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  2. Udated the attachment with new information.
  3. Its called Socialism !!! Many have tried ... all have failed
  4. And in this century, the 21st, we've seen some ad hominem attacks unbacked by evidence. From parties who have lost the scientific and economic wars and now resort to scurrilous attacks. Because you don't need evidence to do that.
  5. Are you really sure of this Joe as Rayong always said 3 months to me so I paid into the account accordingly?
  6. I will allow that they did say experts. Here is the beginning of the list of signatories. I have only included those from Belgium, but I can get you all 500 if you wish to be pedantic. SCIENTISTS AND PROFESSIONALS FROM BELGIUM 1. Rob Lemeire, Publicist on Environmental and Climate Issues, ECD Ambassador 2. Eric Blondeel, retired Civil Engineer. 3. Emiel van Broekhoven, Emeritus Professor of Economics, University of Antwerp 4. Christophe de Brouwer, MD, Honorary Professor of Environmental and Industrial Toxicology, Former President of the School of Public Health at the Université Libre de Bruxelles 5. Christian Dierick, Lead Expert, Energy Technology Solutions 6. Ferdinand Engelbeen, Former chemical process automation engineer, Akzo Nobel Chemicals 7. Samuel Furfari, Professor of Energy Geopolitics at the Free University of Brussels 8. Georges Geuskens, Emertitus Professor of Chemistry, Free University of Brussels and Expert Publicist on Climate Science 9. Drieu Godefridi, PhD in Law, author of several books 10. Jan Jacobs, Science Journalist Specializing in Climate and Energy Transition 11. Raymond Koch, Retired Research director at Lab. Plasma Physics, RMA Brussels and Fellow Lecturer at UMons. 12. Henri A. Masson, Emeritus Professor Dynamic System Analysis and Data Mining, University of Antwerp 13. Ferdinand Meeus, Retired Research Scientist, IPCC expert Reviewer AR6 14. Jean Meeus, Retired Meteorologist, Brussels Airport, Author of the Best Seller Astronomical Algorithms 15. Ernest Mund, Honorary Research Director, FNRS, Nuclear Engineering 16. Bart Ooghe, Geologist & Geophysicist, Independent Scientist 17. Jozef Verhulst, Author 18. Jean van Vliet, Retired Specialist in Space Weather 19. Appo van der Wiel, Senior Development Engineer It seems to me rich collection of academics from various fields. and there is 481 more from all over the world.
  7. They are a new modern day pop band , you can hear them listening to the hit parade on the wireless on Radio Caroline at 7 PM on Sunday evenings .
  8. I don't need to show a copy of proof of address when extending. As I've already said I've never had to file a TM30. My IO still charges 300 baht for a certificate of residency, no workarounds.
  9. True that. Most men back there are lulled into thinking that the massively high hurdles they are expected to jump over, are somehow normal. And that the relatively unpleasant, unattractive, unaffectionate, humorless, condescending, and masculine woman they are with is normal. I know guys back there who are not even allowed to carry cash. All their expenses, down to a cup of coffee goes onto the card, so the boss can keep track. And they tolerate that! They think that is living. I saw that too. A few trips overseas can work wonders, when it comes to extricating one's self from a lifetime of desolation, quiet desperation, and compromise.
  10. Is it LEGAL to drive in Thailand using a UK driving licence? I thought that only an International Driving Permit (IDP) from your home country is legal, or a Thai driving licence, Important consideration regarding insurance.
  11. Wrong. I don’t agree developing countries should be “...kept under reasonable control.” Who are you to decide what’s best for another country?
  12. Kudos to the rubber farmers,they get 24 billion for 1.4 million growers for 6 months. Meanwhile the rest get 3.1 billion for 1 million farmers for 12 months if your in the selected fields.
  13. Not Thai bashing, but Thais quite often say that nothing is ever their fault, because if the other person hadnt been there, it wouldnt have happened
  14. I guess it depens on how you define the Iraq War. Was it a separate war against the Isil Caliphate or part of the Iraq War. And since the question is only one of semantics, the fact is that Kurds did the hardest fighting to drive out Isil from Iraq.
  15. Blind Faith is much better then Cliff Richard, or that Fizz thing that I had never heard of.
  16. Lets stick to this case, rather than making comparisons to other cases and other Countries . Yes, IF the driver hadnt fled the scene, the kid would still be alive , BUT, also, IF the Police didnt shoot the kid, he would still be alive ., The Police shouldnt have the authority to kill people for the crime of turning their car around
  17. When I renewed in February at Rayong imm. they wouldn't accept the bank letter from 3:30 pm the day before so had to go off to Kasikorn in Ban Chang. I had a second visit to our home from immigration for this 4th renewal and he told me I was supposed to support my wife even though she has a resort business I paid for to be built. My Thai isn't very good but the officer was trying to trip us up with the questions he asked my wife and witness during this visit. Now my wife understands why I don't trust immigration and why I'm so cynical about them. Why do you have to visit a bank on the day when immigration opens at 8 am and the bank 9:30?
  18. You are mistaken congress has been busy when the bills they have been working on get to the senate Moscow Mitch kills them you know party before country
  19. As it should be since it's painfully obvious the president of the US is a criminal with mysteriously cozy/subservient relationships with foreign despots.
  20. There is Global Handwashing Day? ...and seven essential hand-washing steps?
  21. The need to show a copy of your lease/proof of address when extending the retirement visa was one, nobody believed it was required until eventually everyone elsewhere had to do the same. TM30 implementation was also initiated in CM many many months before the rest of the country, people elsewhere wouldn't believe there was even such a thing as TM30 until it eventually spread. The certificate of Residency was also a first, CM was charging 300/500 for it and was eventually told to stop, their workaround was to offer it free with a wait of ten days or for a fee, available the same day and many districts copied this model.
  22. Actually you have to wonder about those who having lost the argument about renewable energy now resort to caricatures and personal vilification.
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