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  2. No, it is not. The decision is not always simple and not always straightforward. It takes about 10 years of training to become an orthopedic surgeon. The web is no substitute for this. BTW can you interpret an x-ray of the wrist?
  3. Indeed... the only rule which could make sense is that you have to stop before the line before the light turns Red. The Amber is a warning that the light will turn red, thus stop if safe to do so. But, we all know how these rules get misunderstood over time as they are passed down from officer to officer, colleague to colleague... Or in this case, poorly translated from a British Highway Code into Thai, then back in to British for the British Translation of the Thai Land Traffic Act !!!... Personally, I think you have grounds to object to this if you can be bothered - there is no evidence you went through the junction on a red light. If you have the time, the inclination and the interest it could be an interesting discussion with someone at the DLT. Alternatively, if you can't be bothered with any of it, don't bother paying the fine. My Wife and I have a couple from last year (3 I think) - a couple of White Line infractions (crossing a fixed white line) and one Expressway speeding fine (each 500b). We haven't paid any of them and renewed our tax a couple of months ago, so I don't think the Tax-DLT-Police Fines systems are linked yet. (someone is bound to comment about not paying fines - they are of course correct - I just don't care to pay it and if payment is not being enforced then I'll go along with the farce !)
  4. Got a pink card few years back. I already had a yellow book. No need to be married to a Thai. The only times that I have used the pink card is to obtain Thai admissions prices at museums, exhibitions, etc. I don't know whether they give me the Thai price because the pink card entitles me to it, or because they have never seen a pink card before. Also, it's nice because it shows me about 5 cm taller than I am (they took the picture at an angle). Other than that, I think it's quite ok to give it a miss.
  5. No.... It depends on whether what you're doing now is an ACH transfer or a wire transfer. ACH transfer is likely going to die. Wire transfer should continue just fine, in terms of going thru BKKB NY onward to Thailand. The main additional info that the NACHA process wants, beyond the normal account info on both ends, is the recipient name and residence/mailing address in Thailand. Right now, there's no way to add that for most domestic ACH transfers being sent from U.S. banking entities. But, that kind of info usually is part of the existing info required for wire transfers. That's why domestic ACH transfers thru BKKB NY to Thailand basically are going to die... But wire transfers from the U.S. to BKKB NY and onward to Thailand are going to continue without any changes at all.
  6. Doesn't matter what he does. He has become to dangerous to allow not to be sidelined. They'll keep after him until something sticks.
  7. Bye bye idiot , or maybe not yet , if you can't pay Bangkok Hilton next.
  8. Isn’t China signing up with Thailand for some connection.? Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. Dunno if the U.S. to Thai process is going to be anything like the Japan to Thai process with BKKB. But the Japan process, according to the BKKB website, has some interesting requirements for the sender, including showing a health insurance certificate and a driver's license in the country being sent from (which a lot of U.S. expats living in Thailand may well not have). And then there's the starting sending fee of about $31 per transfer. https://www.bangkokbank.com/en/Personal/Other-Services/Transfers/Transferring-Into-Thailand/Transfer-money-from-Japan-to-Thailand-via-Bangkok-bank-branches There's also a part about each time having to enter the sender's BKKB super secret special customer code number as part of the sending process, which AFAIK, is going to be a non-starter with any kind of U.S. ACH transfers, since they typically don't have any ability to add on misc. sender or recipient info... It basically looks a lot like a kind of pre-set/pre-configured wire transfer where you have to set up the sender and the recipient IDs and accounts info in advance, and then use their secret codes to initiate each subsequent use. Let's see what BKKB NY says, and how similar or not their process is going to be for U.S. to Thai senders.
  10. Would love to know if a spliff would work...wonder if they need research volunteers?
  11. i had an embassy letter confirming my income exceeding requirement, but IO would have none of it and just kept harping on with additional made up requirements until i had to leave thailand
  12. I will be 50 later this year and will reshuffle my visa approach accordingly. I would like to know if it is possible to obtain a multi-entry non-imm O based on being 50 years old with 800,000 Baht or equivalent in an account in the UK. This visa cannot be obtained in the UK until the applicant is in receipt of a state pension, although the non-imm O-A is an alternative. Perhaps Penang or Savannakhet might issue such a visa. I don't mind travelling further afield. Could anyone advise. Thanks.
  13. Well probably first time someone did that to her. Good job dad.
  14. Looking forward to the Cameo of the man himself in his orange jumpsuit.
  15. It's a few days ago so hard to remember but I would say the first photo was as it changed. Hope other people learn from my mistake and stop while the lights are still on green and not risk going through on yellow, if there is a count down timer. I guess you have to rely on ESP. at normal lights.
  16. There are other emerging regional countries that would give the US a presence in the region and close to China, which is why relations have been nurtured. It may be time to move on.
  17. So why was his car decorated with portraits of the King. Does he feel protected and what the snakes got to do with this? So many questions and no answers.
  18. Standard in Singapore too on the way in and the way out. Japan also. And undoubtedly dozens of other countries. Hopefully this helps speed things up here. Although four fingers is unusual, never come across that before.
  19. Well, it says he was caught on CCTV steeling the boat... There has been no CCTV footage as yet (published by the media etc), but its fairly clear there is some and that it's damning. On the face of it, it would appear that this guy has pretty much been caught red-handed. IF the CCTV footage does show him steeling the boat - unless the CCTV also shows pre-exisiting damage it doesn't matter what damage there was before hand, the US thief is going to get stung - perhaps rightly so.
  20. I emailed KeaK [sic] 3 days ago for a taxi from the airport this weekend. I have always been happy with his drivers. But I have not received a reply. Perhaps his co-operative has split up or changed email address. Can anyone advise if he is still in business. Or, alternatively, supply an email address for a reliable taxi service to Pattaya, even though I am going to Sri Racha.
  21. This would require an ability Brexiteers don’t have: the ability to learn. They will always claim that their pink unicorns exist, it would just require the one Messiah the EU and the establishment are hiding from them. So don’t believe an amputation would help. They’ll happily give the other leg because their leaders whispered the promising land waits.
  22. I have 2 x 4TB for flac music 1x4TB for movies and 2 x 8TB for a backup system. 2 of the 4TB have failed within 2 years despite keeping them in a cool clean air and taking care when moving them. So the 8TB monsters have come in useful for restoring data. They are only used for backups and are carefully sealed and stored away when not in use. I would be worried running all the lot off a 8TB so prefer 4tbs for daily use.
  23. OMG. Look at the state of it. Now if I was the police detective. 1: what damage was done, the boat is a complete mess. Wow, could be an easy scam here to get it painted and fixed. 2: I wonder who the owner is. Is it a Police highish officer or does the owner know someone. 3: it did not say so but the boat is in a possition toad up on the beach sand with the engine tilted up the way it should be. Did the owner take,it back to his berth before it was so called inspected by the police at the scene. come on guys, get your no gins going, we all know what can be done. Looks like a repair been done on the top part of the bow. Nice B/S amount of damage done. Why was there no comments shown by the accused young guy. we all know the wink wink possibilities that seem to be quite common down that part of Thailand. I bet Big Joke would have seen right through this. Surprised at some of you guys condemning the US guy. Am not saying he is not responsible or is responsible just that it needs some top Experienced cop from Bangkok to investigate,it, not the locals. CCTV videos are not being shown. My oppinion, a setup. 100%
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