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  2. Banks exchange the account balance you have at the end of the year. If they report this to Thailand this info will be useless for them with current laws. You are allowed to have money abroad. There is no wealth tax. The balance can grow each year. But for Thailand this is not important because this money is abroad and not taxed anyway. So they will only receive useless data. I am planning to follow the rules. I have enough savings to survive for a year. So money I make I can keep abroad for at least a year. I don't know where you are from. But some banks in my home country told me that they will cancel my accounts when I officially move to a country outside the EU. They claim that administrative expenses (reporting the account balances to countries all over the world) are too high. Other banks had no problems with this.
  3. You seem to have a problem with No: Come on then how would you put in say 30,100km for example. Or you could try $30,100 if it's easier for you to work out. I'll give you a clue it's more than 100.
  4. Read the quote I use in OP. They not my word. I not mad. That guy sound he mad.
  5. Good, glad you see it as a victory. Hope enough people fall for this so we can get on with it.
  6. Thanks for that, do you know the prices for those options?
  7. Thanks @ubonjoe. Looks like I am stuck with the CM office. At least getting all the paperwork in order will be easier. And I don't have to hang out in BKK for a couple of weeks. David
  8. If that's the case, why all the secrecy? What exactly is the transaction that takes place between the agent and someone within immigration that allows someone who doesn't meet the published criteria to obtain a visa?
  9. Oh poo ! yep the biker dude has hit the nail on the head, can we start a go fund me page for a new hand bag for this poor geezer.
  10. He obviously suffers from the sense of entitlement that carrying a firearm instills in the weak and insecure of the human race. “I understand that you will soon be leavin' town Don't try to call me when they finally run you down Just give fair warning any time you come around With a gun With a gun You will be what you are just the same” Steely Dan …. Circa; 1974
  11. Once again: Check out Goofy in the "Motormania", from 1950. That will explain what`s going on when your driving on the Thai roads! Be careful, have your eyes open at all times and NEVER trust anyone making a signal to go the left or right! Be safe out there!!
  12. The big stuff are: - bedroom rack (printer, laundry, sheets), - mattress topper - weight area floor - weights, bench, dip bars, barbell - kitchen rack with appliances, boards - kitchen rack, appliances, boards - portable AC with window cutout If I have to move every 3 months and reposition all of this, it means killing 8 days a year to move this stuff around. The alternative is to either rent 2 places, or buy the Elite visa. The Elite suddenly looks more economical.
  13. So maybe my post did strike something at you I guess??? You say you do "your thing". The thing is, you really do NOT do anything, so what is your thing. NOT to take care and be a responsible guy.. Is that the core of your life, congrats in that case. glegolo
  14. IIRC the backstop inc legal text. Which Brussels always stated was non-negotiable. Which we now know is utter tosh. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. No Deal vs Revoke as the shotgun last minute choice if the May/Johnson Surrender Deal (90% her deal) doesn't get through....don't forget it is a Remainer parliament with a remainer speaker....
  16. Went to see Malificent yesterday at MegaBangna. soundtrack in English with Thai subtitles. I was the only Farang in there but it was 3/4 full of Thai people.
  17. define PEOPLE... a friend of mine came back from a trip to china and said "the people there are very nice". his girlfriend complained: " what people? all you did was looking at young pretty woman". my friend replied: "that's my definition of "people" ".
  18. Don’t you know that most expats are leaving Thailand? What are you thinking, planning to move here. (You should read Thai Visa more lol). Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  19. Yes agreed... I am just not sure why anyone would buy something sight unseen from an unknown seller. I have had friends buy from unknown sellers but they drive to where the product is and do not remit funds until they take possession... it sounds as this might be a very youthful lesson learned... sorry that it happened but hope it serves him well in the future... we all learn lessons when young. Hope it was not too expensive.
  20. There is 20 years for 2 mio THB package: https://www.thailandelite.com/at-your-service/card/elite-ultimate-privilege-membership?locate=en And a 20 years for 1 mio THB package: https://www.thailandelite.com/at-your-service/card/elite-superiority-extension-membership?locate=en
  21. A thrice rejected WA purely timing? Would that be a 3 year time wasted exercise as all she attempted was a faux Brexit aka BRINO. Parliament now faces this alternative deal or no deal as Junker has ruled out any further extension, thus making remainers heads explode, primarily as they were relying on the Benn act as their ace card. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. To be fair we're living in clown world, and everyone is electing clown rulers, although May was a serious contender for clown PM, BoJo is the undisputed clown king (in the UK).
  23. There are so many posts about a house where termites ate the wood which seems to be the reason why the guy moved into the house of people who need their privacy, watch their soap operas when they want and how long they want. I don't believe the stories that make it look like he's innocent and had no other choice than moving into a house he's got nothing to do with. I think we had to read a lot of made up stories and it's time to stop reading them. Ex sold an engine? What does that have to do with a man from a totally different culture who doesn't seem to have any financial means? If the child really exists, I feel sorry for her and for all the people who have to put up with this guy.
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