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  2. GREAT suggestion that is applicable to many items. I did that with my clothes and various other things. The rest I sold or donated to needy people realizing it's ONLY stuff, I can start again at a cheaper replacement cost, and newer with better technology. Once I reorientated my thinking process, I started to let go 90% of everything. So easy!
  3. 1 entry a month, for my free VISA waiver anyway. No need to make so many trips in a short space of time. Buy me tickets and I'll fly with you so you can bring 2 sets of luggage a time with no 'red flags'. (I only need cabin baggage).
  4. Snakes alive! But little pussy cat escapes from these jaws of death! Picture ONB news A superb picture on the site of ONB News showed what awaited a little kitten if he had not scampered away in time. The jaws belonged to a python "as long as a minivan weighing 40 kilograms" said the Thai media. Staff at Rajabhat University in Kamphaeng Phet had called in the Khao Phap snake catchers after the serpent had taken up residence in the ceiling of a house used as a rest area on the campus. Picture ONB news The rescue team needed to dismantle the ceiling but soon had the python in custody and bagged for its return to nature. Pictures of the scared but safe little pussy cat were also shown. Source: ONB news -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-05-22 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  5. How much do you pay your wife or girlfriend monthly? build a house in the country? many do, its almost mandatory
  6. The Loft, where this event is being held, has a free pick up service. In addition, Sandbar restaurant on Dongtan Beach, Jomtien, has regular good music.
  7. Sooooo, why are they not doing so? Please don't use some spurious claim about the size of his gonads.
  8. That's pretty funny. I guess we all have stories about our bizarre interactions with IMM staff. I had one officer take all my paperwork and literally throw it in my face, angrily stating, "NOT CORRECT! DO AGAIN!"
  9. No, the way it used to work was that the ball was dropped to the team that did not have possession when play was stopped and that gave it back to the team that did. Now, the team that had possession when play was stopped gets the ball back directly so there's no reason for (or onus on) them to do anything other than play on.
  10. Its always uncircumcised guys who say its nonsense, they hate it that a circumcised cock is lower risk. Go to any farang STI clinic and ask a doctor
  11. We can start with his complete and utter misrepresentation of the Mueller Report and we can then examine his inexplicable news conference to give a pro-Trump statement wrt the Mueller Report. Follow that with his instructions to Trump to (laughably) declare the whole Mueller Report subject to 'executive privilege'. And if you want something simple that you can count (though you'll have to take your shoes and socks off). In Barr's misrepresentation of the Mueller Report he made the black and white statement that there would be no more indictments. Then when we get a hold of the redacted report we discover there are 14 ongoing indictments 12 of which have never previously reported - ie they are new. Barr lied about this. What else has he lied about?
  12. "Capt Viphawan said...“I have been told by fellow investigators that we have CCTV images of the man, but I have yet to see those images myself”.
  13. Anyone want to open another Chinese restaurant? Perhaps that it what 5G means 5 Grand, i.e. 5000. Pattaya the town with 5000 Chinese restaurants and 5000 tour buses to match.
  14. Tell them you're going on a cycling holiday, no import duties. I'm in CM, pay for my plane tickets and I'll come cycling with you (2 bikes in one trip) Don't forget to compare prices with VietJet, direct flights from CNX.
  15. To Thais, this kind of disarray ( things falling apart ) is normal and it doesn’t bother them. The city officials never walk around the city unless it is a five minute photo opt. They cruise around in their SUV’s or BMW’s between city hall and their 5 million baht secured home. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  16. YES!!! And YES on ALL points! That's exactly correct. It comes down to feeling accepted or welcome. Many Foreigners I know want to move, but reside to stay because they feel 'trapped", as though there is no other option. Tired to move again, cost, settled in, etc. Thailand has become like a marriage gone south. At the end of the day, it's a place I don't belong anymore. Staying in a place and feeling miserable is akin to slow tortuous death wether its a marriage or country.
  17. That reminds me of my friend who long time ago lent almost a million baht to his Thai boss. The boss was the son (maybe 40 years old) of the business owner who was the head of the Thai-Chinese family. There was no doubt that the son would have the money to pay it back. But at the end of the day he never paid it back. Why not? Because he could get away with it. Like: Yes, I know I owe you money, and what will you do to get it back from me? 555 It seems it was like some kind of expected internal kickback: Like I (son) support my father that you should have this well paid job. But I get part of your salary and there is nothing you can do about it.
  18. T.I.T. say no more nothing surprises me
  19. Have you personal experience doing this? I mean, could this raise any red flags with Customs if, say you make 2 or 3 trips in a short timeframe like a week?
  20. Yes, it does. We have a large water bucket with lid on top in the bathroom, When we put dirty water inside, after a day or two, three it gets clear. As illustration I will PM y you 2 pictures one with a blue shirt soaked in "clean" water from the large bucket and one from the toilet, Mind you, the toilet itself is sparkling clean, we clean it 3-4 times a day ...
  21. Careful with this. Dash cams always make it look like you're going faster than you actually are. But the bottom line is still the behaviour of the BMW driver, both during his first manoeuvre and subsequent one. What a tool.
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