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  2. I was used to it way back in the early 1950s. I should really be waving the flag of Wessex which is where I was born.
  3. Afternoon, I have a 2013 Honda click 125i with just over 83k on the clock. It needs an engine refurb, any ideas where I can get it done or a price. The local Honda dealer said 12k with no warranty. Location on the island not an issue, any suggestions or experience of if this is a good price?
  4. It is called propaganda <deleted> !!! They are obviously pretty desperate
  5. Exactly what I meant: once Binance and Bitcoin7 customers gave their bitcoins to the former, the bitcoins ceased being the customers' - just as happens when your money becomes the banks' money, as soon as deposited to "your" account. That's also exactly why banks are historically proven not safe to store money, same as Binance and ANY custodial exchange are not safe to store bitcoins. Your bank account itself, required the banks' permission to open. Bitcoin doesn't require permission to open as many accounts as you wish. Only Bitcoin custodial companies require permission to have Bitcoin accounts there. Bitcoin custodians are not Bitcoin. Cardless ATM services also require the banks' PERMISSION to make THEIR money YOURS again, because the app won't work without connecting to the banks' network, and receiving PERMISSION to do a cardless ATM withdrawal.
  6. No, If you have a multi entry visa you will not need a re-entry permit. That is what multi entry stands for. You can leave and enter when ever you want until your visa validity expires. You would only need re-entry permit if you have a single entry visa or an extension made at an Immigration office inside Thailand.
  7. Errh if you saw what is sprayed into wheat,canola and barley fields in Aus you would never eat bread use canola oil or drink beer again.
  8. By gluers I mean folk who superglue themselves to windows, planes and other objects (or pretend to in the case of one "green" leader who obviously didn't want to get her hands dirty - even to save the planet). The vices and virtues of capitalism can be argued, but as the website I linked to makes clear, there can be no dispute about the suborning of the environmental movement as a means of ensuring the system's survival.
  9. Ah ........so kill off no deal....but vote down any deal that is thrashed out. So basically continue going nowhere for quite a while yet. Great news for the newspaper industry
  10. What what are are you you talking talking about about?
  11. For all the rabid defenders of this seemingly law ignoring administration, it matters not one whit whether an inquiry is spurious or genuine when issuing a subpoena. Non-compliance with that subpoena is against the law. Oh, and BTW, instructing people to ignore congressional subpoenas is literally ‘obstruction of justice’.
  12. Its consolation time for the Hard Brexiteers. Sent from my SM-N935F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  13. Of course we can't make any such assumptions. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. You didn't find my suggestion of planting trees any of those? I recently planted 500 Sai Kaoree (Korean Junipers) around my fortress. I hope there's enough CO2 in the air so they grow inpenetrable quickly.
  15. Actually it took a special Cabinet Resolution , which was done last April. As far as I know - haven't been able to find a translation of the order itself - the Cabinet Resolution refers only to retirement. Barring a revision to the Immigration Law itself it would then need another Cabinet Resolution to make it possible to start requiring it of tourists.
  16. No way, considering the high quality of Thai mechanics.
  17. Meaning what exactly. Old ones. New ones. Extensions? You don't really know for sure and I would argue at this point nobody does. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  18. From one extreme to the other. Now is the time for the dark period of Puritanism.
  19. Yes I agree, more easy declared suicide because if this is a murder the job police is more busy fund who where the killer or killers, and in any case, who cares, is not Thai man but one farang. This case is not the first and not the last. R.I.P.
  20. Leaving bangkok to Australia....back to thailand in 2 weeks. Currently on multi entry non imm o visa. Do I need a reentry permit for thailand and, will I need to show 20k on reentering thailand?
  21. For the average smoker, 2 to 3 weeks.
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