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  2. but mauritania hasnt signed trade deals with palastine,chile and the faroe islands,we will show them how great britain is,rule britania,bobby bulldog,mad dogs an englishman,god save the queen,no surrender,have it mauritania
  3. But it's not like that. As the article says, they have opened up a new fund in Dublin because their managers worry about being cut off from European investors post Brexit. This move was a direct result of Brexit, especially fears over the sort of hard Brexit Rees-Mogg claims to favour. If Rees-Mogg truly believes his claims about the type of post Brexit UK he wants then he should remove his money from this fund, maybe even this company completely, and invest it here in the UK. But he hasn't. So people who interpret things differently to you should not be allowed to vote? Very democratic of you!
  4. Nothing mysterious about it at all, except for those who want it to be. A soldier or soldiers with more social status killed him and now cannot be arrested. Unfortunately not unusual. Condolences for the family. BTW Hopkins got another top 10 recruit. Syracuse has to be thinking about what ifs.
  5. Highly unlikely . Try using Chinese websites backend and you will understand why I am saying it. i work with pretty much all OTA’s. Some are more complex than others . Ctrip, Chinese largest OTA is an absolute nightmare , extremely user unfriendly, bugged from top to bottom. It is so bad that I have limited my use of it to absolute minimum. Aliexpress is another example, half of the time it either glitches or bugs out when it comes to functionality. chinese are good at stealing and copying. Sadly not so good and making copies work as well as original look at all the copy phones, looks same, half the functions and falls apart within months of use.
  6. as i have stated they havent done anything wrong.they made money out of the move due to the fall in the pound,all above board just benefiting from brexit and the pound collapse,maybe you filled your boots at 52-53bt/pound before the vote but i doubt it as you were told it was project fear,not LAFFING now are you,farage,maoggers,BJ and co would be bothered about you
  7. Another day... another farce.... You just can't make this stuff up.... --Trump names Rex Tillerson as his secretary of state, then later ousts him. --Tillerson lately tells Congress that Putin was better prepared than Trump at their summit, which should come as no surprise to anyone in the world. --Trump responds today by tweeting that Tillerson is " 'dumb as a rock' and totally ill prepared and ill equipped to be Secretary of State..." Then, The Hill notes, the White House press secretary was on CNN shortly thereafter defending Trump... But.... "She did not directly answer, however, when asked why Trump nominated someone he has since derided as "dumb as a rock" and "ill equipped" for the job." https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/445171-trump-blasts-tillerson-after-he-told-lawmakers-putin-was-better
  8. Blissfully ignoring the part that she used an agency? Also ignoring the statistics that show 80% approval for a tourist visa?
  9. And the FM Don was allowed to stay on while the Court considered the share case which took over a year for the EC to bring to Court. Different strokes for different blokes?
  10. You should spend more time out of the clock...he doesn't live UK?
  11. Take a Xanax and relax. Too many guys worry about things that don’t matter. If you think Thailand wants to evict expats that have money you are paranoid. TM 30s are not a big deal. If you think Thailand wants to evict expats that are broke you are a realist. TM 30 and no money is a big deal everywhere in the world not just Thailand. Insert TM 30 for whatever you want to call it. No money no honey no anything. That is life and has been for centuries. Read some history books.
  12. These are the "packaged" expats that come for a few years max from other countries to execute some job that can't be locally sourced. Multinationals mostly, you need to be in one and up the corporate ladder before you can dream of being sent out with full package. And keep in mind that "package" is about 1/3-1/2 salary, with the rest being the other costs of sending someone abroad, like taxes, housing, insurance(s), driver with car (because a lot of expats aren't even allowed to drive), kid's int'l school, semi-annual family trips home, etc. It's still lucrative, but nearly not as much as the top line number sounds.
  13. You still don't get it. They haven't moved anything. Opening a new investment fund to sit alongside your other investment funds doesn't mean moving your business. If Costa Coffee open up a new branch in Lisbon will you say Costa have moved their business to Portugal? If this is how you interpret things I do hope you don't vote...
  14. correct,nobody is needed the bouncer thug who set the whole thing up will be in spoons now with a few hundred quid in his arse pocket,
  15. You don't sound like you are enjoying fatherhood. It's not about brand names it's about quality and a much lower cost the brands were just examples of the savings versus same brands in Thailand. I got some Adidas from UK after reading this too. Sportsdirect I think it said. £23 for 2 pairs I done not signed shipping from UK and it arrived in a week and my total spend was. £23 2 pairs £4.95 shipping to uk £14.25 untracked shipping to Los. £40 Here in Robinson's same trainers but made in China are 1600 baht.
  16. Ah c'mon Thai Visa. You can do better than this. Do you want to be Shanghaiist or Beijinger? Another Chinese snark site? Sorry they have all the money now, but really........ pathetic. Here's a tip, 'one poster on Weibo said he was disgusted....' Weibo has 7779m active members. Guardian tactics.
  17. Best phone without operating system or software updates and support after August . you obviously do have many clues
  18. Not side tracked Thailand is what it is, can't afford it LEAVE...
  19. just actually watched and listened to this,its clearly a set up,the give away is when the probable east end thug supposed reporter come's out with "<deleted> hell" during the interview,fake news iam afraid,but so easy to do with social media,for farage to be jumping on it with that language (which we cannot even use on here) is baffling,but shows him for what he is.
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