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  2. 1. So if I let it run to near the expiry date I could extend it for a another year at Jomtien, would I have too show money in the bank etc same as an Extension ? Or 60 days too visit my son, so after one of my 90 trips is expiring I could extend it for another 60 days, again any proof of funds required and obviously proof it is my son would required ? 2. I am not married but my name is on his Birth Certificate, he has a Thai and a UK Passport, is that classed as legitimisation of parenthood
  3. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I cannot begin to fully comprehend not only the financial toll you have experienced, but the emotional toll would be extraordinary. I hope your next care facility for her goes well You have done everything you possibly can.
  4. Well, that just gave my bowels a workout !! and sent me scrambling to establish what was actually on the paperwork. Appreciate the guidance and explanation given here, as I am sure many others will too.
  5. "Mirror mirror on the wall "....... "AWWW NOT YOU AGAIN" ?
  6. He was cutting out the dirty money to the big boys upstairs, by rounding up all their lackies and thugs from the streets, someone had to go.
  7. Moved to Pattaya forum for local input
  8. Your story is heartbreaking. You would have thought that there would be some kind of compassionate or medical grounds that would allow for her to stay. Especially since the Thai's have so much respect for their elders! Afterall, it's not like she is a burden to the state. Good luck with the future, I hope life is easier for Mom and you, once she is in the Philippines.
  9. Personal hygiene is based on home teaching and farang or anyone cant get a certificate of being hygienic
  10. probably German, I know Germans much more liberated about these things, the US influence - these christian conservative types really adversly influenced the Thais before the US started bombing vietnamese farmers etc from the Thai base Thai women would have been walking around with just a sarong being free
  11. Thanks for all your suggestions and speculations. I can now report on my investigation and eventual correction of the problem. First a clarification of what I had termed 'brief interruptions'. Most noticeable on TV images which either pause or cut out for less than 1 second, probably in the 300-700ms range. Audio is interrupted at the same time but it's less noticeable when there is no video present. My LG TV has only one HDMI input and one USB input. Because I have a DVD player, I have a HDMI switch which can select one of 3 inputs depending on which one has an active signal. If more than one is active the highest ranked is selected. There is a manual push-button to go to the next active one. Per Crossy's advice the original 20A breaker was put back. I checked for the fault condition when the TV was playing from the USB input (Kingston Data stick), the Set Top Box (TrueVisions) and the DVD player (Sony Blu-Ray). The results were: USB 0 interruptions in 10 events (fan turning OFF) STB 3 interruptions in 10 events (fan turning OFF) DVD 3 interruptions in 10 events (fan turning OFF) Interestingly, the problem did not occur with the fan turning ON at any speed setting. I had already decided to buy a UPS for the TV, which was a suggestion I received, but these results made me think about the HDMI cable from the switch to the TV. When I replaced that the problem disappeared completely. The new HDMI cable is 3 metres long and I only require 1 metre, but that was all I could get. It cost 350 Baht. I now have the whole thing supplied from the UPS which works great and we get no more annoying interruptions. I have no explanation for this except to think of RFI getting into the HDMI cable, but it's a real mystery why it's not deterministic (3 out of 10), and why it doesn't happen when the the fan turns on. The old cable was the flat ribbon type whereas the new one is in a proper cable and probably shielded. Also the fan was not that close to the cable, at least 2-3 metres away. Anyway I hope my experience might be useful for somebody out there. Cheers, UW.
  12. The problem with that is that an area can suddenly develop into a tourist area. Our house is at the end of a quiet soi in Bangkok, but slowly all the other houses around here are being converted to pubs or Japanese restaurants. The drivers wait outside our house for up to two hours, with their motors running, while the bosses enjoy their dinners. Similarly, some of the bigger houses are being rented out to Chinese (220,000 Baht a month) and these people in turn rent the rooms out to other Chinese via AirBnB. So where do you buy a condo or house?
  13. At Chaengwattana? I've never had my 90 day report receipts from CW stamped with this.
  14. More than likely the title paper originally included the other 2 properties. At some time these 2 plots were sold off but being Thais they thought they'd inform the Land Office at a later date. I see this becoming a court case to establish who exactly owns what. Boundaries should have been done before your missus first bought it. I hope for your sake it ain't Sor Por Kor.
  15. Yes Farage did well, pretty much as the pundits predicted. They picked up all the UKIP votes for starters which was obvious plus the frustrated Tory and Labour voters who were still desperate to leave at any cost. It is a clever plan by Farage. Don't complicate things by having actual policies, just stick to one line which is represented in the parties name. That focusses the electorate on one thing. Dire for the Conservatives and Labour and we can expect some knee jerk responses from them. Also as predicted big gains for the Lib Dems and Greens, picking up many of the frustrated remainers votes. One thing it confirms is that the country is still at loggerheads when it comes to Brexit. I think the irony is that if the Brexiteers are successful and then we leave in October all those MEP's will be out of a job. So the Brexit Party MEP's have been campaigning to get the sack five months on
  16. After many years of border runs and country hops I'm getting the hell out of here too. You should come with me to wv or ok. Low rent and low queues at the VA hospitals. I'm going to buy a house though. 300 or 400 a month mortgage is less than renting. If you qualify for a blue military Id I'd recommend one of those
  17. hi all, well my 42 Philips tv has gone into standby mode, i have a universal remote, no probs until yesterday, the remote is working fine, but tv is not responding, (tried everything) funny thing is its always ran on code 0732, i done a check and it came up 0707, ? (still no joy, dead) realy i think its a tv fault (as per good old you tube) but i thought i might try a PROPER Philips remote, to make sure,, anyone know where i might purchase one in Pattaya, and yes i know i can get from LAZADA but dont want to wait 10 days, and failing that can you recommend a tv repair shop in Pats or Jomtien,
  18. Sorry fro delayed response. Its is Bkk to Germany.
  19. It looks like about a 2500baht per month (or less) place. Nobody runs around for that sort of rental, certainly not monthly.
  20. don't feed the trolls, or perhaps its the dictator sorry now democraticator spin staff
  21. Maybe the airlines should hand out sanitized wipes... or even King Power put promotional tubs of them at every scanner.
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