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  2. No need to go to Laos to get a new 90 day entry from a multiple entry visa is what you want to get. From Bangkok the nearest and best is th Ban Phu Nam Ron crossing in Kanchanaburi to Myanmar. Only a border pass is need so no full page visa sticker is needed. After that the Ban Laem crossing to Cambodia is the nearest friendly crossing.
  3. There's some truth to that...even though people will think you're joking... There have been lots of reports here over the years of Thai hospitals and doctors being very resistant or flatly unwilling to provide enough and strong enough pain killing medicines to provide those with fatal illnesses some real form of pain relief.
  4. Op A lot of us that have been here for a while tend to rightly or wrongly look at posts like yours through lenses that can be jaded and assume that you are just someone with nothing to do that wants to cause trouble or waste time. Hence you are called a troll. There is o such thing as a troll stick but what is being said is that this is not a real post or problem. It just seems too weird to be true type of thing. That being said: If you are sincere then you have no way of stopping this action. Barring moving back to wherever you came from and take your daughter. with you. This is something that your wife is the only one that can resolve. It is up to her and really her alone. If you take any action then nothing will get done as you have found ut. If your wife lays down the law then the family will take it seriously. As to teaching your daughter again not your job as much as you want to protect her this is the wife's. Talk to her come up with a resolution that you can accept and let her handle it.
  5. If their feet could reach the ground, there would be plenty of 6 year olds riding motorbikes. That is the mentality here.
  6. Although Thailand does have restaurants with pre cooked food on display , they are in the minority and you can always find restaurants where they cook food to order , there were many pre cooked food restaurants in Danang and not many restaurants that have food cooked when ordered . Some streets in Thailand are cluttered , but not to the same extent as cluttered streets in Danang
  7. So, has anyone gotten a reply from Manila yet? I haven't, but then by case worker is virtually catatonic. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. Lot of contradictory information given on here.
  9. In my opinion it was over the Bahrain guy and it came from the very top.
  10. Credit Advice for Bahtnet transfers will show foreign origin. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  11. Good palliative care is available in Thailand. My friend recently died at McKean hospital Chiang Mai after receiving fantastic care at home & then at the hospital. They gave him very strong pain meds when it was required. They honoured his living will, they also said they could accept a living will verbally. I think if you contacted McKean hospital they could probably recommend other hospitals around Thailand that offer similar care.
  12. I accept that goals conceded are not necessarily down solely to defenders
  13. I do believe the deputy PM refused to explain why BJ was transferred and flippantly told people to make their own conclusions.
  14. Hi do you have a Thai Wife / girlfriend / telephone person. Not exactly but they will know where? http://www.vitarashop.com/
  15. After all of the reports of vans crashing , lunatic drivers and you still took one?
  16. Here since 2000, never felt particularly welcome, but than never felt particularly unwanted neither. Like everywhere there are nice, and not so agreeable individuals. However, so far my money has always been accepted everywhere for whatever I wanted to buy. This suits me.
  17. Is it the public's responsibility to assure the EC operates in accordance to the constitution? If it is, shouldn't then the EC be elected by the electorate instead of being appointed by an unelected government? The same government that uses it's absolute power to cower public opinion on political matters that presented with an opposition viewpoint - that's been no secret. The responsibility for this EC's failure to conduct a legal election with an indisputable results must lie with the agency that created this EC. There is No Power To the People to blame! Furthermore, I recall that repeatedly, while the new constitution was being drafted, that even the junta-appointed Constitutional Drafting Committee (do you see a pattern here?) could not predict how votes would ultimately be distributed to the participating political parties. The electoral process the CDC created had no experience by any other country. That alone should have forewarned the Prayut government, and especially the EC, that careful analysis and deliberation must be exercised PRIOR to the next election that such a system had no flaws and was ACCEPTABLE to the electorate for its results. While it would be painful to the nation and its reputation as allegedly a democratic nation, the best remedy now is to redo the whole election process starting from EC's affirmation of compliance with the constitution and eligibility certification of all candidates. Anything less will represent a Frankensteinan*electoral process unbecoming Thailand and lacking any credibility to produce a democratically elected government. *a thing that becomes destructive to its maker
  18. zero mcgahn statements but lots of them in respect of the hillary reckoning her ukrain collusion. thereto muellers conflict of interest fired fbi director comney and mueller are the best friends. wbr roobaa01
  19. I had some OPM issues a couple if years back and resolved them through phone call. Email was useless but phone call worked. In OP case it is not only a matter of re-establishing direct deposit but getting the back payments. Hve him call OPM ia my advice. You won't be able to do it for him as he will have to answer a series if security questions. Sent from my SM-J701F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  20. My policy quotes maximum limit per disability/policy year 1,200,000 (Premier) Sent from my SM-G610F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  21. Thailand is at a tipping point at the moment.. social frustration is coming to the surface everyday now. This case might look petty, which it is but the strain is evident: "the straw that broke the camels back" analogy comes to mind. People are tired & frustrated at the lack of a real government & the dictatorship of the resent regime, they were given a chance this year of a free vote/voice which for so long had been stymied, but that now looks to have been rigged all along. Expect more every day as people tip over the edge.. When the final count from the election is given expect more trouble
  22. A quick related question: If he cancels his WP today and goes to the Employment Office this afternoon to cancel extension of stay, forward-dated to Monday, will he be charged for an overstay when leaving the country at a land border on Monday morning? Tnx
  23. A post using ALL CAPS has been removed, please turn off your Caps Lock when posting.
  24. A guy in a shuttle van called "pattaya" right at the entrance of the Ekkamai BKK bus station. I thought I'd shaved 30-45 minutes off my trip by finding him. As it turned out I replaced a 2.5 hour bus trip and 30 minute wait, with a 4.5 van trip that made 10+ stops, 3 or 4 of them for 15-30 minutes. Terrible. Watch out for those vans. They have all the official markings and are probably legit, as I think they come from the bus station. But they make their money in the middle of the trip, waiting for new passengers. Busses do drop off people but then keep on going straight to the end. No waiting around for new passengers.
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