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  2. Deutsche Bank have probably paid more in fines for interest rate manipulation, facilitating money laundering and other offences than the Blond Buffoon is worth. Looks like he chose the right bank though!
  3. Also, they may be reported to the Tax Department as they skip reporting iincome most of the time. Those Tax guy do not play !
  4. Waiting for the new TAT slogan "Bad water out. Good water in"
  5. What changes do you think they will achieve? Do you think a few Brits are going to affect the outcome of the next POTUS election? If so, doesn't this smack of foreign interference? Maybe we will need a 2 year investigation afterwards. Yes, now I am just being silly.
  6. The vast majority of our investments are in index tracking mutual funds, with management fees that close to if not equal to ETFs. If one wishes to reinvest dividends and capital gains that can be more difficult vis ETFs. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. I have insurance as a retired civil servant. GREAT in the states, WORTHLESS in Thailand.
  8. Actually it depends. We get our benefits through my Thai wife's work. She's a civilian contractor for DoD. Now I'm not complaining the coverage we get through BCBS is great, but it's nothing better than any other civilian would get outside of the Federal system. It's not like Tricare or the like
  9. I think more Thais wear Premier League shirts that one with American symbols? Just sayin.....
  10. We should be thankful to him that he exposed the USA. Their action need a lot of exposure! And about the Swedish "rape". Why did she have consensual sex with him before and after she thinks he raped her. What is called rape over there is maybe called a misunderstanding in most of the word.
  11. Shopper injured as car goes into 7-Eleven Caption: Went in and hit customer in "Seven" A nineteen year old man was hurt when an MG 5 plowed into a branch of 7-Eleven yesterday evening. Full story: https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1101878-shopper-injured-as-car-goes-into-7-eleven/
  12. 2014/2015 I did back-2-back visa exempt for 15 months in KL, but I was travelling in & out a lot (e.g. I went to the UK for 2 weeks, came back for 5 days then went to Aus/NZ for 2 weeks, came back for 2 days then Thailand for a month, back for 4 days, Bali for 1 month etc...) - Longest I ever spent in-country was probably 2, maybe 2.5 weeks
  13. Deliberate most probably; but I'll bet the US companies - & all the rest, do something very similar. It's not about 'backdoors' I don't think, more likely competition. Huawei, do make good devices, & most probably, the US, don't want a Chinese company being successful with these devices.
  14. Shopper injured as car goes into 7-Eleven Caption: Went in and hit customer in "Seven" A nineteen year old man was hurt when an MG 5 plowed into a branch of 7-Eleven yesterday evening. The innocent shopper was named as Suphakit and was taken to Piyawet Hospital covered in blood. The accident happened at the Suphalai Wellington branch of the convenience store on Thiam Ruam Mitr Road opposite the South Korean embassy. Sanook gave no further details. Huay Kwang police are investigating. Source: Sanook -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2019-05-21 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  15. Yes, the rotational speed of these chaps in their graves has slowed ever so slightly.
  16. That would not prevent you from being able to submit an application for a online report. I assume you are getting the contact you local office message. That means your record could not be found. Check that you entered everything correctly and only complete the required fields marked with a * and try again.
  17. Anyone know how much for the required insurance? $1,000 a year? i can live with that.................lol. Mid-50s good health.
  18. I would keep your money in a something like Vanguard that was mentioned earlier. Oh, and definitely not in Thailand!
  19. should be interesting... But the law dates from 20 years ago when Brown was Chancellor of the Exchequer; he didn't seem to think there was a problem during his years in power. The law is simply inappropriate now due to the changes in social media, crowdfunding and electronic payments. Looks like Brown has been wheeled out to spread suspicion.
  20. False comparisons from Project Fear continued on from that Kettle crap. Parliament is not the problem, the winkers that occupy it are.
  21. Could we see a headline ‘trump warns Martians not to threaten or attack...’? Seems impending action against Martians is about as neccesary as this distraction.
  22. The people that would leave because girls and booze were unavailable,must live a very shallow life,if thats ALL they think about. regards worgeordie
  23. As I mentioned earlier, you already have a MFA certified translation of your name and parents names in your marriage documents.
  24. The Gulf of Thailand is a highly polluted yet overfished cesspool.
  25. All the evidence is that Huawei software does have backdoors; the question is whether they're deliberate or a result of poor software design
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