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  2. Yes absolutely.. Even my rather ravishing pathology vampire stated..'I am sorry but I do not like Thailand and prefer Bali." I said "okay". I know that your folk's situation is different but no Aussie that I have met has ever heard of TV-thus its "turf wars" would probably go unnoticed.
  3. How about solar panels for a cool roof concept? https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/news/1648284/energy-regulatory-commission-eyes-b40bn-from-solar-power-projects
  4. Whilst your post is a good illustration of the system here unfortunately as you say this will not happen. However, irrespective of reducing travel requirements, until something drastic is undertaken to ensure van drivers have the mental capacity to control their vehicle in a safe manner, ensure it is mechanically sound and aware that other Thai drivers are equally moronic in their driving attitudes lives will still be lost. And no nothing of any consequence will happen about that either.
  5. How many Thai expats will move there because the resident requirements are easy to met?
  6. I was indeed lucky that it wasn't one of those makeshift steel barrel structures.
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  8. hey I wouldn't knock them little plastic yogurt spoons...they are recyclable and can be used for a number of purposes, I like to use them in my jars (recycled mustard and green stuffed olive jars) of ground spices for spooning purposes... tutsi saves the earth on a daily basis...
  9. He not Chinese.. Chinese Good tourists. Maybe other country person. Just look Chinese..
  10. Just giving more people control over your fate. Life is difficult enough.
  11. Hope you are not teaching English!...LOL Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. Commit not to join NATO, recognize Crimea as Russian territory as it always has been in exchange for Russia leaving Eastern Ukraine. Compromise, Russia backs its allies until death do us part, just look at Assad. The West especially the US has allies of convenience that share common goals from time to time. Just look at Iran, once an ally when the despot Shah was in power, Saddam, friend, and foe, Gadaffy, the same. The West has used Ukraine to poke the Bear with the NATO carrot. The Bear will not allow it any more than the US would allow Russia to put nuclear missiles in Cuba.
  13. "this mortal coil"? The only moral coils this lot have are the springs in their watches.
  14. Kids wouldn't even notice the sign. Just like they don't see hookers or ladyboys in Pattaya. Being offended on behalf of your children is just a western excuse for people looking to cause trouble.
  15. The OP should check himself against 3-4 BP machines, then his own. Take an average of the readings on the machines that are not his. IMHO there are two issues with the BP readings. The first is what is called "white coat anxiety" when one is in an unfamiliar environment and feeling stressed. The second is instrument calibration. Many instruments here go uncalibrated for years, when they are supposed to be calibrated at least once/year. The only truly accurate measure of BP is a mercury-based sphygmanometer in the hands of an experienced practitioner. Research the medication for side effects. I doubt if a 5 mg dose will have much effect.
  16. It could come to something like that I suppose, although as you know I'm not a fan of Bale now, although I was when he was younger. As I have also said I think he is injury prone, and he's had his fair share of them, and it's going to be even harder for him coming back into the English game, because he's in a position where he will get clattered a few times. Some serious scouting is needed to pick up players who are just emerging or who are key players in average teams and who could play better with a setup like United's around them.
  17. It happened to me when I was 18 years old after many pubs and discos. Not too many people had a car and I'd promised to drive a lot of guys home. I could feel that i was tired, but I'd never have thought that I'd fall asleep behind the wheel. I had already dropped all off and "only" wanted to drive to my gf's house when it happened. Luckily, only my car was wrecked when I drove into someone's garden and took a part of his fence out. But I wasn't on duty, no pressure that I had to drive, but it still happened. I wasn't thinking that I could just fall asleep while driving, really weird. Some of these guys have no other choice than taking meth to stay awake, some have a 16 + hour day and there's no unit in these vans that could prove how long the driver was actually on the road. Would they say no, somebody else will replace him/her on the same day. The laws have to be changed and like so many other things in this country, it has to start at the top. The reality is that the politicians are as corrupt as fragg, have huge amounts of money, fake titles, but they've got the power. And that's money what's actually ruling this country. It's all about money, isn't it?
  18. Like I said, There are no crimes stop making up stories In that report there are no crimes stated ! For you to claim that is just your opinion The finding of the conclusion No collusion ,no obstruction (Barr and Rosenstein)
  19. You could try going to Poipet and paying one of the border guys, they do little services there such as taking your passport to Laos and back for you to save you the bother of walking through and queueing, they might also be able to help you with this one.
  20. The negative feedback since my holiday here has shocked me. Total lack of interest in Thailand and everyone at my local pub is asking me have I been to Cambodia or Vietnam.
  21. English teacher? Look at the last sentence.
  22. I can't think of any positive rumors that have been started on Thai Visa. I can think of a few negative ones though. There was the one about Farang couldn't marry Thai women. Didn't that start here? Maybe you can think of some positive ones but it seems to me there are only negative posts and people trying to disprove the false rumors. There's been a hundred posts lately about having to lock up your money in a Thai bank. Is that true? There has been 100 posts about Thai banks being insolvent and one not being able to take money out of Thailand - Is that true. I'd agree with you if there were any positive rumors started on Thai Visa but really I think it is only negative false information and people trying to correct it are labeled as Thai apologists.
  23. So let me get this straight. The people want money & you go in the bars to have a good gawk but not part with the customary drink for the girl that takes the time to speak to you. Oh dear the fun has disappeared completely. Good idea you leave. You won't be missed.
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