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  2. You mean this kind of "arbitrary treatment" that affects a tiny fraction of 1% of the millions who come here? Yes, we really need to get the word out about something and nothing!
  3. The poison cruel also. Terrible. the rat like the palm oil tree. We have a lot. But open the light outside at night and they not come. They scared the light. Maybe get this one.
  4. Once you get sorted- please write a long letter to your Embassy explaing the difficulties you have faced as a result of the Embassy refusing to provide an Embassy Letter. Make sure to provide an Info copy to your Home Office. The 3 defiant embassies need to be reminded over and over again the havoc they have caused their citizens, while the other 80 Embassies in Thailand have no problem issuing the letter and it is accepted by Thai Immigration. My best to you
  5. Bit like a parable of drilling a hole in the boat to let the water out
  6. Make a overnight stop here!... Ban Rak Thai https://goo.gl/maps/9qm9zmtZRmQWfqwJA
  7. Shouldn't it be Shot At instead shot of ? in my humble book shot of means shot wounded or shot dead. who cares if they are called Pretties I didn't see any pretties only ugly face masks
  8. The temperature has been rising since the last cooling trend ended in 1910. But the amount of CO2 we have been putting in the air has gone up 40% in the last 50 years. We had the same pace of warming 1910 to 1940 that we had 1970 to 2000. But the CO2 was much greater in the second 30 year period. And we even had cooling and then a flat line after WW2 despite the onset of major industrialization. There is no correlation to be seen between a rise in CO2 and the rise in temperature that cannot be explained as a natural fluctuation. The CO2 increased massively while the temperature rose at the very slow pace of .08 degrees in 100 years. Not at all anomalous in the longer temperature record. The impact of CO2 is proving to be insignificant. Our climate continues to be incredibly stable.
  9. Well, we will all vote for the Lib Dems come the next GE if johnson fails in his suicide bid as their codswallop suits us down to the ground. That's British democracy in action - a decision by MPs to remain. Goody. The UK laws are always prevalent, albeit the EU law should also be considered if there is a conflict, but could be disregarded/overridden. That's factual. Look it up. And on a final note tonight, if johnson manages to get a deal and pass it through parliament, that's another win-win for us. Because we couldn't give a toss about leaving or remaining, as long as this brexit folly is freaking resolved.
  10. It wasn't misinterpreted, I even wrote dated examples out. The permission to stay for 1 year from an O-A visa and permission to stay from an extension based on retirement are different, in that they are given for different reasons. One is subject to the conditions set by the type of valid Visa, the other is subject to the conditions set by the local Immigration rules. The examples were thus. O-A issued and entry Jan 2018, with a second entry Jan 2019 with permission to stay until Jan 2020. In that scenario the very first extension of permission to stay based on retirement will be effective after 31st October, therefore Insurance will be requested. O-A issued and entry Jan 2017, with a second entry Jan 2018 with permission to stay granted until Jan 2019. In Jan 2019 you extended your permission to stay based on the requirements and criteria set out in Police orders. In Jan 2020 no Insurance is requested because you previously extended on the basis of retirement before the amendment became effective on 31st Oct 2019. Those were the examples and the answers I previously posted to the above question. We will have to wait until after October 31st to see whom and under what criteria is affected for a definitive answer, but I'd guess as usual we'll have different offices with different interpretations. I can still interpret it with two different meanings, even after the explanation I received.
  11. I would like to get my PR. I have a "Thai Wife" VISA. I understand I need three years for the VISA and three years with a work permit. First question if I may, is why does PR require a work permit? Secondly, How does one get a work permit? I currently work as an international contractor, one month in, one month out schedule. Know of, or can you recommend any job that is part-time or volunteer type that would give me a work permit so that I may qualify for the PR? Thank you for your time.
  12. Clearly written by a lawyer and designed to please an ignoramus. The kind of ignoramus who called for the impeachment of Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. The Constitution is very clear about this.. It belongs entirely to the discretion of the House and the House gets to set its own rules. There's no wiggle room there.
  13. At Bangkok Bank such a letter costs 50 baht. Statement are probably free.
  14. Last year i suddenly saw a rat running through the livingroom. It went into the kitchen where it was hiding. It was late and i wanted to sleep so i closed the kitchendoor with metal screens against mozzies and thought i'll deal with you tomorrow. The rat had come through the drain in the shower because the lid was off...i put the lid back on it and went to sleep. Next day there was a hole in the metal screen of the kitchendoor, the lid of the drain in the shower was out again! and there was poop of it everywhere in the bathroom. I was amazed that it could make a hole in the metal screen, go back to the showerdrain and even open the lid of it to go back where it came from.....now we never leave the drains open anymore.
  15. 555555 not only you... https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/<deleted>-you_lizard
  16. Too late for that - EU has already concluded similar agreements with two non-democratic ASEAN Member States: Vietnam and Singapore.
  17. Understand. I am renewing my passport in January 2020. Sent from my SM-C7000 using Tapatalk
  18. Nah, it's just you. Now the 'watchadoin' birds..................
  19. Why is it "absolutely insane? A visa is not a guarantee that the holder will be allowed into any country, and that includes yours! "...and then be refused entry on IOs opinion". Just as in the rest of the world that is what an IO's job is, to decide if the visa holder is legitimate!
  20. And now for dessert. I looked at that graph of yours and I noticed that it was at variance with virtually every other reconstruction of past temperatures. So I looked up its creator, Craig Loehl. Among other things he has contended that the oceans are actually getting cooler. Among other things, there's a massive measurement project called Argo which has decisively refuted such nonsense. I wanted to see where he published his "research". It turns out it was in a journal called Energy & Environment. "Energy & Environment (E&E) is an academic journal "covering the direct and indirect environmental impacts of energy acquisition, transport, production and use".[1] Under its editor-in-chief from 1998 to 2017, Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen, it was known for easygoing peer-review and publishing climate change denial papers.[2] " Even Roger Pielke, Jr., much beloved by denialists, thinks it's a rag. But it gets even better. Loehl himself has disavowed that particular graph in favor of a much reduced rise in temperature. So what kind of website would offer as evidence a graph that its creator himself has disavowed? I'm guessing you're not going to reveal that since I've noticed that denialists are very reluctant to reveal their sources. But you could surprise me of course. And the medieval warm period as reflective of global climate has itself recently been debunked in a paper that appeared in Nature. Turns out the other parts of the world were colder. It was on average, a bit warmer, but nothing like the 6 or even the 3 degrees that Loehl later posited.
  21. I would much rather have jinjoks around than mosquitoes. Jinjoks don't carry dengue fever. Although I was a bit teed off when a jinjok got itself jammed in the aircon, and the vent would not open. Has anyone noticed the gecko sound is very similar to F##k you, or is that just my imagination?
  22. Ok that got me worried. The only way the surface would be getting hotter beneath the antarctic ice is if the core is overheating. I guess I'll add Earth exploding to the never ending list of things that'll kill me.
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