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  2. NZ is off topic. However, you are repeatedly misrepresenting the motives of the killer in NZ - contrary to security agencies assessment.
  3. Email addresses are not permitted on the open forum, please use the PM function for communication.
  4. This type of attitude is quite evident from many posters' comments here in the forum. Nothing new. Move on.
  5. Most marriages either end in divorce or two people that have nothing in common and just staying together for the kids or because it's convenient, so IMO marriage is the prelude to divorce, so heading correct. To the OP, sometimes one just has to wait in LOS. Things official never went smoothly for me. If she wants to get married to you, she will do it the next time you are over.
  6. Who gives a FF about how much money he has and wether or not he lives with his parents, get a life DH.
  7. Yep if you want a military career or even mandatory minimum enlistment join the ADF. I was a rifleman the Australian army is world recognised professional fighting force held in a much higher esteem then any branch of the Thai military.
  8. The land of irresponsibility - where no official is held accountable, but given another position where they are still paid.
  9. The prefect addition to an SJWs virtue signaling arsenal... expect to see a slew of open mouthed soyboy selfies tweeted from their iPhones espousing how green they are.
  10. The poster was correct in raising current right wing politics which lean heavily to reducing foreign aid, thereby reducing health education and services in aid recipient countries.
  11. As with everything, money is more important, not people's welfare... I'm off to buy a new watch worth over 1,000,000 THB. Give that low life pensioner 600 THB to live on for one month. I'm feeling generous..
  12. So where exactly was it located, in messages I read about 40 plus km and in other messages they write about 14 nautical miles, that is still a big difference in distance, so who was right? 40 km = 21,5 nautical miles. I only see the living space that they removed, where is the construction on what is was Build? Did they left it there? I thought is was a danger for the ships at open sea? 16 people in the rubber boats watching 555.
  13. All tourists are allowed to do one thing that is technically illegal in Thailand - engaging in pay for play.
  14. I wonder what the "legality" in removing this is, if in international waters, wouldn't this be piracy. Yes, I know it's within Thailand's economic zone, but that is different, as the "owners" are no removing anything of economic value.
  15. You said that there were no muslim militants in Sri Lanka. Yet the local group National Thowheeth Jama’ath is responsible for the largest terrorist attack since 9/11. All Sri Lankans. And here, you defend muslims who have done nothing wrong against vilification for the actions of a few, and you are absolutely 100% correct in doing that. Yet in all the NZ shooter threads you vehemently blamed 'the right' and 'right-wingers' for the actions of one shooter and REFUSED to even listen to the facts that the guy had hard left contradictory ideology and even went so far as wanting to restrict the civil rights of 'right wingers' in the aftermath.
  16. Marriage is all about compromise, but seems to me it's always the man that is expected to compromise. In my experience, if the guy doesn't do what she wants he doesn't get it, as a punishment.
  17. Now that Big Jok is gone. I want my Bangkok back. I want unhygienic and dirty road side food vendors, I want all night road side bars in Sukumvit, I want African Americans peddling their wares till 3AM in the morning to support their families back home, I want African girls walking up and down the lower Sukumvit to have a shot at Thai prosperity like their sisters from Issan. I want night clubs blaring music till the wee hours of the morning. Thailand is no fun without the availability of cheap sex. Is my Bangkok restored to its former glory? I am coming in October.
  18. Alakazam! https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0092656605000632 "...study reports on the personality attributes of nursery school children who two decades later were reliably stratified along a liberal/conservative dimension.... ...Preschool children who 20 years later were relatively liberal were characterized as: developing close relationships, self-reliant, energetic, somewhat dominating, relatively under-controlled, and resilient. Preschool children subsequently relatively conservative at age 23 were described as: feeling easily victimized, easily offended, indecisive, fearful, rigid, inhibited, and relatively over-controlled and vulnerable."
  19. In Canada, the rules are a lot clearer. For the benefit of those planning to visit Thailand in the future, perhaps you can point to the rules that define allowable activities for a tourist, and the conditions under which you will be allowed to enter visa exempt. Some of us have found this difficult to find.
  20. I think there's a bunch of people still believe that today. Maybe you're correct and we know very little about the workings of the universe. but, if is wasn't for our understanding and knowledge of quantum physics, then there wouldn't be any computers, smartphones, televisions, GPS technology and no internet, therefore this chat forum wouldn't exist and we wouldn't be talking about how much of a bad job scientists are doing in solving the mystery of where all the matter in the universe came from.
  21. Bangkok-Nakhon Ratchasima Yes, you read it correctly - 3.5km. This is the railway that was set to open the Bangkok-Nakhon Ratchasima section in 2021: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1016957-construction-bids-for-high-speed-train-project-in-coordination-with-china-to-be-completed-in-2018/
  22. Been that way for over 10 years. No need for breaths anymore as just pumping the heart also moves the lungs. However, the rate of heart compressions is so high, unless one is Superman, that no one can keep it up for long. So, unless 2 or more trained rescuers, death will eventuate after about 5 minutes as the person doing CR will have to stop from being too tired to continue. That would be about 1 minute with me. Lot of things changed- no mouth sweeps either. Strange things too. As a nurse that wasn't a qualified paediatric nurse I wasn't allowed to do CPR on a child, so unless there was someone qualified around the child would have died. However anyone not a nurse would have been allowed to do CPR on a child. Idiots rule the world.
  23. In such a situation, if you wanted to retain your last visa exempt entry by land, this can be done by getting a re-entry permit (1000 baht) rather than planning a fresh visa exempt entry. By the way, we are all assuming your visits to Thailand in the past using previous passports have been non existent or very limited. If, in fact, you have been coming for years, immigration has a record of your entries using previous passports. Our advice that you seem OK for the moment could need revising.
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