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  2. That theory is scary. Walking directly into the path of danger fully expecting that game of chicken [emoji215] will end in your favor. Since expats there are the same as here wich means zero insurance No thanks
  3. I doubt Buddhism had anything to do with this. If you search google you will see Catholics are much more well known for sex with children than the Buddhists. They are very well organized and appear to have a strong preference for the boys over the girls.
  4. I meant the fans....away support so bang on...loud and proud looked to me and as should be.
  5. That's not what the Mueller report said: 'Factoring into his decision not to weigh in on prosecution, Mueller wrote, was an opinion issued by the Office of Legal Counsel finding that “the indictment or criminal prosecution of a sitting President would impermissibly undermine the capacity of the executive branch to perform its constitutionally assigned functions” in violation of “the constitutional separation of powers.” “Because we determined not to make a traditional prosecutorial judgment, we did not draw ultimate conclusions about the President’s conduct,”' https://www.factcheck.org/2019/04/what-the-mueller-report-says-about-obstruction/ Regarding "no crimes identified", I've lost track of the number of indictments, guilty pleas, convictions and awaiting trials. When you add the number of Trump appointees forced to resign due to ethics issues, it becomes clear that Trump surrounds himself with criminals. I wonder why that is?
  6. I noticed my Thai Temp Drivers License had my Passport Number as the ID number for the license, but my new 5 year renewal license has the ID number from my Pink Card. Keep in mind that the Yellow Book also has the same number used on the Pink Card, at least in my case. My first "temporary" Thai driver's license had my passport number as ID. The following 5-year license had my Thai ID-number from my yellow house book. Next 5-year license had my passport number, even I used my yellow house book as proof of address. When changing passport one need to visit the Land Transport Office and get a new DL with the new passport number. I changed passport, and checked with the local Land Transport Office, I needed to update my DL. It seems like procedures for DL is quite similar nationwide, so I believe its a general demand.
  7. Once i stopped my motorbike on red light and just waited behind the white line for the traffic light to change to green. right besides me there was a policeman but i was not worried about him because what could go wrong. after few minutes i pulled the gas handle a bit; you know , a bit of vrrrooom vrrroooom (just a small bike). the policeman ordered me to pull aside and gave me a 500 baht fine for doing this sound. i insisted i did nothing wrong and refused to pay. he took my papers and told me i can get them only in the police station. in the police station an officer told me: "now you pay 1000 baht or go to jail". what can you do? there is no way to despute, no way to communicate, no judge, no arguments. since than i stopped riding bikes, public transport is the way to go.
  8. OP maybe you or your wife can contest it via email and see what they come up with..... I got one by Udon Airport yellow but red i Was midway the intersection... 500 baht until my wife’s Cousin argued with the police then it was 1000. The policeman told me next time tell your friend to shut his mouth....Oh well had to catch a flight
  9. The best part about these stories is people for some reason deduce it is different in their home countries. People get pulled over for doing nothing all the time in the US. The problem is, the ticket then goes on your record. You can go to court, which is a complete nightmare. You can pay it, then do traffic school. A virtual endless string of nightmares in the US... and here you are complaining about a 15 dollar, no strings attached stop.
  10. I'm lost here... How does Thailand legalizing marijuana for supposedly only medical purposes, and I thought that was supposed to include only when prescribed by a doctor or some other official source, suddenly somehow transform into permission for Thai private entrepreneurs to start producing, selling and exporting marijuana-laced sweets to the general public for recreational use???
  11. Having no reply doesn't keep you from replying, does it?
  12. On balance, I recently was stopped at a road check point on the road to NongKhai and the police noticed I had no road tax attached to my hired bike. He told me to go to the hire shop immediately to avoid a 200 Baht fine and waved me off, not all bad.
  13. Where things could get really sticky is if they start detaining people already in the country and deporting them for not being genuine tourists. The same justification as for denying some tourists entry could be used. Given the much more serious consequences, I could imagine many paying immigration off, and it becoming a real money spinner.
  14. I have no idea based on the article... The literal wording would suggest the girl finally reported this to police in 2017 at age 13... But that would make no sense, considering the guy claims he met her 10 years earlier in 2007. So despite the wording, what it probably means is the guy starting raping the girl when she was under age 13 sometime after 2007, and then that continued until sometime before 2017, when she finally reported it to police, after he had dumped her after getting his wife pregnant. The most unusual part of this sordid story for Thailand is that the guy actually stayed with his wife after her got her pregnant and instead dumped the younger woman. Normally, the more likely routine would have been to dump the pregnant wife and move on with the younger woman. And then, if he had chosen that route, he probably wouldn't have ended up in jail.
  15. it's the old style pensions, if anything, that are NOT EARNED even to such extent that they can be seen as "entitlements"... INCLUDING Social Security as such. we know we are running deficits. on the other hand, funds in a 401k or IRA were definitely "earned" in every sense of the word. not just based on promises by anyone. cash. and a distribution from an IRA or 401k is pension income. that we refer to them as "accounts" makes it sound like they are not pensions, but that kind of wording is for marketing purposes.... not anything that.... even in Thailand..... would be thrown out with the baby's bath water.
  16. The average figures probably include everyone (older people who have been drawing for 30+ years with much lower benefits and spouses who usually receive 1/2 of benefits). It would be nice to see what the average is for those who started in 2018 and for those that were working and not the spousal checks. If I started in Mar 2019 (age 62), my SS would have been $2,174 and if I wait until age 66, my SS will be $2,883 plus any COLA cost-of-living increases. So, I think the average for new working retirees are higher than the overall average of everyone (the older people and the spouses).
  17. Well, a chinese style surveillance is still not existing where I live. But I have to admit that this may be one of the "wet dreams" of european governments. Of course all for democracy to fight back international terrorism..... But at the moment China is #1 when it comes to surveillance. (But Thailand is trying very hard to catch up...... )
  18. I don't think you can do that. You need both passports for the check-in.
  19. I'm serious. When it comes to things being "worth it" it's all relative. Would have to agree I have no legal right to enter the country and it's at the discretion of immigration, especially in practice. However I also have a right to enter via any border I want, nothing illegal about that, nothing illegal about giving my passport to Thai immigration and then stamping it saying I can stay here. In the end what is right and what is legal doesn't matter that much, this is Thailand where everything is very very grey. It's not what's written as the rules so much as what will actually happen in practice.
  20. It's different where you come from hey? You aren't fooling anyone but yourself.
  21. Millions of Chinese have English as a compulsory subject from age 11-15 in Middle School and 15-18 in High school. Many are sent to private lessons by their parents from kindergarten age. However, as I explained to that Marcusaureli thingy bloke last night, they are only taught to pass exams. Oral English is only 5% of the grade so you can have an A++ English student who can't string a sentence together and has no idea of what you are saying beyond hello. We have students here who would float into the worlds top universities but they have to do an intensive at age 22 to get the English spoken standard that they need to get their Ed Visa, i.e IELTS 7.2.
  22. Those tankers can't be very big. A full-sized tanker can take 40,000 litres per trip.
  23. Correct! And more and more westeners will vote with their feet and say byebye Land of Scams. I dont think that the average Thai is smart enough to see that there's a colonisation going on. But its not the dangerous "farang" (the ones King Rama V. warned about), no, its the Chinese which are making Thailand slowly but very steadily more and more dependent on China...... I hope that I'll be lying at a nice, clean beach (so it can't be Thailand..... ) when the Thai finally realize whats going on. But its too late Kuhn Somchai...... Somm namm nah!
  24. fcku me and you have the neck to call project fear a pack of lies,the last time i read something like that above hitler invaded poland.
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