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  2. Yep Pib, I am going to sign up for part B at 65 and will have an International Health plan while in Thailand. Just whining! I was on American Citizens Abroad web site and read that they had been unsuccessfully been advocating to the government about this issue: TheTriCare program available to military personnel overseas has shown the feasibility of extending Medicare coverage abroad. TriCare is available to retired U.S. military personnel and their dependents. Eligible recipients submit forms to overseas processing centers and have most of their medical bills reimbursed by the U.S. Government. The problems of establishing rules and control procedures have already been addressed and resolved. It would, therefore, be possible to integrate a Medicare component into the existing overseas health care benefit system, if the government so desired. See ACA’s position here https://www.americansabroad.org/medicare-healthcare/
  3. The news isn't all bad for right wingers. Studies have shown they are much more into S and M, and fun stuff like that.
  4. I was in Pattaya 1 week bangkok 2 weeks and arrived in cambodia earlier this week. Ive been in and out of thailand for 11 years, I have drank in excess of 2 Million baht in thailand , I have nothing to show for that accept last trip i began losing my mind and experiencing the beggining stages of jaundice. Bangkok helped first but i started to drink chang beer in the mornings, then the afternoon then i was drinking chang all day every day and started losing touch with reality. Third day here in the cambodian countryside side with no alcohol, No social life either but drying out is not supposed to be fun is it.
  5. Hi Folks, Applied for extension using income for previous year (2018) direct deposit to Bangkok Bank from Financial Institution in US. The income is from an Annuity derived from previous employment in US which I elected to receive when I became eligible at age 55. The arrangement has been in place for several years now. 1) Local branch of Bangkok Bank advised that the statement for the year 2018 would take 7 biz days to obtain which was unexpected, but not a problem. 2) After getting the statement and a letter to confirm I was the account holder, I copied the statement then hilited the Foreign Transfers. Then made an Excel spreadsheet with the amounts for each month and a calculation of the exchange rate for each transfer. This was based on the information in the 1042-S Tax Statement received from my FI. 3) The IO paid little attention to the hilited copy of the statement, but simply included the original statement in the application documents, including my XL spreadsheet. The IO asked where in the 1042-S was the amount of the Annuity, and included that in the application. 4) I had downloaded the fillable TM.7 file from the TVF website, and completed that and printed it with the picture and signature. This was rejected by the IO and I had to do another one. The reason given was that it was out of date. 5) We had originals and copies of our marriage documents, but one of these was also rejected. In the translation the name of this form is Khor.Ror.2. The reason given was that it was not a current copy. The IO gave my wife directions to the nearest Office where she could obtain a current copy and I waited while the IO pleasantly asked me a few questions on our relationship. It's not clear if the questions were official or just small talk. In conclusion there were a few hiccups which I've noted but no real problems. The issue with the marriage form is rather weird as the date on the form we presented is same date we got married, but the one which was accepted is 23 April 2019. But this is Thailand. The IO said that this is a new directive from the chief of Immigration. Whether this is the overall chief or the Buriram chief we did not ask. The IO was very pleasant and spoke very good English. The total time we were there was about 90 minutes. I hope this information is helpful for some folks on here. Cheers, UW.
  6. Thanks for the information. Good report. you mentioned that you had a document from your pension company stating that you have a pension. Is this needed? I have been transferring at least 65k every month since February in preparation for my next renewal. I am retired but do not get a pension. I withdraw the money from one of my retirement accounts.
  7. Just because you repeat a lame deflection enough times doesn't make it true, and let's just agree to disagree on who the joke is. of course, you are a liberal, so the study says you are more intelligent, so it must just be true
  8. I like this article, the publishing website is dodgy but the article itself is interesting: https://newleftreview.org/issues/II97/articles/benedict-anderson-riddles-of-yellow-and-red The Chinese Thailand got seems to have been the scraps, not the merchants that went to trading routes instead of settling in the swampy out of the beaten path crotch of Thailand. Not much has changed.
  9. Congratulations Shibuya 1, pretty well a normal experience. The home visit is a mere formality and if you offer tea and biscuits or whatever your wife thinks appropriate, smiles all round and on May 22 you are home and dry for another year. Welcome to the club. They will suss out any marriage of convenience quite easily after talking to your wife and neighbors etc.
  10. Well, there is always the possibility that he is innocent - but... all the makings of a future episode of Locked up Abroad
  11. Will this lead to Manadrin becoming the prefered 2nd language in Thailand? Sent from my SM-A700FD using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. Enough of a joke to be supported by a National Institute of Mental Health Grant and to be published in recognised journals. again, the premise is a joke, and if you believe in it, that is a joke
  13. So come anyway and don't rent a jet ski, easy peasy. The negative PR about the boat sinking in Phuket was well deserved. Of course such news has a negative influence. It should.
  14. A "no-hassle" accepted school (not the super-small ones) will cost about 25-30k for one year. Additionally you have to pay for the Laos trip, the visa there, and all visa extensions etc. For me it is usually about 50-60k per year. Honestly if something like that happens to me between ED visas and one visa exempt entry every few years for me, I would just pack my stuff and leave, not even doing a new ED visa. Keep your belongings / money in the country, small, you are just a guest here, no matter what visa you use.
  15. Is Ghana in Latin America? Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  16. Agreed, but I have a feeling certain ethnic groups / passports will also show up - I just have a feeling that there could be an interesting trend Quite possible: It would be difficult to reach all 'ethnic groups' in a single survey though... I suspect if we were sample the Immigration rejections from ThaiVisa.com users we would see primarily... a) European and American (white) 30-50's who are attempting to work from home in Thailand (ebay etc digital nomad types) b) European and American (white) 50-70's retired blue collar workers unable to meet the Visa requirements But thats probably because that is the primary demographic of ThaiVisa.com users !
  17. People do it all the time, but most reports are those with Tourist Visas who got bounced back from the airports, and used their Visa to enter by land. Possibly - but they might let you through with your same-day-outgoing ticket - possibly escort you directly to the outgoing-terminal. No guarantees though - you just experienced them lying about why you were denied-entry, so they can literally do anything. If it were me, and I had to try Visa-Exempt, I would try Ban Laem, since you are already going to be in PP soon. Bus to Battambang, shared-taxi to the Ban Laem entry-point. Explain there was a misunderstanding, and you have plenty of money. If they reject - unlikely to stamp anything else in your passport, you just walk back into Cambodia and try "Plan C" - But avoid Poipet - worse than the airport. Spending repeat visits here on tourist-entries requires flexibility of schedule - enough time to spend some days to get a Visa, trips overland to avoid bad entry points, etc. I'm not saying that to be rude - it's just how it is.
  18. " But the episodes detailed in his report show that Trump aides declined to forcefully reject the Russian offers or report them to law enforcement. Amid a growing awareness that Russia probably had hacked and disseminated Democratic emails, the campaign eagerly made use of the material — and its flirtation with Russian figures continued. " https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/muellers-report-paints-a-portrait-of-a-campaign-intrigued-by-russian-overtures/2019/04/18/e814fe84-571a-11e9-814f-e2f46684196e_story.html?utm_term=.cc23222f3f09 Ok, now the investigators, speciously accused of malfeasance, must prove they are innocent? Please explain. wait, is the standard you are applying now is they did not "forcefully" reject russian offers, just rejected them? you have lost your mind bruce. and now "making use" of published material is now a crime? again, you have lost your mind here bruce. this is really getting sad. but hey, an opinion piece says "it paints a portrait of a campaign intrigued", that surely must be a crime.......unbelievable amount of far fetched assumptions here. the investigation, its origins and the FISA applications with a bogus dossier will be fully investigated. as well as the planted people that tried to entrap people. the rats will start turning on each other all the way through the former admin,the DOJ and FBI. and unlike the phony collusion narrative, this investigation is starting with a clear reason and verified evidence. pucker up and fire up the liberal virtue signalling and outrage machine, it will be a rough ride.
  19. Maybe they will come across the Red Bull fugitive?
  20. What an idiot. He should have told them he merely ‘lent’ him the watch, sorry, the clock. Schoolboy error.
  21. Ya I agree. There is little consistency anywhere in the world and in most places justice is dependent on how much money you have. OJ, "If it doesn't fit you must acquit."
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