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  2. He arrived by a VIP Air France flight. all a great set up. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jun/10/ayatollah-khomeini-jimmy-carter-administration-iran-revolution
  3. I can understand that Ronald. This will probably surprise you, but for once I'll be hoping Spurs win a game, though i doubt you will.
  4. 'I have been here 12 years and stopped going into the water anywhere near Pattaya and Jomtien about 11 years ago,' What took you so long?
  5. I commented on your comment about needing fresh insurance next July. Did you write that? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  6. I missed a fair bit of that video as I was due to take the Mrs for dinner, but, yes he does come across as intelligent and believable and also a nice guy to boot. Don't be disheartened by the let downs of the old guard, I think this guy and his party mean business, clean business, open to scrutiny and coming up trumps, I truly believe we could be witnessing the birth of a new nation (if they win the coveted prize)
  7. No chance, Thais love anything loud, motorbikes, music, alarms you name it
  8. Can anyone recommend a plumbing service in or around the Chalong area for a few small domestic jobs? Not "Phuket Plumbing" though, he's not in the Kingdom at the moment unfortunately. Cheers in advance
  9. Yes many times. The standard fare on TVF seems to be Brexit, Trump.. I have commented on those but leave that mainly to the experts. I have also criticized China for its treatment of Tibetans and Uighurs. Wish there were more varied threads on this forum. Still waiting for you to back up your accusation of anti semitism with proof. When you cry wolf so often you demean the memory of so many who have suffered at the hands of genuine anti semites ...people who hate Jews simply because they are Jewish. I regard that and all racism as a form of mental illness.
  10. Absolutely true and if the kettle goes faulty what should you do ? keep it or get another one ?
  11. For all the guys talking smack about Thais driving stick, 10-15 years ago you couldn’t hardly find anything with an automatic. I’m guessing the excise tax scheme a few years ago the sparked all the new and often young drivers might have had something to do with it.
  12. could be,funny how you always pray to him when you,re at your lowest though.
  13. OK, though seems like overkill to me, if experiencing so many power cuts why not get a generator, our water supply is good, so lucky there.
  14. He is in a thread supporting a group that the German Government has just declared to be an anti-semetic group . He supports anti-semetic groups
  15. Sorry about the delay!! Thanks for the reply Transam .yes I fitted 4 brand new. Someone didled me but I can't prove who. I was just wondering if anyone else had the pleasure of similar rip offs.
  16. This business is not going away. When it is out in the open a lot less trouble takes place. Tourism is one of Thailand's biggest industries and this is a key driver to the industry but for years the same government that tries multiple comical methods of increasing tourism denies that this industry flourishes here. If it were to disappear the earth would probably go out of orbit.
  17. If we were living in wood houses, as in many other countries, would agree but here there are almost no home fires that would require such an escape. Cement and tile are not fast burners and each room is a virtual safe room. I would have more concerns in shophouse/townhouse however.
  18. A post in violation of fair use policy has been removed. 14) You will not post any copyrighted material except as fair use laws apply (as in the case of news articles). Please only post a link, the headline and the first three sentences.
  19. Yes I found it very interesting especially the part where he talks about counting votes and describes the members of his party. Just normal folk, none of them have been involved in politics before, some are farmers, they work on a farm, four are LGBT and 15% are women. He seems to be a down to earth guy and pleasant to work for. To be serious, it's a shame he's not PM. I really have warmed to this guy. But Abhisit was good at speeches too and what a disappointment he was.
  20. Stating (incorrectly) that Israel is a "racist supremacist apartheid regime" can be considered to be anti semetic , because the Israeli nation is made up people from various races and not one race rules the others and Israel doesnt have "apartheid"
  21. I tried it for a couple of days when I had appendicitis; I must admit when I was finally wheeled to the theatre I really didn't much fancy waking up again. So, I know what you mean. Funnily enough I was going to add that to my submission- I should have done and then I wouldn't have been shot right between the eyes with friendly fire
  22. Thanks for the recommendation. I've searched for reviews of the book, and they are very impressive. I think I'll either buy the book or borrow it from the local library. Having the time to read it is the problem. I've got so many unread e-books on my Kindle.
  23. You right I should had written this reply in Thai. LOL even if the intruder don't understand "Police" he might understand that he has being detected and that someone is yelling at him, and that someone is not going back to sleep. Also he might understand the loud alarm and the implications associated with,
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