it came to issues. Thanks for all info guys as usual.
  9. Yes, the poor whites who have been "shit on" by the blacks, Indians, Chinese and, lest we forget, the Mexicans!!
  10. Thailand is a place where there is a continual turnover of westerners. There will always be those moving on, but it is getting more unfriendly towards new arrivals while other places are opening up to them. So not difficult to see a slow decline in numbers here.
  11. What about arresting a few punters? after all you have the DNA
  12. We all know that the only reason the govt. endorsed a referendum is because they believed 'remain' would win, and the issue was tearing their party apart as voters moved to ukip. They got it very wrong, which is why they didn't even bother preparing for a 'leave' result - and they were the only people in a position to do so.
  13. golly gosh smack my hands till they bleed, or....nail me to a cross, it would be more fitting .
  14. there is a problem with long term punishment. when they find out how long it is it is too late. maybe more security is needed. maybe they can confront drunk people and let them know of the consequence. maybe.
  15. So does that mean ANOTHER redo election by the EC? The EC has the authority to suspend a party and/or party candidates if simply suspected of a criminal violation, ie., for months. But with the May coronation maybe looking at July for a redo election, albeit without New Economics Party candidates? It might be advisable (vis a vis NCPO advice?) for the EC to reject the allegation.
  16. More nonsense, what exactly is "spiritual" show the evidence for a "spirit", Numbers mean nothing doesnt matter if its billions or trillions "believing"
  17. The day I see Styrofoam or plastic food bags eliminated is the day I believe there's been a change in habits!
  18. This kind of felon is known among the bar girls as a 'Mang Da' .... (Which is the Thai word for those giant cockroaches.......) The Mang Da guys are attracted to Pattaya.... by the bar girls who make 'good money' and these guys leach off those girls and stay drunk, or otherwise 'high' off the girls earnings and will often beat the girls when they don't make enough money for his 'Habits'....... Pattaya and a few other places have an abundance of these girls (I don't want to use the 'P' word) who earn good money and the Mang Da can score on the target... and live a 'wild life' among 'his' peers...... The rest of the world have them too.... Other places they are called 'PIMPS'.........
  19. People warned to avoid out-door activities due to high temperatures Thailand’s Meteorological Department has warned people to avoid out-door activities due to the current high temperatures, which are forecast to exceed 43 degrees Celsius today in several northern provinces. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1095958-people-warned-to-avoid-out-door-activities-due-to-high-temperatures/
  20. As the old adage goes, "If you don't get it right the first time, try, try again!"
  21. People warned to avoid out-door activities due to high temperatures Thailand’s Meteorological Department has warned people to avoid out-door activities due to the current high temperatures, which are forecast to exceed 43 degrees Celsius today in several northern provinces. They are also advised to stay clear of big trees, poorly-erected structures or large billboards because of freak summer storms and strong winds caused by a low pressure cell over the northern part of the country. In Bangkok, the weathermen predict that temperatures today will vary from 37-40 degrees Celsius, with wind speeds of between 10-20Kph. Source: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/people-warned-to-avoid-out-door-activities-due-to-high-temperatures/  -- © Copyright Thai PBS 2019-04-19
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