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  2. Does it detect if the strap is not fastened? Eeeh mai pen rai na...
  3. This is another question than the thread title? I have just voted for our first common trip in the 90s, April 94 before Songkran. Midst into the scorching heat Living here since March 2011.
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  5. I've had a similar discussion with myself about this. My Dad lived to 89, yet my Mom was dead at 66 after a botched hip replacement, it's really roll the dice time I'm thinking 64 is a good compromise age. I worked it out at 64 I'd get $150 less a month than if I waited to 66. I can live with that
  6. If your money is clean, the amount should not matter much... just remember people bring far larger sums here for purchase of condos etc...
  7. Indeed, what could go wrong?? Water, electricity. Check your insurance policies and wear rubber soled shoes Goodness sake call a qualified electrician and be sure and safe and alive
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  9. It's not mentioned in my post either, go back and read it again (no I have not edited it). You probably won't find it in BS7671 or the OSG either. You will however find it mentioned often on the IET forums.
  10. In the final picture of the news article my plaudits go to the guy taking a whizz into the engine compartment of the pickup presumably to douse a small fire while others just stand and watch... Full story: https://thethaiger.com/news/phang-nga/one-dead-many-injured-in-phang-nga-bus-crash
  11. And one for our resident Blue Bagger. Greater Western Sydney (138) v Carlton (45) Carlton have to concede that getting Bill Shorten to give the pre-game speech was a mistake. At least no pollster had them winning, so this wasn’t a surprise. What probably was a surprise is that after all this time under Bolton, the Blues players can still produce some of the most shameful footy you’ll see. And shameful it was. All supporters want to see is effort, but against the Giants, the Blues players sized up early on that this was going to be all too hard and abandoned their game plan quicker than the French abandoned the Maginot Line. It was every man for himself as the Giants stormed the barricades only to find the defensive structures completely empty. There is no way the Blues players can claim they tried hard when you consider the stats of their opponents. Lachie Whitfield had 40 possessions, 18 marks and three goals. Now he’s a really good player, but that’s ridiculous, especially when Tim Taranto had 38 possessions and Josh Kelly 35. The Giants even won the tackle count which was amazing considering I barely saw a Carlton player touch the ball. Perhaps the most amazing part of the game was that Harry McKay managed to kick three goals. Considering the situation, that was like kicking 18 goals in a normal game. So, what to make of the result? Well for the Giants, nothing, they would train harder than this. For Carlton, also nothing, they are exactly where they’ve always been and that’s the problem. It certainly doesn’t help that if you successfully tag Cripps, you are effectively tagging Carlton. I used to enjoy making jokes at Carlton’s expense, but the fun has gone out of it. I’d say it’s because it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, but at least the fish offer a moving target.
  12. Well, does it matter where it is coming from ? It's there and will always come back. Guaranteed.
  13. Did you mean "borrowed"? I know the US NEC has (or at least used to have) discussion specific for that. Actually, there is one case where it is required: For kitchens, there must be L from the phase left and L from the phase right (2 circuits) with N shared. That is the only exception.
  14. For FJ and Rip. Courtesy of Titus. North Melbourne (72) v Sydney (77) This game had it all, niggle, questionable umpiring, Tasmanians and a tight finish. North’s major problem was a stretch in the second quarter when they conceded seven goals to two. From there, it was all uphill as they fought back. All North supporters could do is watch on and say ‘thank god for Jack Ziebell’ because without him North could be below Carlton on the ladder. I think ‘thank god for Jack Ziebell’ is their membership campaign slogan this year. The Kangaroos would have to be considering Brad Scott’s future, but in the ‘post-Hardwick won a premiership and Buckley has come good’ era no club wants to sack anyone. Just as sacking coaches all the time doesn’t work, never sacking coaches probably doesn’t work either. Each situation is different and requires two things, thinking and judgement. Unfortunately, these two things are in short supply in the AFL. If only the AFL industry had those qualities in the same quantity as they have confidence. Sydney will be thrilled they managed this great escape. They’ve now won two in a row and probably only need to win another ten in a row to play finals. Easy!
  15. I think you will find in these buildings most owners are from China and therefore the body corporate would be made up of Chinese, so bylaws would not be unforced
  16. Just get a long term room rental in soi 6 and have done with it.
  17. This is precisely the kind of "progressive" nonsense one hopes Thai parents will not tolerate being taught to their children. Nobody should be fooled by the Rainbow Sky Association of Thailand's cuddly-sounding name. The primary objective of President Danny and his chums is to brainwash future generations into believing their gender has nothing to do with the sex they were born. The effects of this anti-scientific proselysing are becoming all too alarmingly clear in "progressive" nations like the UK, where politicians have capitulated to LGBTQ...XYZ activists and enthusiastically embraced the so-called transgender revolution. As part of the new Enlightenment, junior and infant school children receive their sex education - larded with the politically-correct weasel language of "diversity and inclusivity" - in gender-neutral classrooms where words like boy, girl, man and woman are banned. As a result, many pre-pubescent children are becoming confused about their "real" sex and suffer mental health problems. "Going trans" has become such a vogue with the young that a record 50 UK children a week queueing up to see gender realignment doctors - twice as many as a year or two ago. Children as young as four are asking to change their sex, a process which routinely will involve putting them on potentially harmful hormone blockers to delay puberty. Parents who have the timerity to object either to the new sex-education curriculum or resist their children turning "trans" are routinely condemned as bigots to be gnored. Some have responded by switching their children from state to fee-charging private schools where sex education is still based upon science, biology and empirical evidence. If what is happening in classrooms across the developed world anything to go by, one can expect to find a crock of something other than gold at the end of Kuhn Danny's rainbow. So do look before you leap, Thailand.
  18. Quote from your link below which sounds very plausible, though there would be debate on whether Iran authorised the attack. IMO trump is doing his usual fog horn diplomacy. If he carries on with his unsubtle approach I suspect one day he will receive a very nasty bite. Iraqi military spokesman Brig. Gen. Yahya Rasoul told The Associated Press that a Katyusha rocket fell near the statue of the Unknown Soldier, less than a mile from the U.S. Embassy. He said the military is investigating the cause but that the rocket was believed to have been fired from east Baghdad. The area is home to Iran-backed Shiite militias. Shortly afterward the rocket launcher was discovered by security forces in the eastern neighborhood of Wihda, according to a security official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.
  19. have a chip on their shoulder ..You mean have a chimp on their shoulder after to many Singha Beer
  20. I was told bluntly in a letter from DSS that any form of appeal was solely dedicated to hardship. They rang me at a further date in fact and told me about the $5,000. DSS don't care about us once we are overseas. Once you are back in Australia that all changes. DSS have treated me very good over the past and I cannot complain. I could not really say. You got to look at the benefits. If there is a major benefit in being married, is the offset of losing money worth it? You could maybe not advise them but then get caught and be forced to pay them back or worse still, your wife have a bill to pay back after your death. I always use honestly as my best policy but it costs me every fortnight in lost money. Still, when I applied for a Visa for my wife to travel to Australia, it only took four days to get for our holiday.
  21. If you don't work here and have no income here, you won't be able to contribute to any Thai retirement schemes. You can, however, make investments that you decide you are going to use for your retirement, just like anyone else (with a few restrictions along the line for being a foreigner), eg buy shares, buy property, buy gold, buy mutual funds, buy bonds, etc etc Aside from Thailand focused products, like Thai equities, Thai focused mutual funds, Thai property funds, Thai bonds etc, you'll find that there are likely better and cheaper products outside Thailand. On amounts like 25k a month though, exchange rate fees and transfer fees would significantly eat into just transferring the money each month overseas. So what you could do do is, save your money up and do larger transfers say every 6 to 12 months. Or another approach is Buy investment products here that you know might not be quite as good as elsewhere, but are convenient, less hassle, avoid FX and transfer costs, might be more tax favourable for you, and mean that you are at least invested throughout. Remember being out of the market and in cash for 12 months could be losing you average annual returns of say 7% or more. These could outweigh an extra 0.X% to 1% per annum in charges by using Thai products, while also avoiding transfer fees, admin costs and tax, plus convenience and making life simpler etc
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