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  2. Good luck to you for even managing to get their website to work! When Microsoft pulls support finally for Windows 7, Thailand will shut down - Last one out switch off the lights!
  3. Set him before me, snd I will slit him from the nave to the chops. If there's one thing that knocks me out of my apathy, it's cruelty to animals. Mostly though, I don't give a damn. Yeah, I know, I should be more worried about cruelty to children, but I've basically given up on the human race.
  4. Rather generous there 'Sof .. Well, need to give them the benefit of the doubt. Dave67 is the man with inside knowledge, but even he's pulling his hair out over it.
  5. The banners were put up by mistake, the Thais had made a mistake in the translation - It was supposed to read "STOP MAKING RUDE SUGGESTIONS" as many of the clients visiting immigration were coming up with things like "Can you bastards not do anything write" "Why don't you get a job cleaning the bogs" etc. Initially the Thais thought that the TIPS piece was regarding money usually given after good service at a restaurant or similar. Unfortunately, they couldn't understand the bit about GODD SERVICE! All in all in reality, the message about TIPS was actually in the way of advice like "GET YORSELF ANOTHER JOB THAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OF DOING YOU PRAT" Another hilariously funny mix up between Thai under their coconut shell and the rest of humanity.
  6. Instead of saying that the thai authorities are in the wrong, ask them to see what would happened if they tried the same say in other countries like Singapore, India, China, USA, Canada, Australia , Britain, Germany etc...you think that they will not face adverse reactions from the authorities there????? Are some of you saying the the US or British or Australian Governments will welcome them with open arms. Get Real! Some of these farangs really think that all of us thais are stupid.
  7. The biggest problem you will have is getting a decent bind. The strongest hard backs have the sections, folded, gathered and sewn before binding, meaning pages won’t fall out. What you are trying to do is bind single pages. The closest industrial method of this is unsewn hardback where the sections are ground before gluing, but the grinder leaves a rough spine which glues up better than a perfectly flush spine. Also 600 pages is going some, so look at thinner paper. Once you start opening that up you’ll break the spine and inevitably pages will end up falling out. good luck.
  8. ^^^ I agree that your standards are not very high, but it's something you can always work on. Recognizing the problem is the first step towards fixing it. Doing your own research instead of demanding others do it for you would be a good first step to take.
  9. Ultimately one has only oneself to blame for not studying, in detail, Thai culture before embarking on a commitment with a Thai such as marriage. It's an old story that get's played out each and everyday in Thailand An endless parade of Farang men expecting a Thai woman and family to behave like rational westerners might behave in regards to a marriage and everything connected to it in making a family. Basically, and I hate to be blunt but to any man who marries a Thai woman and doesn't study Thai culture first and learns even some of the language then runs into "trouble". It's your own fault. Pipe dreams and fantasies imagined on the Pattaya beer bar stool become nightmares and disappointment. I have lived in Thailand for 4 years and have studied the culture and learned the language. My best relationship which ended for reasons other than cultural was with a Filipina I met in Bangkok.
  10. Where is Nigel farage medal to stand up to the EU dictatorship?? Thailands “democracy” and EUs “democracy” is literally the same shit.. European countries should be independent and democratic just like New Zealand,Australia,US and Canada period!
  11. I think his first obstacle will ironically be at US immigration as he speaks no English. Oh dear.o
  12. Under the letter of the law, you're not committing defamation if you do that and your statements are factual. Buuuuut that doesn't mean someone can't accuse of you of civil or criminal defamation, and place the burden on you to prove you meet the exemptions under the law. It's all about your risk tolerance (and your willingness to get nasty, which pushes against the face-saving nature of Thais).
  13. Thanks Randell for your input, an interesting alternative. I'm 180cm and 75kg so the seat height as far as seat height to ground is good for me, maybe could raise it a little, but as you know, the footpegs are a bit under the rider so there will still be a significant bend at the knees when riding. I would like for the pegs to be a little more forward for comfort. I was at the Honda dealership a few weeks ago and asked about raising the bars, didn't cross my mind about replacement bars. Anyway, I was told that I could not use risers with the clip-on type bars. I remember when I had sat on the CBR500R, it had more of an upright position than the CBR150R and less knee bend; I guess that size matters. I would be interested to check and see if the CB500X bar and risers could be fitted to the CBR150R. I would still like to have a slightly larger bike, smoother running with less vibration and more power, but your recommendations do make a lot of sense especially since my bike is in excellent condition with low mileage, under 750km total. I've change the oil on it a couple of times, but in all actuality, I haven't even completed the break-in and reached the first scheduled service. It would be interesting to see a couple of pictures of your bike mods. Like you, I don't like to ride fast either, but I do like to ride comfortably, wouldn't mind a little softer suspension, but you get what you get when riding a relatively lightweight bike designed to mimic that of a sports bike. Thanks
  14. While the army is at it, they should also check on farangs owning media businesses in Pattaya and also Phuket by using thai proxies and thai nominees. These media entities are actually fronts for money laundering. Plus these two media groups do not support thai start-ups asking for help in terms of media exposure and even when the thais are willing to pay and worst these farangs tried to copy some of the strategies of the thai start-ups. Will be hot news soon and a online petition in Thai has already gone up online trying to rally support from thais and also getting some coverages soon in the thai media.
  15. How dare you! That is a terrible thing to say. I am sure she had all of her wits about her and had not given formal consent for sex in writing in triplicate as is now required when having sex with Western Women. I am sure she also provided her 3 witnesses to ensure that she was not taken advantage of at any time. I would go so far to say that she probably had a sign around her neck saying "DO NOT RAPE" and "Please help me return to UK on my crowdfunding page"
  16. An expensive helmet won't save anyone doing stupid things.... RIP
  17. Pravda


    You just punch the number on the keypad. Jeez, people should go back to their nanny state....bring a wife to say the number? Just how useless......
  18. Dont forget your 20,000baht and to carry your passport everywhere you go BJ!
  19. You clearly haven't been following this. Because the combo now includes the new rules for BOTH income method AND bank method. Are you hoping for a combo method next time? If so, you should visit your local immigration and ask if they're even accepting them anymore and if so, speak to the highest officer and ask for SPECIFIC mechanical details on the enforcement rules in that office, for before the application for after the application, indeed for the ENTIRE year. Don't be surprised if they can't really help you. Enjoy.
  20. I don't think my standards are so high are that most don't live up to them. It's just a very few.
  21. It looks like no one on here watched your game and apart from checking the score i know nothing about it. How'd it go? Decent performance? Reckon you can beat the liverpool old boys?
  22. I read an equally horrible article, somewhere or other, maybe New Scientist, which suggested that the rate of reduction of blood pressure to the brain after guillotining would mean that the victim would not lose consciousness for 2 to 3 seconds, but might suffer a severe headache. I think the "try to speak" notion may have come from residual electrical actions causing the lips to move slightly, or some sort of rictus. Still, who knows? Ethically speaking, it's a tough experiment to conduct .....
  23. Some off topic posts trying their hardest to hijack the topic have been removed, topic is not about expats in Thailand, take note of the topic title and stay on it please: Big Joke latest: Embattled former top cop takes off for America
  24. Scientists to this day, use the best and finest instruments at their disposal to understand the universe, but they can only go as far as making educated guesses. Or are you happy with the Big Bang explanation? The theory tries to describe something, but it doesn't really explain how everything came out of nothing. When I was young, I learned that matter was made of atoms, atoms made of electrons, neutrons, protons and the smaller particles where just being discovered. After that, even smaller particles were discovered. Now it seams that everything is in a state of flux, quantuum physics says that there is entanglement among particles, meaning 2 entangled particles can instantly affect each other even if they are on the opposite sides of the universe. This to show that science evolves and with it the understanding we have of the universe. People look back at the dark ages and deride the geocentric worldview, yet treat science as the ultimate holder of truth now, as if we have reached a point where everything has been explained. Far from it. So you still need a good dose of belief in what others tell you. Has science explained the rising of the kundalini for example? It's the force/energy that resides at the base of the spine and can be released through meditation, or a strong trauma or psychotropic substances. No it hasn't. Yet this energy has been described for thousands of years in India and is as real as it gets. Science draws maps of the outer world. Zen, all the different types of Yoga, contemplative meditation, shamanism etc, have drawn maps of the inner worlds. Just like the experiments in science, the stages of development one passes when meditating, are repeatable over time and different individuals, and the experience gained can be scrutinized by those who have walked the path before them (peer review). One is not better than the other, both hold a piece of the puzzle and both should work together instead of being divided.
  25. Friends of mine who have already done their annual extensions this year were required to provide a copy of the TM30 Receipt of Notification to get the extension (and some, who only had a printout from their condo office, were required to go up to the third floor to get the smaller TM30 Receipt of Notification and then provide that as part of their extension copy packet). I go in for my annual extension next week and I will include a copy of same with my packet of documents. Presuming a copy is required, no need for the officer to check out the actual Receipt of Notification that ought to be stapled in the back of one's passport. Let us know if you choose to not update and then obtain an extension without getting nailed for a fine.
  26. Well, he played against the Brits a couple of days ago, and the Brits left with a headache..
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