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  2. Seems Martial has been one that OGS doesn’t seem too happy with. I ask listening to a debate last night on 5 live and they were questioning the set up re buying of players and making the point that top managers gets like Pellegrini and Poch would not entertain others picking players and making decisions re contracts. They mentioned Jones and Smalling have been given extensions that OGS never agreed to? Or was that pre him taking over.
  3. You are the god force experiencing your 'self' through the aperture of this body you have, wrapped in amnesia, in this ocean of infinity, and just here for the ride...man.
  4. Fair argument, r_s237, that applies to the majority of FB users, I'm sure. Good that you include the key word 'when' though, since sadly there is, as is clear on a daily basis, a growing minority of senseless folk who, if asked about moderation could do no better than point out that it was Florence & The Machine's latest hit. Little strong feeling on the service, personally, apart from regretting its invention and the time-affluent public who've pleased Zuckerberg no end by making it the world's biggest ever time-waster. Like I say, little strong feeling.
  5. Great advice. Do you have a factory location you prefer over others? What was the rent cost in these areas, do you remember? If you have time, can you please PM me, as I'm very interested in relocating, after a 14 year failed relationship to a Thai lady.
  6. But you don't know what I believe in do you.....? If I told you, you probably would not be sad and
  7. The basic difference is that humans tend to defecate and urinate at the moment of death. Judging by my daily load, I would lose more than 21 grams.
  8. Yes, the devil is in the details. And the details are not well thought out. But, bit by bit, information will trickle in, clarity will come, and we'll all be dancing in the streets. Until we're not.
  9. No experience ??? This guy was the boss of border control... A massive job considering Thailand has 4 countries bordering it
  10. Since he's rich and hired a lawyer, I guess they can ultimately settle on the whole thing being a misunderstanding. Donate that contraption to the Royal Thai Navy Academy, a few wais here and a few smiles there, all forgiven...
  11. So..... about 45 to 50 pages of the report where redacted? thats a lot of redaction, a lot of words, even if it’s only 10% of the total.... but I agree, there is no big smoking gun.... maybe a lot of little ones, establishing a pattern of criminality, but no big ones.
  12. You are in Thailand, no problem to be a little more uncivilized and using a big spoon. In Indonesia and Malaysia you probably would end up eating with bare hand.
  13. Let's put you in a sealed room with an engine running churning out CO2 and see how you get on.
  14. Perhaps bomber looked in a mirror before he posted and that was the image he retained.
  15. Blame anything except the cowardly murderers, hey?
  16. Brilliant....this is a marvelous way to make a point. Hopefully some other unsavory political figures will be inspired to follow his example.
  17. I want to know how you have come up with such precise figures for your storage and manufacturing operations. Are you sending coded messages to Putin?
  18. So pay 6 million dollars and ensure a light sentence of just over 2 years? Ain’t justice grand when you’re wealthy.
  19. Looks like little Johnny never read rule #1. "Bag it before you shag it."
  20. Stop buying processed foods and stick to whole plant foods like fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, beans, nuts and seeds, sweet potatoes etc.. high in fiber and contains natural sugars. We evolved running around naked in África eating whole plant foods, not processed added sugar junk.
  21. No offence to those who dont believe in anything . We just find that a bit sad for you really .
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