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  2. So walk facing the traffic. On the pavement where there is one. Always walk facing the oncoming traffic. In all countries. Let's hope the MC rider gets serious jail time and fine. Was he drunk? Was he a m***** with good police connections?
  3. You're tripping. First of all they won't double it. Second of all if there is no grandfathering of the 800K, there is no way they will give two years to comply. There is no way they will give a break to the very old. That is completely contrary to the history here. The history here is the opposite. If not grandfathered, they will just dump the change with very short notice. Also I know it's common gossip that they will raise it. Sure, some day, or perhaps someday they'll simply phase out retirement visas. But I think they have ALREADY raised It without grandfathering. The super seasoning now required on 800K along with the total LOCKUP of 400K already represents a rather crafty raise in level. Cheers.
  4. 555 the irony! The only country to use nuclear weapons in anger is the US, currently experiencing a wave of extreme nationalism. You should choose your memes more wisely.
  5. Maybe you could also, if you cannot accept the only smart reply that you got. but why is there nothing between 20% and 85% ethanol ? like 50% ethanol ?
  6. Pothole Britain's. No chance of sueing the council. ⁹
  7. Newcastle are now mathematically safe. Burnley away is our only hope.
  8. These stories are funny, how can any car driver to whom it happens not also feel guilty ? Are you too old ? Bad eyes ? What else ? It never happened that I didn't see any motorbike coming from far away and trying to overtake me when I was about to turn right. When it happens both car and bike are wrong ! Whatever is the law, car should have seen the bike, because there is no situation when a bike cannot be seen. Any other explanation is pure BS and lie.
  9. And of course whole beauty of the baht bus system in Pattaya was that the NO bus stops are needed, required or wanted! A deranged authoritarian plan costing money, causing confusion and directing energy, expense and money where it's not needed.
  10. I hope the criminals who did this are caught and injure long painfull deaths and that goes for whatever religion the murders are just disgusting
  11. Not in Europe. EU law prevents the growing of GM crops. Also, any food containing GM produce must be clearly labelled as such which, in practice, means that very little GM produce appears on supermarket shelves as people won't buy it. The only grains that, generally, make it into the food chain in Europe, are those fed to animals. These are imported from the Americas. Initially, these too were banned, but, after immense pressure from the US government, including a trade war, were eventually allowed. This is due to the fact that the growing of GM grains is the norm in the US. Currently, this is causing some controversy in Europe, resulting in a number of companies being exposed for feeding GM grains to livestock that is used in their meat products. McDonalds being the prime culprit.
  12. Hello, I have a severe flare up with my prostate. I have non-cancer related prostatitis. Can anyone recommend a prostate doctor? Thank you
  13. If you will travel around on highlife style, for a short time and you are not too old, probably you will find many girls willing to escort you for free...Do not ask how much they will charge... Invite them and just be generous and polite. You may have a surprise and a very good time.
  14. Just to explain. With a conventional AC unit the compressor is either ON or OFF When the compressor starts the start up current is twice the running current. Lots of starts means lots of wasted energy An inverter system never stops-unless the whole unit is switched off. What happens is that the compressor alters it speed to suit demand -but never switches off and thus never starts during its total opertating cycle-except at the beginning.
  15. Conclusion: Farangs willing and able to park the 800K in a Thai Bank permanently will have little to worry about. For now, well understood. I don't think that there is an "Expiration-Date" on the 800K deal. But likely it will be raised to 1,6 mill, just to take into account the inflation rate in Thailand over the last 20 years. Not even taking into account the unfavorable exchange rates of today, = Farang Currencies versus the Baht. An "adjustement" long overdue and could not possibly come as a big surprise to anyone. "Grandfathering" the 800K? Very tricky. It would mean that Newcomers would have to deposit 1.6 mill (reflecting the increased cost of living in Thailand), while at the same time implying that the inflation rate over the last 20 years has not affected 20 year Farang residents. Hard to implement in this form and shape. On the surface, it would immediately create a 2 class Farang society. The "Newcomers" would have a hard time to understand why the "Old-Timers" still can get by with the old 800K (increased cost of living not having taken place for them over the last 20 years?) Not that the powers to be would care much about such technicalites, but I am very doubtful that any "Grandfathering" would be applied. - Much more likely, the following scenario would emerge: Long term Farangs will be given the opportunity to improve their financial situation (fulfilling the new requirements) during a period of 2 years. During those 2 years, the Farang can eighter improve his overall financial situation or he will have 2 years time to pack his suitcases. Possible exeption: Farangs over the age of 80, having lived in Thailand without interruption for the last 346 years.
  16. Bosch - season 5, 10 episodes, just released.
  17. If you have a rich Thai wife and she loves you...she will resolve your immigration troubles.... but..I know...she is poor, very beautiful... and 20 years younger. Time to review choices if you are poor too.
  18. Right on! A major problem on top of everything else: The individual interpretation of Immi-Laws by the many Immi-Offices and Immi-Officers. What is acceptable in Immi-Office A is not accepted in Immi-Office B. Worst: What is acceptable for Immi-Officer A is not accepted by Immi-Officer B. This "Phenomenon" is not only limited to Immigration and not soley explainable by "corruption". It's a way of life. A local "Chieftain" is the measure of all things, since "Bangkok" is so far away. Making it utterly impossible to establish the concept of "Legal-Certainty" nationwide.
  19. Observe Trump's diction: very short sentences that get repeated 3 or 4 times over ("no collusions, no collusions, no collusions; it's a witch hunt..it's a witch hunt...a witch hunt.") Symptoms usually seen in seniors at the onset of dementia (or senility - whichever comes first.) How old is Trump now?
  20. Its clear that you don't. Usual right-wing mush dressed up as something else. Dread to think where some of these guys claim to have studied any vaunted economics other than the voodoo variety.
  21. I used to live in the sticks myself and always wondered why are there no Tourists! 555
  22. Only place Sanchez is going to is the bank to count his WONGA!
  23. yeah its actually mainly the cambodians and burmese working in the heat here...
  24. That's the funniest post I read for a very long time. I'll place a sizeable bet you banned the 'Sooty Show' in your house for fear the kids might think the risks which may arise from pushing a cream pie into someone's face must surely outweigh the potential risks and are surely not worth it for the titillation of a bunch of dysfunctional and pathetic children. The funniest death I remember was a lawyer, defending someone convicted of killing someone during a bar fight, he demonstrated to the jury that the dead man had shot himself as he drew his pistol. He faced the jury and demonstrated - but he also shot himself. He acquitted his client, but died from his injury. Surely nobody laughs at lawyers dying, do they?
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  26. I'm not being crass. I don't want to pick up a girl for sex. I am a girl and i'm not interested in anything remotely sexual. Do you think I could pay a bargirl to show me how to do stupid stuff like pay my electricity bill or get fish filleted at the market. I have looked up the usual tour guides but they tend to be men and focused on tourist type activities. I really don't want to see the sights I just want someone by my side for a couple of days and I would prefer someone Thai, female, fun and down to earth. Feel free to take the piss but this a genuine question. Obviously I am aware that this will cost the same if I were a man picking up a girl as she'd be losing earnings so what are the rates per day for longtime normally? Someone older would be better for me. Where in Phuket are the bars with older 40+ women?
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