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  2. Did you all this time have 90-day permissions to stay based on entries with non-O visas, or did you have one-year extensions of stay for the reason of being married to a Thai national?
  3. The Van must have really been traveling very fast to tip over the truck, RIP, Looks like no change in the cases of multiple deaths on the roads,the Government is trying to curb peoples intake of salt and sugar...for their health...while its the roads where people are meeting their demise,20,000 a year, how many planes full of people crashing in Thailand does that represent ,to put it into context,something has to change. regards worgeordie
  4. no - mentality is not a negative or positive word. Thai women are usually very loyal to their partners as long as he treats her well. I have seen many examples of Thai women turning a blind eye or even helping their criminal partners. it is how it is, no Thai bashing here. I even think loyalty in a couple is a good thing. regarding Western women, there are many cases of them doing the same, but it is less common. I guess many would just go away instead having a criminal partner - if they have a choice, of course.
  5. The Honda PCX sold in Indonesia has a rear disk brake and ABS. Maybe the parts from that version would fit the Thai version.
  6. Moved to the Real Estate Forum.
  7. AOT joins Loxley in establishing company for airport security By The Nation Airports of Thailand (AOT) has joined with ASM - a company under Loxley, Palangruam and MAI to set up an airport security company with registered capital of Bt350 million. Full story:
  8. Not sure if ecstasy is readily available here. Make a killing at those full moon parties.
  9. Many thanks for that, Beau Thai! Let's see how far this budget can stretch now
  10. 2 signatures on the paper.What consequences? No laws have been broken
  11. Better he spends the pension that deceased paid for for many years, than the Government pockets it
  12. You've answered your own question!
  13. Without two front discs, a widow maker.
  14. AOT joins Loxley in establishing company for airport security By The Nation Airports of Thailand (AOT) has joined with ASM - a company under Loxley, Palangruam and MAI to set up an airport security company with registered capital of Bt350 million. The AOT Informed the Stock Exchange of Thailand that AOT has jointly invested with the AEM Security Management (ASM), Palangruam Co and Security MAI International to establish a security company with the objective of providing security services at airports under AOT's responsibility. The board is made up of 11 members, six of them proposed by AOT, three from ASM and one each from Palangruam and MAI, with all four entities providing the working capital. AOT is certain that the new security services at airports under its control will meet international standards. Source: nationthailand.com/business/30377018 -- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2019-10-23 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  15. First of all: Cameron got a lot more as he could expect. 2) Why the EU has to give anything to the UK, what they do not give to all other member states ? Better the UK leaves, out of own will of forced by the EU. As the UK is not one of the founding states, but begged for a decade to become member, the UK simply has to accept the terms of membership.
  16. Well, it's nice to see that after the w/e's games the EPL is now City's to lose. First time since nearly the start. Just have to keep an eye on that goal difference and beat Liverpool away (10th Nov) and home (4th April) and it's the hat-trick. No need to thrash teams; just 3 goals a game will do it. City should win the last 6 games (after the red game) comfortably enough.
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  18. An not underssigned letter is a no=-letter, which belongs in the waste paper box. Second, as NOT undersigned, it cannot be proved the PM of the UK send it, so a violation of the UK Benn act law.
  19. He can get a work permit on marriage extension and in this case he would prepare himself for immigration questioning by carrying his work permit with him when entering Thailand.
  20. Who would send drugs from a EU country to Thailand?!? I'm not familiar with dtreet prices, but bet the stuff is cheaper locally.
  21. Is she famous for BJs or what others reasons might be important for him? That reminds me of that movie where one police guy observers another under cover police guy who is together with a woman. She makes him a great meal, they have great sex she seems to be perfect. Later the observing officers comments: Now if she also bringe the trash out then marry her...
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