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  2. IO will know nothing, but will make it as difficult as possible for person applying for extension. IO will interpret this law as he pleases, knowing there is no appeal, no recourse. They do this already, they are not our friends, guiding people through the process, trying to be helpful. Now they are given a new weapon, anyone who thinks they won't use it for the goodness of their heart is naive, or in denial.
  3. Another sleeping bus driver on Thai roads. No excuse. Life is too cheap in LOD. Hope the injured recover.
  4. how about buying foreign investment / securities via thai banks? i own shares in SHELL company, which pays 6.5% annual dividend. i saw that SCB offer offshore investment account, with quite god fees, and access to stock markets in many countries. does anyone know if those foreign trading accounts are allowed also for foreigners on retirement extention? and if other thai banks offer them? http://www.scbs.com/en/product/product-offshore/
  5. Farage calls this Not Brexit and in the forthcoming trade negotiations with the EU we would have to give up fishing rights and agree to regulatory alignment. He says it should be voted down. Come on where are our hard boys with their no deal nonsense. Where are they on this historic day when you have nearly got that Brexit that you so wanted.
  6. Ripper ! i used to make penis shaped wall clocks with balls and sold a few on patts addicts
  7. Thanks for reiterating my view written in clear text.
  8. There's shims for that. Trunk space is better on others if you need to carry stuff regularly. Best driver of your options IMO. Brought ours back from Phuket last year and I should have had it trailered. Good around town though.
  9. Yes it does. I just got my 2nd extension of stay in Bangkok on October 7th using the 800,000k method. There is also a monthly income method.
  10. I particularly like the way he wrote into it that it is the WTO definition that is to be used so as UK govt could not just say that it was in the UK Customs territory but actually use EU territory rules. In reality, if parliament agree the deal they would also approve the repeal of this bit I assume but it is a legal spanner they need to address or the deal could be deemed illegal. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. As a favor though, Trump would like Xi to approve more of Ivanka's trademark applications.
  12. Interesting that he knows that the gun used was his gun and that somehow he sold the gun used a long time ago????? Time travel proven or more Thai incredible excuses to explain away fault. I guess any excuse is better than none
  13. You should be aware of the school year here. Most classes end in March and start back up in May. It is difficult but not impossible to find a job in December to April. Some language centers might have openings anytime. Be careful and ask questions about the school and their policy. As Overherebc stated, some schools know what is needed and can process the paperwork rather quickly but others drag their feet. You might also have to leave the country to get your non-B depending on the school and their paperwork. Good luck
  14. What delicious irony how principled and noble is the saintly Mogg.
  15. Each year when you been going to immigration to renew your extension of stay you have been doing it based on retirement.....that is, getting a retirement extension of stay. You've been doing the same thing as me...I entered on an O-A Visa 11 years ago and each year since I have been renewing my extension of stay based on retirement. Although I have a Thai wife I've just been going the retirement extension of stay route due to simplicity although the income requirements are higher. Now if I wanted to, I could renew my annual extension of stay "based on marriage" instead of retirement if I desired. Whether the original visa was a Non-OA or Non-O makes no difference....you can do a marriage extension of stay on either. However for the purposes of "is insurance required or not" it could turn out that even with marriage extension of stay if your visa of Christmas past is an OA then insurance could be required because the underpinning old OA visa may be the factor that solely determines the insurance requirement. I say that because it seems numerous people have been told that when they contact their local immigration office that if you have a OA visa from Christmas past that you two options that are get a non-O or say goodbye to Thailand. Now it does "not" mention OA visa in the current marriage extension of stay police order area and I'm hoping it stays that way.
  16. An independent UK if the whole thing dosen,t disintegrate into farce thanks to Gina Miller and a minority mob who can,t recognise democracy.
  17. When are you going to put your Demon avatar back Alex,i don't recognise you anymore with the new one.
  18. Actually, I'm guessing here, there may be no consumer unit at all, just a lot of things wired directly from the meter all going through that 60 amp circuit breaker then to double pole switches that are being called circuit breakers like the 2 in the bottom picture. @ilikethai is there anything that looks remotely like this?
  19. I understand gourds are used in some cultures of minimum dress as penis sheaths. Thought you may be interested.
  20. The deal will pass through the EU but parliament will vote it down on Saturday .
  21. His name John Gerard Power. maybe TVF know him, or know if Ireland name, or Iceland name. RIP Mr. John
  22. No. It was more than that. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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