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  2. The word illegally is used because she either skipped or escaped from quarantine.
  3. sudsy, are you in the USA and want a STV? Assuming sudsy is in America, and since his post tile says, "Tourist Visa Application Online", I wonder if the current US infection rate has caused Thailand to not accept Americans in on the STV: "Due to a high number of infection rate, the APEC card holders and the applicants who are currently in the USA and wish to obtain Special Tourist Visa (STV) do not fall under the categories that could enter Thailand at the moment, please check back regularly for any updates."
  4. Because "expat" has no definitive meaning to the Thai authorities - their country, their rules, learn to live with it.
  5. I think you are at least a half year ahead of Thailand. Dream on. With a vaccination you don't get sick very bad from Covid. But you still can get infected and transmit the disease. Quarantine and emergency decree will stay untill all people in Thailand are inoculated and protests are finished. Maybe for another 2-4 years.
  6. wow. I'm surprised that someone in a higher ranking position would trawl through all those applications, what a horrid job. You'd think that the the local imm offices would be given a criteria and once met they'd be able to approve?
  7. It seems that Thais returning to Thailand do need testing before they leave? Some posters have been saying Thais were not required to be tested before returning.
  8. Aren't you glad for TV forum to access revised wisdom?! VSX certainly comes in a cool can.
  9. Just avoid going to immigration on monday, its is super overcrowded. Wednesday or Thursday literally take 5 minutes to do 90 days.
  10. How about a cute thai gal to follow me around, like in North korea?...seems to be similar rules at the moment
  11. We did it once and they started using the showers/toilets at the swimming pool area the stubborn gits haha
  12. They only receive the ones that they have to approve. And they do check that all the requirements are met. I have a stamp under the my extension stamps showing the date, file number, the day it ends and who approved it at Immigration Division 4.
  13. Yanks such as myself wholeheartedly agree...53 more days..if I make it, that is...
  14. Right now, these are the tourists that Thailand has, it "cheap charlie farangs" are better than no tourists at all...
  15. Thank god the OP did not buy a Samsung car, otherwise we would really be reading some horrible words/thoughts. [If you happen to be slow at things, Samsung does not make cars.] I am on my second Samsung TV; first was a DLP, and after approximately 8 years, it failed. It was a thrill to toss it away at the landfill. I have bought another (still working to this day), and in addition, I also bought a stainless steel, french-door, style fridge. The latter works great, but I cannot say the same about the ice-maker. In as far as my (second) TV, it is a 50" LED fla
  16. You're funny, I wonder why lifeguards are at beaches in many places. I'm pretty sure you don't have kids the way you speak. because you survived doesn't make it right.
  17. The hardest possible punishment is death.Are you suggesting she should be put to death for getting sick?Is that to deter others from getting sick?Seems to be a bit of hate going around a symptom of this virus and a lot of fear and loathing.
  18. Probably will work for all kind of visas as long as you want to stay, if questions ask, you'r stranded, no need for further explanations...
  19. Doesn’t change the fact that the UK needs a trade deal with the US and will do as President Elect Biden requires. 2021 will indeed be an interesting year, the caravan rightwing nationalists have lost their poster boy.
  20. Of course he says could there are no definitive figures yet. Its just a estimate, they wont be sure until after they know what kind of deal and how long covid lasts. Only then can they really say what was more damaging. But this is a prediction based on what they know now. I think these guys are more qualified then you to make such remarks as they have the data to back this up. You on the other hand have only DENIAL. But then again everyone with some brains knows BREXIT will cost the UK money. Probably the EU too but with the EU its spread over many countries so the im
  21. We have to put up with all these cheap charlie farang for another 60 days?
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