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  2. “the people” disagree with you: they would have voted against it had they seen their wishes being ignored. That’s very much the way representative democracies work.
  3. So your a railroader against railways? Passenger rail exsist for the public good. They aren't money makers. Never really have been that's why they are usually gov owned or subsidized. This one will be connecting some major, world class cities so it will be as viable as most. As a retired railroader I can't wait to be an early passenger. Carman Pegman
  4. What bank would that be? And are there any special balance or other requirements to obtain that perk? Most U.S. banks and CUs do not offer even domestic wire transfers for free, and free international wires are even more rare.
  5. Royal Plaza Hotel 1993: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Collapse_of_the_Royal_Plaza_Hotel Photos: https://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/1520934/nakhon-ratchasima-hotel-collapse-remembered
  6. The Mueller investigated resulted in confiscations of money that amounted to more than that. It was a net positive financially, as well as resulting in many criminal convictions and indictments. Compare that to the recent Benghazi investigation which also took two years, had a net loss of $7 million, and found no criminal wrongdoing. Why do the democrats want to see Trump's tax returns? It's not just the democrats. In every poll shown which asks whether or not people want to see Trump's tax returns the majority of Americans have wanted to see them. Typically in the 55-60% range wish to see his tax returns and 25-27% don't care about it. Why do they want to see his tax returns? Well, for one he has bent over backwards to make Putin happy, all the while claiming he has no financial interests in Russia. Which we now know was a lie when he was telling it. While he was making that claim he was working to try to close a massive offer for a Trump Tower Moscow. His own son claimed that a disproportionate amount of money comes to them from Russia, and now they claim they have no interests. Not to mention other strange deals with other countries. The American people deserve to see where Trump's money and investments are coming from so it can be determined if he is putting his own financial gain ahead of the interest of the American people.
  7. My apology’s please replace mr muller with Comey and let the statement stand
  8. Hang on let me take some stuff and get out of the way. Ok, done, go ahead with the immigrant bashing.
  9. Berybert your a <deleted> or gullible tossa,they'll try to get as much out of him as possible like your boyfriend is getting out of you
  10. Bottom line imo the only reason Donald isent indicted on obstruction is because he is potus if you or I as a common man were in his shoes we would be in jail on a no bail warrant
  11. Tut tut, you ill educated insulters . Where is Grouse? a highly educated insulter,, run out of ink ? ..555
  12. The old ones used to have written on them "Non-Thai Identification card". There is a law that all aliens must have one. Nobody cares about this. I used my pink card today for getting a medical certificate. The only reason I got it was that the special branch police told me I needed it to apply for Thai citizenship, which is false. When renewing my driving license, they wouldn't accept it as proof of address. I find it rather offensive, microchips for foreigners will be next. It makes some illiterate expats feel integrated into Thai culture, good for them.
  13. Last week I sent money from USA bank to my FX account at BB via SWIFT and it arrived within hours. My bank mailed me a proof of payment showing me as sender and receiver with both USA and Thailand addresses. Best of all my bank does not charge me a wire transfer fee.
  14. With the new rules meaning the 800k must stay in the bank for 5-6 months and 400k remaining for the rest of the year, the monthly income option suddenly becomes more attractive to many posting on here. It will be interesting to see just how many people decide to keep the 800k in their pockets to spend as and when they wish and choose the monthly income option for their extension in the next year or so as the new rules and reality bed in. You regularly make these comments without showing any actual proof that this is true/accurate. Can you provide some genuine proof to back up your claims occasionally please??
  15. He's probably happy to stay inside a Thai prison for some time. Nothing for him back in Algeria.
  16. I have a friend ( retired in Pattaya 64yo) who thinks he may have HIV but wont get tested for that. He is gay and frequently is a customer of the many establishments in Pattaya. And has been for over 20 years and didnt have safe sex most times but this is the story. For a few months he has been getting intermittent infections eg eye infection , went on for a few weeks then coughs flu like symptoms etc He had a FBC blood test said he had showed me this 14.0 Leukocytes, presence of monocytes and neutrophilia ? now he told me that the doctor last year at a BKK Hospital told him not to worry if no symptoms at present, and in fact he had had A point score of 18 last year for his Leukocytes so its come down to 14.0 whatever that means but presence of moncytes and netrophilia or whaterit reads so this is the story, he has had flu lately coughing spluttering with the eye infection red eye etc, he goes to one of thise clinics in Pattaya this time not the BKK hospital as last year , but to a clinic and gets a blood test ( not for HIV) the blood test comes back a few days later he goes back to clinic he has 14.0 Leukocytes with presence of monocytes neutrophila etc, the young thai blood person then tells him. ( im not sure she was doctor or nurse or just a blood taker) she says you have leukemia and gives him the results , 14. Points Leukocytes he then goes out anxious and gets drunk and crying to me , i look up on the internet it doesn’t say 14 points is leukemia but i think he has hiv ??? mnocytes and netrophillia point to infectious means there is a infection in his body not leukemia, he says it was 18 points last year and the doctor at bkk hospital told him no symptoms dont worry and didnt mention leukemia or illness to him at all, apparently the doctor at BKK hospital told him it was just a passing infection so he hadnt worried about it for the last utoneuphila high but this silly lady at this clinic mentioned this to him that it’s leukemia! She whoever she was a blood taker maybe should nshe t say leukemia , but do u think he has a hiv Ilness , he wint get tested as he is embarrassed but niw thinks he has leukemia? and is thinking of suicide . I am thinking if its gone down to 18 points to 14 points even though he is sick with flu then he has hiv, he doesn’t look too bad, in fact he is obese !!! Well over 170kg i am trying to arrange a psychological treatment for him ( in pattaya)because he is that worried he has leukemia he is now eating more ( forcing hmself) in ready for his future chemotherapeutic treatment !!! Crazy stuff now eating cheeseburgers etc , i saud to him to get tested for HIV , I believe this is causing the infections, flu , eyes etc and thus is making the Leukocytes and monocytes high
  17. And in case you didn't see them (or chose to ignore them), here are the pictures. Situation dealt with. Look at all the bystanders, and to think someone on here thinks the cops should have started shooting!! Unbelievable.
  18. "So a sovereign state made a sovereign decision that was in its interests" Almost correct but not complete.... Ireland made a decision to have a second referendum that served the interests of its main political parties and the EU. The wishes of the people which were expressed in the first referendum were ignored. In your second paragraph, as in your first, you give more approbation to members rights and their interests over the rights and wishes of the electorate. That's not the way democracies work.
  19. No need to make eye contact. Just cross the road in a predictable way and nothing will happen to you. When I cross the road here in Pattaya I am really scared. But I never had this feeling in Vietnam since they are used to drive in such a way. I was always fascinated to watch crossings where no one stops and nothing happens. You can find videos on YouTube showing this.
  20. Seems very harsh... Does that mean that the Affirmation of Income letter from the Embassy is no longer accepted as proof of funds? What else were they harping on for? It seems the seasoned 800k or bank statement showing 65k mostly from overseas sources is widely accepted, but the Affirmation of Income is questioned and perhaps no longer accepted unless supported by other documentation...
  21. That video was taken just as the situation was starting to develop, right after he'd stopped his car and started waving things around. A couple of cops were there and one tried to approach him. Consider that nobody knew right then what was really going on. Look at photos from a couple of minutes later and the entire road was blocked off. I think the situation was handled very well to be honest. Road quickly closed, man arrested. No-one was hurt, no-one was shot. Of course the moment someone stopped their car in the street you (or the police in your Utopia) would have immediately cordoned off the area, got paramedics on stand by, warned people on Facebook to avoid the area, then disarmed him with a karate kick to the groin and taken the snakes to a zoo. Well done you.
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