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  2. Only 20? What about the 1000's of others?
  3. I suspect it will take a while to see what each IO decided or finds out the new rules. Fortunately for me I use a marriage visa, but I know a few friends here in CM who are switching , due to lack of funds and the bad exchange rates. Personally I have found the new IO in CM a lot better than the old one, except the lack of food stalls.
  4. I must do a deposition for a US civil case in the next two weeks, or so. My attorney was able to convince the judge to allow me to do this over the internet using Skype, as opposed to traveling all the way back to Miami Fl., if it was videotaped. The deposition should take somewhere between one and two hours and It should start somewhere around 8:30 PM our time. The professional should possess an excellent camera of course, and they should have at least 2 storage devices that allow ½ hour of recording each. You are allowed to take breaks in these depositions, gods knows I have gone through enough of them. When one of their recording devices begins to run low on compacity, we will ask for a break. The professional then can transfer what was recorded on the first device to my hard drive and begin using the second device. I have a brand-new top of the line HP computer, but the expect will need to come over to my condo and make sure they have all the technical connection materials they need to make the transfer of the data to my computer a simple process. They should also arrive early and get the computer and transfer materials setup, so the transfer itself can be done very quickly. They will also need a set of lights, and possibly two microphones. One to record me and one to put in front of one of the microphones to record what is being said on the other end. I believe there is a way to connect to Skype and have the audio recording directly from it. I am fully aware of the fact that Skype has the ability to this type of recording both audio and video itself, but I am not an expert at using that function and this is way to important. If I mess it up, I will have to travel back to Miami, and that’s 36 hours each way. After the recording is finished, they will need to put into one continues recording. I believe there is software that can compress videos of this size that can be emailed and be opened at the other end, without the receiver needing to have any type of special software to accomplish the task. They will also need to format the video so that it can be viewed on any device. I believe they will need to use Windows Media Player for that, at least that is what I used when I when I posted videos to YouTube. Maybe there is something better out there now, I just don’t know what it is. I will also want them to burn 5 DVD’s for me, just to be on the safe side. I know this sounds like a lot of work, but for a professional in this industry, this something they do everyday and they will be able to accomplish the task without giving it too much thought. And don’t forget, I am willing to pay real good money for the right person. Of course, I will have to meet them first and discuss everything that I need to be done. So, at the very least, they need to speak some English. Thanks in advance for anybody that can point me in the right direction. Please send me a PM and I will get back to your right away.
  5. It has been reported to invision who now have to do the fixes.
  6. cmarshall.....Yeah I have done a lot of digging since the post, and have found I can do it with someone here in the US. Today I learned more specifics about my tax situation for next that has also made things a lot easier. Thanks for your info, I appreciate it, I will be doing pretty much what you suggested.
  7. Badly worded (reporting? ) but stating the obvious. Yet once again not exclusive to Thai Hospitals.
  8. If it is Bernie, he has the capacity to win over Red state voters. Trump does not have capacity to win over Bluestate voters. Weld may have that capacity but I think he's going to get lost in the noise. Both Bernie and Yang have correctly identified what needs healing in America. It is not Blacks, it is not the LGTBQ, it is not whatever other "identity" group, it is the poor white voter, who has been shit on for 150 years. Just a pawn in their game.
  9. Again, you mistake religion with spirituality. Science considered acupuncture as "gobbledey gook" for a long time, now it is taught to doctors all over the world and guess what...it works. But how? After all the whole acupuncture system is based on energy lines in our body that can't be seen or touched, yet have been mapped (without science) a long time before traditional science was even established. hmm Of course religion has been proven wrong. You don't need to be a (rocket) scientist to understand that the world wasn't created in 7 days, do you?
  10. It's not only that Prayut refuses to place his government into caretaker mode. It's the conversion of temporary NCPO Orders through his junta-appointed NLA to make them into permanent laws that will bind the next government legislatively if it's not pro-military. Furthermore, where ever one sees a new Prayut government "roadmap" policy, it is being memorialized as part of the 20-year National Strategy Plan that requires an amendment to the Constitution for change - difficult if not impossible with a pro-military Senate. Thus, not only would the next government be constrained to enact new government policies, successive new governments will to be constrained, albeit unless there is another coup.
  11. Yes, however, talking to a friend about it last night and he doesn't recommend it at all and moved his 3 kids to the English programme at Salesian which is about the same price.
  12. fruitman


    One day i bought minced meat in Tops, the packages were leaking blood but they were the last ones. I paid at the bakery, drippings of blood all over the counter but they didn't care at all.....thailand only krab.
  13. During the 16 years in Thailand I have had two different mobile numbers, always prepaid. Lost the first one cos was away for almost three years. Guess that could have been prevented if had a monthly charged postpaid. Besides that small advantage, what would be another reason for me to move to post-paid contract? I always compare the deals they offer with my wife's postpaid and it looks like my prepaid gets better deals, especially on weekly/monthly data packages which I don't need continuously but buy as needed. I have come to a conclusion that most people would be better off economically using the pre-paid contracts. I assume a post paid contract would allow international use, at least in SEA but with cost? Receiving sms internationally would help in my banking. Any thoughts?
  14. For sure he could have been the one, but I think he was done when he revealed he's a millionaire, but time will tell.
  15. Oooops! I made twice the same quote in my first post! Here's the other quote: “Substantial evidence indicates that the President’s effort to have Sessions limit the scope of the Special Counsel’s investigation to future election interference was intended to prevent further investigative scrutiny of the President’s and his campaign’s conduct.”
  16. No worries, mates. She be way too high maintenance for the likes of us. Now, Brad, he's a lot like many of us, a regular tom cat (with money).
  17. This letter from Mr Spock to the AG makes interesting reading, particularly to any remainers that haven't seen it.
  18. Italians, Thais and Burmese... i thought that this is one of those jokes where Italians, Thais and Burmese goes to a bar...
  19. I haven't read anything from Immigration that says you will lose your extension (I assume you mean extension) as opposed to losing an O-A long stay visa. If you do mean visa how would they know as I don't think they are checking that?
  20. To be fair, this sounds 100% correct IMO:- "They say God has created man in his image, when in truth it's the other way around. We have personified God in our image."
  21. It seems that in the Kingdom, where there is a will there is NO WAY! How do they dispose of plastic waste now? Hope they can do it but history points to just another pipe dream.
  22. Thanks Joe, but that process takes a long time....and it shows "everything"....a person can'tsort/view like say show me "unread" posts only. Even the mobile app does the same thing....shows limited number topics/post only going back a week or so. Any idea if TV is trying to fix the problem....get it back to working properly like it use to before the upgrade.
  23. Totally correct, this is a culture thing that never goes away, the outlaws will win hands down, my prediction, this is the beginning of the end, I am sorry to say.
  24. French Africans. Anyone one from previous French African colonies can easily apply for a French passport.
  25. Just add it in a curry from coconutcream and currypowder...some sugar, chili, garlic...add some vegy plus meat. and eat with rice
  26. Disgusting and gross beyond measures.. i wonder who's going to wipe his bum in hell, not Beelzebub that for sure...
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