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  2. My son has now been held in Bangkok IDC for two weeks now without a visit from Embassy.
  3. Couldnt think of a worse idea , Sorry but Aussie/Nz army will atleast offer a military pension...
  4. No it's not, it's just a bunch of people expressing their freedom of speech. If you are not interested in the subject, then don't get involved. Or you can get involved in the discussion, but stay on topic and don't act like a red headed white feminist.
  5. Yeah that's going to amuse anyone but a "trump" fan. I'll feeling that the "trump" fans are afraid of old Joe. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. Yes sorry I meshed up with the names i am talking about DaNang.. Also Dalat I curious with since its cooler but without a beach..I read taxies very effective in DaNang and with meter..
  7. It's not that they are refusing, they can't. Local branches can only issue bank statements up to 6 months old. Annual bank statements, or a letter of International Funds transfers for the previous 12 months can only be obtained from the HQ, but can be order from branch. If you have online banking you can print of your own statements at 6 month intervals and ask your branch to stamp and sign them, or alternatively obtain them from your branch every 6 months or less.
  8. CM is chia lattes, top knotters, back packers, elderly gays and farang wives who look like Eric Bristow. Plus it closes early by heavy police and military presence. Joyless, polluted and devoid of fun or spontaneity. But I dont have any strong opinions on the place really.
  9. Not really understand what u mean.. How u know how it is when not yet visited? What u liked about Saigon? Are u talking about Pattaya is Pattaya because it has some girly bars with noisy crap music? u worry DaNang doesn’t have such features for u?
  10. If the past is any indication of the future, then absolutely, peace on that peninsula depends on America.
  11. Hello sorry my bad but the name is not NaDang but its DaNang...
  12. Thanks for the reply. I will try contacting them.
  13. Communication within the Thai bureaucracy is pretty strictly vertical. So Nonthaburi Immigration will talk [down] to its foreign clients and talk [up] to its regional office. It won't talk to other provincial immigration offices, certainly won't talk to offices in other ministries and absolutely won't talk to banks. This way everybody looks after their own little fiefdom. They don't tell the banks what to do and they certainly won't be told what to do by the banks. This is my experience of working with Thai bureaucracy.
  14. Reading the Phuket news story on this, I couldn't help but notice a list of related stories. So many stories of incidents involving injury and death to Chinese tourists, no wonder the Chinese Consul General has to pay Phuket officials a visit on a semi regular basis to talk safety for his country men.
  15. Veselnitskaya, however, wasn’t admitted into the U.S. in June 2016 because of her role in the Prevezon case. In fact, then U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara of Manhattan specifically refused Veselnitskaya’s request that the Justice Department authorize her trip via a mechanism known as immigration parole, which allows the attorney general to temporarily suspend immigration requirements on a case-by-case basis. https://www.reuters.com/article/legal-us-otc-veselnitskaya/how-did-russian-lawyer-veselnitskaya-get-into-u-s-for-trump-tower-meeting-idUSKBN1D62Q2
  16. I could be wrong, in fact I usually am, but I once heard that King Cobras only eat other snakes Cats don't know that. Sure hope the guy on the far right ate his Wheaties this morning... Yanks will get the reference.
  17. These people replaced the factory-fitted unit in my vehicle, plus some other small jobs, and I was very happy with the result: http://www.rocketsound.co.th/ I made a special trip there from Pattaya because the shops in Pattaya had little stock and less knowledge. I imagine that they would fit a head unit bought elsewhere also.
  18. These are so many of these defamatory and borderline abusive posts, by the above poster and many others on TV. Obviously been here for so long they have gone senile and cynical. Dont forget that you are only a guest in this country and it is your choice to be here. I am sure that some Thai officials would read these posts. Not all that surprising to see the tightening of immigration rules. If I was a Thai, I would certainly want to wheedle out the cynical ones who are obviously not happy with their life in Thailand. So, if you don’t like it here, do us all a favour and go back to your homeland.
  19. Indeed, I'm terrified about what I might learn fooling around in the corners of my mind where gods and spirits roam, like sea monsters just over the horizon of flat Earth. I don't mean to knock the spiritual gurus, just that they seem to follow a pattern in how they roll out their script in these kinds of discussions. Your post, the one I responded to, starts out with a passive aggressive dig at skeptics and atheists. "For those who only believe what is rational, measurable and "categorizable". "Only believe". That they limit themselves to a single source - science. It's a soft shoe suggestion that, therefore, their understanding of the world is and always will be limited. * - Fair play I suppose. Science geeks tend to razz the religious in the same way. Next is the false dilemma with a confounding question. Something from nothing. Or, in this case, Love. Can you measure it? "No, you can't!". So you see, science can't answer everything! The question itself is meant to create a pause to be exploited, like an Amway salesman rushing the pitch before the door slams in his face. The spiritual mongers will disarm by saying they're not religious, but god, et al, is woven into the script. God was the second to last word in your comment. You are right though. Science goons prefer the ordered, scientific process, and sure, they gravitate toward the rational, measurable and categorizable - even better, discoveries that create new, exciting categories. Something religion and it's cousin, spirituality, don't offer. The one thing you omitted in your characterization of rational science types is they will reject those who attempt to mystify something that's already known. Like Love, for example. These days, a 7-year old with smart phone is able to learn about the fundamental chemical process in what we humans call "love", just as easily as they can learn why their finger will hurt if they smash it with a hammer, or what causes them to "feel" hungry.
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