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  2. You're right of course, i was talking in general.
  3. I met my 11th and 16th GF on trains. None on planes
  4. I used https://www.limousine.in.th/fast-track-immigration.html before and was met by a pleasant female I.O. at DMK who took me back into the office and stamped my in and off I went. I was a happy customer and would have recommended their service but..... Unfortunately, I tried to book a fast track with them this month and this was the response I got: Dear Mr. **** ******** Thank you for your inquiry Unfortunately, we have been ordered to temporarily suspend our fast track service at Don Muang Airport for now, so much to our regret we won't be unable to meet you at the gate and through the VIP lanes on the requested date. Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. We expect to be able to offer this server again very soon. With warm regards, Siam Resorts Airport Limousines http://www.limousine.in.th https://www.bangkokairport.vip https://www.facebook.com/BangkokLimousines https://www.facebook.com/FastTrackBangkok
  5. Well great timing, air-con is leaking water , can't use it more than 10 minutes. Can't sleep in this heat .
  6. A cynical comment with a crumb of truth behind it ... If your death is in any way suspicious, the Thai authorities will welcome a rapidly conducted cremation of your body. It inhibits any later investigation.
  7. I've been in the states since Aug 2018 nursing a sick family relative back to health and am counting down the seconds to June when I get to return! Land of Smiles baby!
  8. OK, one more time . . . I left Thailand after 10 years of putting up with their nonsense. I was back in six weeks with a new appreciation. As I recall, the door is open quite freely if you wish to leave, so it's STILL "Land of Smiles" for me.
  9. Hi and thanks to everyone who helped with the previous query. Here's a new question- I will be renting a brand new apartment in Bangkok. The owner is Taiwanese and lives in Taipei. I am renting the unit through an agent in Bangkok. 1. How can the owner complete a TM.30 form from overseas and submit it to Thai Immigration? 2. Will Thai Immigration accept a TM.30 submitted by a proxy of the owner in Thailand or the agent? 3. Is it acceptable to Thai Immigration for a TM.30 to be sent from Taipei with the owner's home Taiwanese address? Thanks for all useful comments and information!
  10. 6 posts all negative so I will give it a positive comment: Land of Smiles (at least my wife and I do) How many of above posters are still living here and still prefer to live here instead of going back their home countries? Seems a bit odd to me..
  11. ... We did keep in touch for a while... she came to India too... but it did not last.. out of sight, out of mind (for both I guess).. Now, I have no clue where she is... do not intend to try and look for her too.. That chapter is closed for me, too much water has flowed under the bridge.. I have moved on.... . It was great while it lasted... no regrets...
  12. Nothing like sex on the train. Especially when the couples in next compartments have the same idea.
  13. Wow, the last thing I was expecting to see here was a logical common sense post! Well done sir. I can't believe the people who scream "racist" about something so trivial, and clearly not racist. And when nobody buys more than a couple of bottles of water / beer and a few snacks in 7-Eleven who can be bothered to sign up for a loyalty program anyway and what are they really expecting to get out of it?? Even if it required no ID at all I couldn't be bothered. So so many people on here have such a paranoid outlook on things. More posts like yours please.
  14. Keep on topic , its better than thai movies forum , only just .
  15. I think one of the problems is that the CBR150R remained pretty much unchanged since the latest model was introduced in 2013 through the 2018 model then came the newer designed naked Evolution model which made the CBR150R kind of long in the tooth design wise. However, it is my understanding that a new redesigned CBR150R is coming out very soon so that may also contribute to the drop in value of the older model. Also, as Kwasaki points out, the CBR150R does have a lot more competition among other manufacturers. Back in it's hay had when the first generation CBR150R was introduced, 150cc bikes was pretty much it as Thailand restricted size of motorcycle bikes sold in Thailand. I was at Honda last week or so and if I'm not mistaken, the CBR150R leftover models were selling for around 69,000 baht if I'm not mistaken. the 150's are also getting more competition from the 250 and 300 market whereby prices are more affordable than in the past; if they would only drop the prices on the 500's, I'd be a happy camper.
  16. Thanks, Scoutman, I think I read the article you mention, but what is not clear is that starting the LTF which I did today will continue to enjoy tax benefit for 7 years. Or Dec 31st is only the deadline for starting the 7 year fund with the tax benefit. Lee
  17. No mention of this being a “terrorist attack” But if he happened to be a Muslim then it definitely would have been labeled as such. Funny how that works.
  18. Feel better? Next time, don't sugar coat it. Tell us what you really think of us. So we can have a laugh.
  19. He cleaned us out mate , nothing new ,, ex UK taxpayer .555
  20. In a real anti-farang bug out situation to escape riots and checkpoints you would need money and a nonstandard backup plan. It would take serious conflict to close major airports, but how to get there? To be to be arrested for illegal entry to Laos and deported to Hong Kong would be better than lynched.
  21. Took a month to get the results of the 2000 Presidential election. With recounts, Supreme Court decisions, hanging chads... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2000_United_States_presidential_election
  22. What you fail to mention is what ever happened to the Thai girl? The one responsible for the original overstay.
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