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  2. I am no particular fan of the French, but it is so unfair that their reputation is becoming so damaged around the world. So many stories crop up here on ThaiVisa about French guys getting fighting, raping or stealing, but when you read the actual news reports, you see that it is almost always one particular demographic group. The biggest problem is that the vast majority of Asians are unaware of the distinction. I work on booking websites for small hotels and, very often, am asked to blacklist certain countries. The only European addition that regularly comes up is France, because they have had bad experiences in the past. I try to explain that the vast majority of French are decent people, that they are throwing away good bookings, but they don't care, they just have it in their heads that the French are trouble.
  3. just take the fixed account one,job done,less confusing for the IO.don't forget to update on day you are doing extension. regards Worgeordie
  4. Jesus said "the poor are always with us" No matter how much is given to the "poor", more will come. The cathedral should be rebuilt either as it was before the spire was added, or as it was before it burnt. No "modern" twists on a world heritage building. Most modern architecture sucks bigly.
  5. Another way to put it is he hasn't gained a single vote out of this nor have the Democrats lost one.
  6. We had rain season, which lasted for 2 years earlier. Let's enjoy this dry season.
  7. The most disgraceful president to ever be re-elected while being under impeachment. lol
  8. Us non criminals don't need a Go Bag. Apparently the few that are left here do. And if one was needed and ready to go, the bg would probably take it for a walk without you. Don't put all your eggs in one basket comes to mind.
  9. When are they going to print real stats on road deaths... not only people who die instantly at the scene but also all the others who pass away enroute to the hospital or in the hospital??
  10. While Thaivisa is an excellent way to have longer discussions about life in Thailand, twitter is for faster and sometimes more quirkier chats. We all should know and follow Thaivisa's twitter account https://twitter.com/georgebkk It's based on the founder of Thaivisa, George. Do you use twitter yourself? If you do, I can be found by my handle name @oilinki or https://twitter.com/oilinki We could also start to use #thaivisa tag to create twitter discussions of current events in Thailand as well as what is happening on the forum.
  11. Trump is that alright (above quotation). This investigation, subsequent report, will just add to the most disgraceful legacy any president in the history of the United States of America has ever created for himself. Finally we see all his dirty tricks and total disregard for the welfare of others AND his total contempt for the rule of law. Add to that, one more (or many) failure. He couldn't even succeed in directing his own staff to break the law. They just ignored the direction from their Commander in Chief. Well done Mueller. You did it with class and dignity; both are sadly lacking in the current administration.
  12. For Retirement Extension. I have fixed deposit 1 mill and I have regular savings 1 mill showing transfer in of my pension and expenses both in and legal for 3 years. Which one should I use. I don't want to take both as they get confused easily.
  13. I wonder how many threads we are going to have on one topic before it's over? Trump openly admitted he plays dirty and knows all the sleazy tricks from being a NYC property developer that basically outsmarted the tax codes and pulled some moves. He hasn't lost a single vote out of this and the dems haven't gained one.
  14. Comments like that on Footie Forum always remind me of being a 13 year old arguing with reds in the school playground before a derby. Are you a 13 year old Ronnie?
  15. Interesting! Any more details? Yes, was a tiled or a concrete floor you shoved her onto?
  16. Which made up number is good for the lottery?
  17. Isn't he under investigation, how can he just leave the country? What are they going to do next, say oops he slipped away, we had no idea he planned to flee and we don't know where to look for him.
  18. Yeah, i see where you're coming from, BJ needs to learn about the world, let's send him to the US, LOL.
  19. A lady I know who works at the Labor department said transferred. I don't know where or if they were really transferred. Maybe there is a concentration camp for old Imm officers.
  20. To add to the confusion: I am using E20 in my Avanza. It is much cheaper than 91, but available at most gas stations. While the consumption went up slightly from 91, overall it is the cheaper solution. The loss in power is almost negligible and I am happy with the performance. You should give it a try, your Vios should be fine with it. E85 is no option for the Avanza, at least for my 2014 model. Drive safely all times, good luck!
  21. Well, any that were paying attention at the last election knew exactly what Trump was, so none of the above is a surprise ( unless one was asleep for the duration of the campaign ). Some of us knew from the start that he wasn't a particularly honourable chap, but he wasn't elected because he was a smooth talking, two faced, fork tongued run of the mill politician that has a fake smile on their face when they are out campaigning and forget all their promises soon as elected. It did help though, that the Dems had the worst possible candidate running against him. Bernie would have been a shoo in. As for "This is not a great day for the Trump Presidency" it's probably no worse than many of the days since he was elected. His presidency has just been one of attacks from the opposition/ resistance. The amazing thing is that he managed to get anything done at all. Most people faced with what he had to put up with would have walked away from it.
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