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  2. Well, thailand double size UK. But now I read about “white Australia Policy”. You know about that one right?
  3. The thing with hard brexiteers it is all front and bluster , and all soft and limp in the trouser dept. Now being called the Surrender Deal by the hardies.
  4. Very good. So which one you beleive? Like me or not?
  5. Well in the past hardly anyone needed them but nowadays visas been made such a complex matter that for aged expats it is impossible to do all by themselves TM30’s , bank transfers, copies this and that, rent agreements bluebooks, yellow books, purple-books, receipts this and that ,filling it on the correct day and time.getting fines etc. Yes that isn’t a retirement nolonger sounds more like a fulltime job to me !
  6. Oink

    Flu Jab

    You and your husband live next door to BPH then?
  7. Maybe that is what they call cinema's in America? I love it when the cinema is empty. No annoyance from inconsiderate people speaking, playing phones etc. I get really angry when that happens and have been known to say something. No problem with the sound being loud you need it high to really experience the movie. I dont like though when some movies are deliberately edited so the voices are hard to hear. With regards to the air con, yes sometimes can be cold but as said take a LS (long sleeve) top and your fine. Those of you who said I cant go to see a movie in Thailand are just to set in their ways to adjust.
  8. Sorry, doesn't work. Has to be 800K baht in a Thai bank account. Not that I mind, because my 800K came in when the AUD exchange rate was 29 baht.
  9. Just need to go to walking Street or Beach Road at any time of the night and watch the proliferation of drug deals happening. The Thais are partying on the beach awaiting their customers, then walk across to their designated tree and dig in the sand for the drug supply much to their customers appreciation. This occurs nightly even in front of the Police station at Soi nine
  10. The way it looks now, agents may be useless, this time. Look at last couple of years, everything is designed to get foreigners, especially Westerners out. The money in the bank, strictly enforced, before AND after extension is granted. No more letters from Embassies accepted, notice how Embassies they selected happen to be of countries where most expats come from. TM30, I live in Pattaya, going to Bangkok for a weekend requires me to visit Bangkok immigration. Regulation designed to harrass, no other possible reason. Western tourist with valid visas denied entry, deported, using false reasons (lack of money). As if a Westerners does not have 500€ in a bank. Coincidentally, traveller is not allowed to use ATM, this is not toughtlessness, this is the intended effect, it is designed to kick Westerners out. Anyone who believes this insurance requirement affects only O-A is kidding themselves. Thailand is culling the herd of Westerners, it is so obvious, how can anyone not see it?
  11. I don’t think there is any connection between the financial requirements and the insurance requirement. As someone else pointed out, the financial requirements I had to meet are only true for the few nationalities That can no longer get income verification letters from their Consulates (I’m an American).
  12. Non immi O-X aint a non immi O. what needs to be explained ?
  13. At last . The penny has dropped . and you are now . agreeing that present Retirement Extensions are acceptable without Medical Insurances etc etc until a Immgr Police Dept order is given to the contrary
  14. Yes you could as long as you could have a Boarding Pass for the connecting flight issued at the Transit Counter because you need that to pass security and enter the Departures level. I presume that an electronic Boarding Pass on your phone should work too. But I'm not certain about that. Most, maybe all low-cost airlines don't have any representation in the Transit area and require a document check before issuing a Boarding Pass. In that case, it wouldn't work.
  15. Thats a scoucer for ya ! as for the topic it has helped bus loads getting poo of my chest if you get my drift.
  16. they get rid of her and maybe her replacement isn't so indecisive..
  17. I bought some RDSA last week, but no, a brokerage accou t is not guaranteed under the Thai deposit insurance scheme. I would be careful with the credit unions and coops, as well. I have a Kim eng account, and as a foreigner, it is way down the list of places to trade.
  18. You may be right. I'll probably be posting another thread next week.
  19. Here, the issue is that different IO's apply different rules. And as farangs, those different rules are basically impenetrable. I would dispute false documentation has never been submitted, as I know for a fact it has. The person in question is deceased, but there is no way he ever met income or asset stipulations.
  20. I think the hassles reported for those with multiple passports....did not involve the passports of the countries visited. For example, someone with dual US/Irish citizenship using different passports to enter a third country i.e. Thailand. Your wife is doing it correctly.
  21. The biggest mistake many foreigners seem to be making is thinking a Foreigner can understand and manage Thais - they can't. You need a really good Thai Number 2 who can take your plans or vision and communicate it to the staff and manage them appropriately, discipline when necessary and recruit/fire as needed. Thais respect Thais....not foreigners. ...now finding that trustworthy Number 2 is not easy, but when you find them, running a business becomes so much easier. All my number 2's are Western educated, speak perfect English and can bridge the gap between what you want, and how to make it happen.
  22. then you would need to explain the OX visa.... which is obtained OUTSIDE Thailand, requires 3 million in THAI bank before application AND requires the same health insurance requirements as the OA
  23. you like to learn more? Australia is about 32 times bigger than United Kingdom. United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 sq km, while Australia is approximately 7,741,220 sq km.
  24. https://shoponline.villamarket.com/0133157-alber-yellow-corn-meal-20-oz
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