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  2. I've had very bad experiences with Phuket taxi drivers. Arrogant, unwelcoming, and dishonest. All about extorting the maximum amount of money. Of course this meeting is useless. They will just pretend to listen and everything will be forgotten the next day.
  3. Yes i agree, he was only protecting his money, however he was in his 50 when they met she was in her 20's, pretty much lost the best years of her life, when they split he shouldn't get it all, after 10 years of marriage i think a 50/50 is fair.
  4. Was this with a METV, SETV, or Visa-Exempt? What questions did they ask - or did they say anything about, "You stay in Thailand too much," ?? Did you tell them about your work-rotation (1 month here, one month there) , and what was their reaction? It could help - it is possible the IO saw the rejection-stamp in your passport, and that triggered him sending you to the senior IO. It is also in their computer-system, but we don't know if it would show up on the IO's screen, unless they looked for it. But, if you have an METV now, you would need to show that Visa page for your next entry, which would bring the old passport with the rejection-stamp into things. Since you now have an OK entry, after the rejection, I would think the old rejection-stamp would be less of an issue next time - assuming you are gone a full-month between leaving Thailand and returning, and enter with a Visa (not exempt).
  5. You could give SSA a new account number at Bangkok Bank and SSA would be fine with that....all they want to know is the bank's routing number and account number...and whether it's checking or savings. They do not ask if it's a special direct deposit account. However, Bangkok Bank would reject/place on-hold the payment if received to a regular savings account....send the pension a letter saying he needs to come in and open a direct deposit account within a few weeks or the funds would be sent back. Most likely it's a combination of US govt rules, type of payment system (i.e., ACH or IDD that uses SWIFT), and bank policy. I say type of payment system (i.e., ACH or IDD SWIFT) because late last year when IDD came to light I stumbled upon some SSA POMS (instructions) which talked different overpayment "recovery" rules (like when a pension is overpaid, dies but payment continue to flow to his account for months, etc) and the recovery rules were different based on whether ACH or IDD SWIFT was being used. Basically the ACH rules for recovery/recall were stricter on receiving banks than SWIFT. It was actually harder for SSA to recover funds when sent via IDD. This was also implied to me by a key HQ Bangkok Bank rep on this ACH IAT goatrope...and how when IDD goes operational the account restrictions should be less, but the rep was still waiting for more guidance from the gods. Philippines banks have the same policy as Bangkok Bank for US govt payments. For example, see below from the Philippines National Bank....same-same policy as Bangkok Bank. Now when going to their link below and opening up their signup form you'll see it's for payment via ACH. The Philippines has had IDD available since early/mid last year so I don't know if their IDD rules are the same...and maybe below applies to payment via ACH or IDD but their website only shows the ACH form versus also showing the IDD form. https://www.pnb.com.ph/index.php/deposit-accounts/direct-deposit-program
  6. There's so much irony about all these immigration changes. These changes are all supposed to be ensuring the financial wherewithall of the expats living here, in order to make sure we're all spending plenty of money and won't ever become wards of the state, right? That's what's behind making sure people really have 800K in the bank or 65K coming in, right? But those changes are likely inhibiting expat spending patterns more than anything. For one thing, the 800K on deposit for 5 months, 400K on deposit for the remaining 7 months, is impairing access to your own money. How is impairing access to your money going to do anything but impair your spending habits? The draconian TM-30 housemaster reporting requirement has made the expat community that we're seen as a criminal element which needs to be monitored 24 hours around the clock and sent a jolt of uncertainty through the expat community about how welcoming Thailand will be to expats going forward. Some people are going to start considering the possibility of an unplanned repatriation won't they? And what about rumors about possible future mandatory medical insurance or possible further hikes in the financial requirements for retirement and marriage visa? All this uncertainty has to be inhibiting expat spending patterns (cars, new appliances, home improvements, etc.) Any sensible person would have to be setting aside funds to prepare for these potential eventualities, wouldn't they? And for anyone who is managing to skirt these new requirements by hook or crook, of course this is going to cost them more money, and likely crimp their disposable income to boot. So if immigration thinks they're driving out all the Cheap Charlies, maybe they're right. But guess what? For every Cheap Charlie they've driven out, they've probably created ten Frugal Freddies in the process! Not too smart, gents! And another thing that the tourism/immigration department doesn't yet realize is that a big part of Thailand's appeal as a TOURISM destination, was the selling of the dream - slash - fantasy of a retirement swinging in a hammock under a palm tree beside a loving Thai wife, and if word gets around - as it already undoubtably has - that Thailand's government is actively making that dream less obtainable, that's gonna have a long-term ripple effect on Western tourism. And as much as I hate to admit it, Western tourism does lend a certain caché to a country's global tourism appeal. Put in simple terms, people don't travel as much to places which have become less in vogue with Western tourists. It is also my opinion, that contrary to the endlessly upbeat reports from TAT about neverending increases in tourist arrivals, Thailand's relative appeal in global tourism is very vulnerable to climate change as well as the next inevitable global economic downturn. It's my prediction that Thailand will very soon be regretting how they have treated its expat community.
  7. The criteria is to have a monthly income of at least 65K, not 65K less tax. A fact born out now by having to transfer at least 65K every month and not your 65K income less tax. It is not stated as net income anywhere in the rules, but it’s implied. As embassy letters did not have to specify net or gross income someone with a gross income of 65K could claim that as their income. That is a loophole.
  8. Why did Pogba show a different side and leadership qualities for France during the World Cup but is overlooked as Captain by someone who I think most can agree is past it at top level? Do you think he will be content to not be in the Champions League or he /his agent will start their antics again ?
  9. Why do you persist in your lies? Are you an operative of the Democratic party or are you a journalist then? 15 seconds. Tell the truth.
  10. Not much of a choice for them now is it? What are they going to do, continue to defend the minions who concocted this farce?
  11. An off topic baiting post and the off topic replies have been removed.
  12. If you are a U.S. citizen married to a Thai national but that wife doesn't have a green card and you want to make a short visit home, how to get a short-term visa?
  13. There is no such thing as an O-A visa extension. IF you reach the point where an extension is required , it would be an extension of stay based on retirement. Visas are not extended and the extension you would get is not a visa.
  14. Never would have believed it.Home of the thai stick.In the early 70’s I would buy 30 thai sticks for 150 baht.baht was 5 cents at the time.How things have changed.If Thailand follows the U.S. it might be completely legal in 5-10 years.
  15. What if you are a U.S. citizen in Thailand on a marriage visa (married to a Thai national) and get income from a business owned and located in the U.S.? If you pay Thai taxes would you be dinged for not having a work permit? You can get a work permit on that type of visa. However, the business in this question is an individual/contractor business (doesn't employ 4 Thai people) and so no work permit can be generated with it to allow work in Thailand. Note also that the business is not something that would be seen as competing with Thai employment (that is, the business operates only in the U.S. and provides service that a Thai person could not provide).
  16. Ok with Mourinho you were bad. Ole took over and had a good run, with some fortune, now they look like the old team Jose had again (your mate chip butty and the other flyby nighters swift exit is testament to this). It's not the manager/s it's the team. You have a sniff at top 4 because Chelsea and Spurs have a had some bad results of late, losing 19 matches between them in total.
  17. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=hypocritic+oaf http://lmgtfy.com/?q=Hippocratic+Oath
  18. How much is the tax on Aussie wine and how much is the tax on American wine?
  19. Indeed, no one knew there was an issue ... and now for some it’s the issue of their lifetime. I can understand some people’s issue with immigration, whilst I don’t personally view it as a problem, but don’t believe that leaving the EU will solve the issue, as people will still be arriving. Indeed, some Indian restaurant owners voted Brexit because they thought they’d be able to get more workers from India ... it didn’t seem to dawn on them that those with an issue would have had an even greater issue with that? I can’t for the life of me understand what benefit anyone will get, other than psychological, an imaginary benefit. But there will be many losers, especially the young.
  20. Economy would of been well out performing germany and quid would of been 15-20% higher,corbyn would of been history. And now we have total chaos and a recession looming
  21. His money, for him to benefit full if the couple breaks up. The Englishman was smart and did a good job to protect his interests. The law is a scam in itself as the foreigners paying for the land and the lease should be able to own at least one small piece of the land where they build .... and pay with their life's savings.
  22. We were waiting patiently. Something that is impossible for remainers to do.
  23. 25k north of Chiang Rai we had a downpour at 5pm , much needed , worst part was it gave an excuse for them over the road to burn plastic rubbish !
  24. Limericking (@Limericking) 4/20/19, 5:56 AM “I’ve read the entire report,” Said Senator Romney. “In short, This admin is disgraced, Disgusting, debased, And has my continued support.”
  25. Correct the same people that could well deliver us mr corbyn...these people dont know any different...its in the water,luckily i will of left the UK by then,you enjoy yourself
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