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  2. Everytime I go out for a beer I tell my wife 'honest cha, I'm only going to have one.'
  3. God forbid!! Imagine the fury of imm officers if they couldn't pour over your passport for 5 minutes and scowl menacingly
  4. So happy Thais are hurting pay back for the way they treat aliens.
  5. Was there two days ago 57 baht a kilo ! and 82 baht for tray of 30 Eggs.
  6. I have actually. You can clearly see from the entire post that I was referring to governments in general, and the term peasants was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the general populace (as seen by the elites). But you knew that didn't you?
  7. Can't say I have much respect for foreign teachers working in Thailand. (As a qualified teacher in the UK) If they were any good they wouldn't be working here.
  8. Couple of Soyer's .. Any of you chaps " bean " these before .. sorry sorry but it was just asking for it with a name like that ..
  9. The woman is not being honest,if you did not pay any money yet,walk away. Every new house in Thailand receives a blue book,if it is lost not a big problem,can be replaced in a day.
  10. You’re kidding, right? Because Trump already flies off the handle and throws a hissyfit when someone looks at him funny. The man simply can not accept any form of criticism, or the idea that even one person in the world does not love and adore him. Trump is the biggest narcissist that ever lived and you’re saying he’s ok with the way people think about him and doesn’t care about that a lot? Maybe you should try reading a few of his tweets, or watch a few of his speeches (cheered on by thousands of adoring fans who eat up everything he says) to see what he’s really like.
  11. No longer able to pay to jump the line up in Canada, Phoenix is an option, but I prefer Thailand, cost similar but I am more concerned with a good result.
  12. Good luck but as the agent I use said today with a smile "immigration does not think too much about what they're doing". I'm also fully insured but I realize immigration simply may not care. This is a great opportunity for the government to squeeze out 30, 40, or 60+ thousand baht from thousands of expats.
  13. One month prior which is a good thing as extension of stay requirements are forever changing best to do it earlier to be on the safe side.
  14. I rented a small bungalow on the beach in Samui from 89-91, perfect & then along came progress
  15. This will only force companies to invent their own proprietary systems away from the control of the USA and the west, as the Chinese government are doing now with their own version of GSM, (which by-the-way is far superior).
  16. Beef for me thanks. I don't need any frankenfood.
  17. A bar server I chatted to at a Global Chain Hotel in Patts told me she got 5k a month but hotel charged 1K for room and full board. She worked 5x12hr shifts.
  18. I wonder if this Srisuwan Janya has body guards. If not he is going to P.O someone so much he might have to leave the country wi9th his little tail between his legs.. He in fact is a disgrace to the country.
  19. It sounds as if the veterinarian missed the birth itself. Could be lucky she did. She may have lassoed the baby's feet to pull him clear of the birth canal.
  20. If you are a carer of someone who has a severe disability, severe illness or someone who is frail aged and are an Australian resident (having at least 2 years residency), you may be eligible for a carers pension. https://www.humanservices.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/carer-payment/eligibility
  21. My understanding is you don’t have to be the owner if you have taken out a good lease with the landlord You can apply for it your landlord would have to go with you and help you with the process
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