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  2. Редакция BANKIR.RU не несет ответственности за мнения и информацию, обнародованные в комментариях к материалам. Мнение авторов ...
  3. David, It seems you were lucky that they sent it via their TMB partner without you specifically requesting it as such, but that TMB handles their own local movement somewhat different to BBK and Kbank... Over the past 2 years that I've been using TW I've had routings via all 3 local partners, and those using K-bank have always been coded on my statement as "International Trade and Factoring".... whereas those using the other two were recorded as "Dummy Branch". For my last 2 transfers I've requested that they "tag" the transfer to ensure it goes via Kbank, both successfully..... the receipts show as follows: (not all previous receipts have shown a banking partner reference number) Paid out from Name Delivered via TransferWise Ltd on behalf of "my name" Local Bank Transfer Banking Partner Banking Partner Reference KASIKORNBANK xxxxxxx If you try again sending it to your Kasikorn bank, and requesting that they route it accordingly you should be OK..
  4. Rule 46b says not to overtake within a distance of 30 metres of a junction, therefore he was trying to overtake you at a junction, his fault. But you've admitted fault .
  5. And before you buy check if you need to press a button on the remote to get the electricity savings. The LG remote has a button right side, 3 buttons up from the bottom, it's marked 'SAVING'. After switch on if you press the SAVING button it cuts electricity usage quite a lot. Have to do this every time you start the A/C, not difficult. How this works on other brands I don't know.
  6. Pib, I see what you're saying, and yes, I thought the charge was a fixed 500 baht. On my e-mail confirmation it did not say the charge may be less than 500 baht. So, hopefully it would only be 100-200 baht. I cancelled that transaction but I'm going to request it again on Monday. I want to see if the deposit is coded differently than the TransferWise deposit to TMB Bank. Are your OFX deposits coded as "international"? I met with the Chaeng Wattana supervisor of Immigration (in the retirement visa department) for 30 minutes last month. I had just made a 500,000 baht deposit to TMB Bank and I wanted to know if they would give me credit for at least 6 months of income. She said No. I then suggested I would have to send it back to America and send it back to Thailand, and she said that is what I should do. Not the answer I was hoping for. I also asked if I could deposit a personal check drawn on my USA bank and have that qualify as a transfer of 65,000 baht each month. I've done this several times and it takes 4 to 6 weeks. So I could do it every month, for a cost of about $6-8. The answer- No, that would not work. So, here we are.... Thanks for your reply, David
  7. So many extensive Russia contacts. So many "I love Wiki Leaks" Trump stooges do not realise that the cold war never ceased for Putin. I wonder where their patriotism for a draft dodger and a lover of Nth Korea, Russia, Saudi Kingdom starts or ends. Many democracies are under attack. US leads the pack.
  8. Not true. If you have a 1 year Vietnam visa, no boarder runs every 3 months. Only a boarder run at the end of the 12 months, to get another 12 months.
  9. It is also much more ecological and selfless to take the train given astronomical airplane carbon emmissions.
  10. No p.p. needed once you have registered.
  11. Sure, parts of Koh Samui are seedy, but not all. Let's also not forget it's over crowded, with a failing infrastructure, is smelly, has appalling drivers even by Thailand standards, and the quality of Farang holidaying there (especially in Chaweng), is low even compared to Pattaya standards.... and that's saying something.
  12. The Immigration Officer is only trying to do her job. Why speak disparagingly about her? You stayed in Thailand for 7 years?...On an education visa?... I would hope you can speak Thai fluently, I would like to think you became a medical doctor as well, but that's clearly not the case. And what does it mean, "if you'd look at me and know I'm no English teacher nor do i look like I have no money,"? I'm curious as to what you think English teachers look like? The one's I know look nondescript.
  13. It still dependent on the amount 160 million dollars was moved on the btc chain for a few cents months ago Moving the same amount through the would have cost ~$35k for the fee
  14. What do you weigh britman ? [emoji56] Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. As with many things in Thailand there is rarely any consistency, you will need to speak to your specific office and ask them what they require. Other people (unless in your area) may well have totally different experience and requirements. You may have better luck asking in your local area forum for this information. State what area you are in and this can be moved there for you.
  16. On your first point, I agree, she probably isn’t 1/2 the saint that you are... [emoji849] Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  17. It's not a matter of smarter or dumber. The founders could never have foreseen forty million people living in California no matter how smart they were. That's why they put in place a means to amend the constitution, and amend it we have.
  18. instead of making wais and asking for forgiveness for not understanding the law, he has chosen to try and make an incident out of it. Even if he 'won' in some international court (after many years) he will be blacklisted by immigration which would break off his access to his seastead. Not a very rational or thought out plan (but the seastead isn't either, and neither is 'investing' in bitcoins).
  19. It may turn out the US Embassy-Bangkok announcement is just saying that the "US Treasury" is ready to begin IDD to Thailand but SSA, VA, and OPM are not quite ready yet. Takes two to tango as SSA/VA/OPM are the ones who accomplish IDD signup, provide beneficiary payment instructions to the US Treasury (actually the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City). And it may end up taking three to tango if Thai banks are not ready/aware.
  20. Eating Yoghurt with which spoon and even color matters. For some their mind can be twisted as a curl or an aborgine hair It seems that there was an research on this, even at Oxford One of the research and the results you can find in this file http://www.flavourjournal.com/content/pdf/2044-7248-2-21.pdf Some newsarticles Smithsonian: Your Choice of Spoon Changes the Taste of Your FoodWhite yogurt eaten from a white spoon was deemed sweeter, more expensive and denser than a similar yogurt that was dyed pink. Jezebel: In other words, when you eat with a cheap spoon, you may believe you're eating more expensive-tasting yogurt. That said, eating yogurt with a plastic spoon often hurts the corners of my mouth. I'll stick to my medium sized white plastic spoon without the sharp corners Rgds,
  21. Wish I could tip up seven card, used only for convenience. No tottering heaps of small coins on bills. Now the staff get to count the bags of small coins I bring in to buy snacks and they don’t seem irritated by it.
  22. Does Immigration want to see a bank statement or will the bank book with the deposits be OK. Mine has all the deposits starting the month after my last extension I get 2 per month and for some reason it didn't print one in the first month last year so I have 23 out of 24 deposits printed in my bank book and the totals are correct each month and are printed FTT.
  23. Well it's not central Pattaya. Money is good too in Thai terms. You meet good ones and bad ones and mental ones like i did lol. She threatened to kill me after i cancelled her Visa to come to Ireland. I went back over and i am still alive She's บ้า B̂ā
  24. Homemade bangers and mash went down a treat with my wife tonight @ La Drinkeria... mash was as good as mine she exclaimed !! I won’t be taking her back !! [emoji48] About to go for a walk down Bangla way, have been amazed at how quiet Patong has been today, a bar lady on Nani Rd told us Songkran had been quiet, maybe farang don’t dislike Songkran as much as the Thaivisa crew and they’re all up at Pattaya ? Ps We were one of three couples to dine here tonight. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
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