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  2. I thought you said you were lazy? As an avid health-concious person, dedicated to working out I would have thought it anathema to then go and stuff yourself with chemicals rather than squeeze a lime. I mean, really, you are too lazy to squeeze a lime? Seriously? Squeezing the juice from a lime is much quicker than booting up your xomputer, going online, placing an order, putting in your payment details and receiving the item. You have a few issues I think.
  3. Good luck. Took me years of steady pushing to make mine see the light, even when she already had a German step-dad growing up. The Thainess indoctrination is just that powerful.
  4. And 9 months + construction on the beach from June takes it through high season in order to finish off what's ever left of the Western visitors.
  5. Yes, agan many got elected that don't want to be there, only to collect.
  6. The only reasonable explanation for the complex information in DNA, is God put it there during the six days of creation.....thanks for asking
  7. Everything doesn't just fit or always have a purpose. Look at invader species or introduced species from other parts of the globe and the devastating damage they do to native species of plants and animals. Exactly why most countries now have strict agriculture inspections. Look dude we are at an expected impasse...again. You believe what I consider ridiculous nonsense from Bronze Age and earlier, which has no place in advanced civilization. I accept the facts of modern science and teachings of all institutions of higher learning nowadays...which you choose to discard and think irrelevant. As stated earlier, some questions are still being studied at great lengths. Sometimes, WE DON'T Know is the best and most honest answer. Saying ahh haaa...don't know so therefore god, is just plain wrong and ridiculous. Seriously God???...well into the 21st century??? God is dead. Unnecessary and irrelevant. From suoerstitous non-existence to it's inevitable extinction. Bye God... ...not By God.
  8. They are a strange thing to begin with. F.ex, where did that 50y age limit come from? Nice round number?
  9. Well what's your advice? All you've done is try to put down posters without an ounce of assistance to the OP. Put up or shut up.
  10. My wife is a high ranking IO and she told me on the QT that BJ just got to big for his britches
  11. Anything that stops people wasting time and intellect (?) on so called smartphones can only be a good thing. Not to mention the waste of money. Sent from my quasi-illegal, much maligned, about to be ostracised, Huawei smart pad thingy. Oh shit, here comes the flashbang!
  12. A post suggesting a dangerous/harmful action has been removed, and a response to it.
  13. Just about as useful as a yellow house book in some places because many Thais are ignorant of Farangie ID's available and proof of address items, my copy passport & my Thai driving licence are never ever refused anywhere in Thailand.
  14. This is what most of imagined would happen regarding falling below specified amounts post extension approval. Since it a simple matter to check your bankbook prior to making your next application, you would imagine no one would apply for extension if they fell below the 800/400k. Time to exit and obtain new non o would not come as a sudden surprise.
  15. I drink 5-7 liters of bubble water a day. I used to drink that much of other things, and believe this is a healthy choice. I put a blast of apple cider vineagar and some stevia drops in it too.
  16. What a ridiculous comment, being a British national somehow qualifies you to teach in Thailand. And of course we can all be doctors as well without a degree, a license and Work permit. Of course you can teach in thailand but without a degree, a license and a work permit its illegal.
  17. Do you honestly think that scottish TAXPAYERS would vote for independance knowing that at least 70% of their wages or salarys would go on all the various taxes??? Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  18. If my guess is correct, I think most farangs here that have visited KL before have never been to Genting Highlands: This is one of the most popular place where many ethnic Chinese of KL would go to escape the boredom of the shopping malls or the heat once in a while. It's only an hour's drive away from KL or a 12 ringgit bus+cable car ride. The cooling 13 to 22 degrees C weather is definitely a big draw. This place has something for everyone - casinos, restaurants, bars, cafes, malls, indoor and outdoor theme parks, swimming pools, golf course, hiking, prostitutes, loan-sharks etc. You see, many ethnic Chinese of Malaysia suffer from alcohol flush reaction so we cannot really drink that much, so bar-hopping is not really for us. In addition, we are not really that attracted to dark brown-skin women like you guys.
  19. Yes just the form and your passport and if you are lucky enough to show up on your birthday...
  20. The same reasons other people want to live in Germany. Sent from my Lenovo A7020a48 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  21. They keep forgetting to add the cement ! regards worgeordie
  22. With sustainable means me keep doing it not it being available of from yourself. My problem is that your solution squeezing limes and stuff bores me after a while. It takes effort (yes I am lazy) and not as nice and easy as just opening a package and mixing. So what would happen to me (not you your more disciplined in this) that I would get bored with the taste and the fact that I had to squeeze a lime every time (and buying them making sure I dont run out its easier to do with packages then limes. Then I would revert back to my bad habit of drinking sugary drinks. So me doing this prevents me from doing something worse. Its not perfect but its an improvement on what it was and this I can keep up (sustainable). So i go for a less then perfect solution that beats the alternative. Having said that there is not much wrong with this, especially for someone like me who works out a lot and can use the extra calcium, potassium, and magnesium. I actually have to take tablets and drink these things so I don't cramp up during a workout. I sweat that much and workout that hard.
  23. Funny..why no Brexit areas..was it an snp drawing?? Sent from my SM-G7102 using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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